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Iowa - [1/1/11] Shall-Issue Reaches Iowa

A change in Iowa's weapon carrying law goes into effect January 1. All counties will be unified in the way they issue permits to carry weapons in public. Although this affects the entire state, some counties will see more changes than others, depending on how much discretion each county's sheriff has used prior to 2011 when deciding whether to issue someone a permit. The big change is that, effective January 1, no Iowan can be denied a permit to publicly carry a weapon if that person meets the criteria and passes a background check. The Dubuque County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday had already approved nearly 300 early applications. NRA certified instructor Tim Flynn said the high number makes sense. "In Dubuque County here, there's a lot of excitement because the previous sheriff would not issue permits," Flynn said. "They were very difficult to get, so we're seeing people who have been wanting to get them for years, now coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, taking classes and eager to apply."

Ohio - [1/1/11] Supreme Court Upholds State Preemption

The Ohio Supreme Court today dealt a fatal blow to local efforts to regulate firearms, concluding that a more permissive state law should trump restrictions on guns in cities. In a 5-2 ruling, the state's top court struck down Cleveland's assault-weapons ban and registration requirement for handguns. Cleveland was the last city to press for tougher local firearms regulations after the Supreme Court voided a smaller town's law against guns in public parks in 2008. In that ruling, as in today's, justices said lawmakers were within their rights when they enacted a uniform set of gun regulations for the entire state in 2007. Cleveland had argued that the state law infringed on its home-rule authority. Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, the author of today's majority opinion, noted that the Constitution allows for general laws to regulate public safety. "The city acknowledges that its firearm ordinances are an exercise of municipal police power," Stratton wrote…

Florida - [12/14/10] A Bright Future for Florida Gunners?

Florida Senator Greg Evers is sponsoring legislation to reform many of Florida’s highly restrictive handgun carry and purchasing laws.  If passed in its current form, SB-234 will legalize many activities already lawful in other states. Since 1987 the State of Florida has issued nearly 2 million Concealed Weapon or Firearms Licenses (CWFL) that allows people to carry a concealed firearm if they pay a fee, have had appropriate training, a criminal background check with FBI fingerprint search, and are over the age of 21.  In the licensing program’s 23 year history only 168 licenses have been revoked for improper use or display of a firearm.  This shows Florida CWFL licensees to be demographically one of the most law abiding groups for which data is available…

Another huge change, SB 234 would permit lawful concealed carry on college campuses, in career centers, and private schools. Although the anti-gun rallying cry, "guns and schools don't mix" is heard whenever the subject of campus carry is mentioned, apparently the criminals don't hear it. Criminals know full well that colleges are defense free zones, and have taken advantage of that deficiency in recent armed robberies at Full Sail University in Orlando, University of Florida in Gainesville, and Florida State University in Tallahassee as well as many others. And, not only does the current restriction affect carry on campus, but it also denies students the ability to protect themselves to and from campus, as firearms are not permitted to be locked in cars parked in campus parking lots. Upon being made a law, SB 234 would permit student, teacher, and administrator licensees to carry their firearms on campus…

Wisconsin - [12/14/10] Gunners Need Support

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. along with The United States Concealed Carry Association is please to announce the release of Wisconsin’s first Constitutional Carry promotion commercial. In a joint effort between the United States Conceal Carry Association. and Wisconsin Carry, Inc. this commercial has been developed to bring “constitutional carry” to Wisconsin in the next legislative session. Wisconsin WILL pass concealed carry legislation soon. Its up to you to decide if legislators should tack on government registration and expensive permit taxes to that law or not. This commercial will be running on the RADIO in the Milwaukee market TODAY during Mark Behling and Vicki McKenna’s shows. Please share this video with all of your freedom minded friends in Wisconsin and across the USA…

California - 12/11/10] Unfavorable Ruling in California

In an unfortunate ruling for gun rights, U.S. District Court Judge Irma Gonzalez ruled today in favor of San Diego County Sheriff William Gore. Essentially the plaintiff, Edward Peruta sued because he was denied a concealed carry permit… Unfortunately, the notion that a law-abiding citizen can be denied a concealed carry permit while the government claims the plaintiff's right to bear arms is not violated is non-sensical and contrary to logical thought. And, you know as well as anyone, disarming law-abiding citizens while criminals are allowed to run free, compliments of the very same people who now deny us the right to carry concealed firearms, is completely irrational. Judge Gonzalez referred to California law, which allows open-carry of an unloaded firearm and apparently concluded that is sufficient. If carrying an unloaded firearm in plain view is so effective, why don't law enforcement officers or armed security guards carry unloaded firearms? Hell, why not make our military personnel carry unloaded firearms in combat?

Florida - [12/8/10] Bill Would Strengthen Preemption

In 1987, the Florida legislature took action to eliminate the patchwork of conflicting firearms local ordinances that plagued firearms owners at that time. At last, they would enjoy a single blanket set of rules that would apply statewide. Although it was a noble concept, it failed miserably in practice. Twenty-three years later, a full two-thirds of Florida counties and countless municipalities, cities, and towns still have ordinances relating to the regulation of firearms. How could this have happened? The links provide insight into the problem… However, HB 45 marks the beginning of the end to local abuse of state preemption. Long overdue, the bill that has been introduced by Representative Matt Gaetz that provides severe penalties for intentional abuse of the state preemption statute. A summary of the bill, taken from the Florida House of Representatives website states…

North Dakota - [12/8/10] Campus-Carry Debate

On Nov. 30 an open forum was held at NDSU to discuss the issue of allowing people who have concealed carry permits to carry their firearms on campus. It is my personal belief that the people brought in were biased against the idea before they even entered the room. Any comment covered or presented has been decidedly negative. I attribute this to nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to isolated incidents that got media coverage… How would Virginia Tech have turned out if there had been an instant responder on the scene? An instant responder is defined as an armed citizen on the scene. One of the things mentioned during the hearing on Tuesday by Director of University Police Ray Boyer is that there are 17 armed officers on campus. I am going to say from personal experience I rarely see the university police. I haven't seen one of those vehicles in more than a week. If I was in trouble and needed assistance, I would have to call the dispatch, they would have to find me, and then they have to be able to diffuse a situation. It is safer for the university, as a whole, to have armed citizen...

USA - [12/7/10] Amtrak Prepares For Guns In Checked Bags

Railroad passengers on Amtrak should soon be able to once again transport firearms in checked baggage. The change is slated to begin on Dec. 15, the effective date of the amendment by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., that forced Amtrak to accommodate gun owners. The new service will only be available between stations where checked baggage service is currently available. Story Here

Wyoming - [12/7/10] Gunners Object to Ban

Most of the community seems to agree with some loosening of the no-weapons policy at the rec center. That longtime policy was challenged recently by local people as violating state law. The Wyoming attorney general stated in a letter to city officials that while only the state may regulate "concealed carry" firearms, municipalities can regulate "open carry" under an exemption. The council heard more discussion from the public Thursday after discussing the matter at a previous council work session. More than 50 people were in attendance. "This has been the most highly inputted topic since I've been mayor," [Cody] Mayor Nancy Tia Brown said. The council had the policy rewritten with ideas from the first meeting to include allowing all firearms into the rec center as long as they stay on the person. Council members will vote on the final policy at Tuesday night's council meeting…

New Hampshire - [12/6/10] Concealed Carry Finding Favor

Right now, the person sitting next to you in the book store or walking past you in the bank lobby or eating lunch at the next table could be carrying a concealed pistol. And doing so legally. And you'd never know it or be affected by it. Story Here

Ohio - [12/6/10] Governor Proposed Licensing Firearms Possession

There are no comments on this story Post Comments | Read Comments "The governor said Tuesday that the sale of a murder gun to a Cincinnati youth prompted him to advocate this course of action. He said he is looking into the possibility of asking the next legislature to make it a felony to obtain lethal weapons for minors and to require the licensing of firearms for private possession." Story Here

USA - New Jersey - [12/3/10] Gun Case Exposes 'Patchwork' of State Laws, Experts Say

"The case of a New Jersey man who is serving seven years in prison for possessing two locked and unloaded handguns he purchased legally in Colorado is a perfect example of how a law-abiding citizen can unwittingly become a criminal due to vastly differing gun laws among the states, gun rights experts say." Story Here

Wisconsin - [12/3/10] Shall Issue in Wisconsin??

In April 2009, state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen gave weight to the open-carry cause when he issued a memo affirming that people in Wisconsin have the right to carry a gun without fear of police harassment… For gun advocates, the ability to carry concealed guns as opposed to openly displayed ones is often a matter of practicality. In the winter, they must make sure their coat doesn't cover the firearm so it remains visible… Gov.-elect Scott Walker has expressed support for concealed-carry legislation, and with both chambers controlled by Republicans, it seems almost certain to pass. But what will it allow people to do?

Oregon - [12 /1/10]Portland Passes Five New Infringements

Portland's [OR] City Council this morning unanimously approved five new local gun control measures crafted by the mayor in an effort to reduce gun violence in the city. "Will this end up in court? Most certainly so. Will we fight it? Absolutely. What's at stake? The safety of our youth," Mayor Sam Adams said. The council joins major cities around the country, led by mayors who have pushed to pass gun control measures that their state lawmakers would not or could not. Supporters of Portland's proposed gun control laws have called them a needed tool for law enforcement to crack down on gang-related shootings, while critics have voiced concerns about their constitutionality, and potential for unfairly targeting young blacks. Three ordinances would hold adults responsible if their gun gets into a child’s hands, penalize gun owners who don’t report the theft or loss of a firearm, and designate shooting hot spots and allow the city to exclude certain gun offenders from them…

Texas - [12/1/10] Students Back Campus Carry

Texas State University student leaders have endorsed carrying concealed handguns on campus. The move makes them the first student body government to back the controversial amendment to Texas law, though university officials said Texas State administration has not taken an official stance on the issue. After students and faculty shared their views on the issue during a forum the week before, the Associated Student Government at the university voted Monday to endorse legalizing carrying licensed concealed handguns on Texas college campuses

USA - [11/30/10] Guns Will Soon Be Allowed on Amtrak – Sort Of

Passengers will soon be allowed to carry guns aboard some Amtrak trains. The Sacramento Bee says gun rights advocates pushed for an order by Congress to reverse a near decade-long gun ban on the government-owned rail corporation. Beginning Dec. 15, guns can be carried aboard trains that have checked baggage service. Gun owners must inform Amtrak officials 24 hours ahead of departure, and unloaded firearms must be packed in hard-sided containers for storage in train lockers. Rail cars are being retrofitted with weapons storage lockers. (“Transport” would be a better verb than “carry.”)

California - [11-29-10] Peruta vs. Co, of San Diego, One More Look

State law gives local police chiefs and sheriffs the discretion to issue CCWs, short for “carry concealed weapon” permits, under the following conditions: The applicant must be a law-abiding citizen, have good moral character, be a county resident and establish good cause. What constitutes “good cause” is at the heart of the debate and the one element that is considered on a case-by-case basis… In a hearing before U.S. District Judge Irma Gonzalez on Nov. 15, the lawyer for the plaintiffs said those kinds of rules are now unconstitutional. The Supreme Court rulings establish self-defense as a fundamental right that can’t be squelched so easily, said attorney Carl Michel. “They can’t say you have to have a death threat or are being stalked, or you must articulate a specific risk in order to exercise your right to self-defense,” he said. “The right to self-defense does not end at the threshold of your home.” … Gonzalez is expected to issue a ruling sometime in December… (I will stick with my earlier prediction that the days of discretionary-issue are numbered in California. The sheriff of Sacramento recently settled a lawsuit by Calguns and SAF by agreeing to accept “self-defense” as good cause. I predict that the legislature will eventually go to shall-issue, with as strict standards as they can impose, including state training standards and denial for numerous types of misdemeanor convictions.)

Hawaii - [11/29/10] Meanwhile, in Hawaii

The City and County of Honolulu have consistently restricted and continue to burden the right to keep and bear arms, especially in non-sensitive public places. For a time line exceeding fifteen years, no citizen has been allowed to carry a firearm to defend themselves or their family… Your children and family, however, are not serialized; your children and family are not insured by the government, nor can your child, family member, or friend be replaced. Lastly, in an effort to change these broken laws, a local group, Hawaii Concealed Carry, was formed in 2010 to promote the safe and responsible bearing of firearms, for the purpose of self-defense. They are based on Oahu, and are working to assist all Hawaiian islands in the restoration and exercise of their fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Hawaii residents are encouraged to exercise their fundamental right by applying to their local City and County Police departments for a permit to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, for the purpose of protecting yourself and your family…

Pennsylvania - [11/29/10] Governor Vetoes Self-Defense Bill

State Rep. Seth Grove said the Castle Doctrine was easily the issue he heard about most from his constituents during the past two years, and he was genuinely surprised when Gov. Ed Rendell vetoed it Saturday. "I was very disappointed," said Grove, R-Dover Township. Grove had been a co-sponsor of the legislation, which expands the Pennsylvania's "Castle Doctrine" – referring to the adage that a man's home is his castle. Under current law, the use of deadly force in self-defense is not justifiable when safe retreat is possible, unless a person was attacked in his or her home or workplace. The legislation Rendell vetoed would have removed the requirement to retreat before using deadly force outside the home or workplace as well. Grove said that not only were his constituents in favor of the measure, but also a wide, bipartisan majority in the state General Assembly… (Disappointing as this news is, I do not find it surprising. Rendell has a lengthy history of opposing the RKBA.)

Nebraska - [11/29/10] Meanwhile, in Nebraska

Senator Mark Christensen’s bill to address self defense issues at home and work, LB 889, got killed in this year’s session of the Unicameral but that doesn’t mean he’s giving up. Prior to adjournment, Christensen got a legislative resolution passed to conduct an interim study on a key element of the bill, commonly know as the Castle Doctrine. Christensen has built a reputation as a big advocate of Second Amendment gun rights. As a result, he wants to make sure people have the right to protect themselves in their homes, workplaces and vehicles without the threat of a civil lawsuit. The Castle Doctrine gets its name from the basis that a person’s home is their “castle.” As such, one has the right to protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. Castle laws give people the legal right to use deadly force to defend their “castle” and other people in the home from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. Christensen said many Nebraskans can’t understand why Nebraska has the law it does right now. “You have a duty to retreat, if the opportunity presents itself, even from your own home, if it appears safe to do so,” he said… (Nebraska has a legislature with only one chamber, hence the term “Unicameral.”)

Colorado - [11/23/10] Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban

If there’s anything that makes a concealed carry permit holder upset, its criminal safe zones. A criminal safe zone is where only criminals are safe, because armed self defense is banned. That’s why the National Association for Gun Rights has filed a lawsuit against the United State Postal Service. The U.S. Postal Service uses bureaucratic rules to ban your right to carry in a Post Office, and that’s important, even if you don’t carry concealed –- it’s the camel’s nose under the tent. You see, the U.S. Postal Service claims citizens don’t have the right to self defense in Post Offices. Story Here

New Jersey - [11/23/10] SAF Sues N. J. Officials for 'Deprivation of Civil Rights' on Permit Denials

SAF today filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey against several New Jersey officials for deprivation of civil rights under color of law. “Law-abiding New Jersey citizens have been arbitrarily deprived of their ability to defend themselves and their families for years under the state’s horribly-crafted laws." “Supreme Court rulings have made it clear that the Second Amendment prohibits states from completely banning the carrying of handguns for self-defense. Nor may states deny citizens the right to carry handguns in non-sensitive places or deprive them of the right to carry in an arbitrary and capricious manner. That’s what is happening today in New Jersey, and we intend to stop it.” Story Here

Wisconsin - [11/23/10] Wisconsin Gun Owners To Fight For Constitutional Carry

With sweeping Republican victories all across Wisconsin, our chance to seize the moment for concealed carry is now. On Nov. 2, State Republicans clinched the “Super Trifecta” by winning majorities in the Wisconsin House, Senate and the Governor’s seat. We now have every opportunity in the world to restore our right to carry. But there’s one problem. Without intense grassroots pressure, these politicians will sell you out and won’t lift a finger to fight on your behalf. Story Here

Ohio - [11/19/10] Students Debate Campus Carry: On the heels of a decision that will allow a man to stand trial on charges he stabbed Casey Bucher, a University of Toledo student, to death last year comes the idea of carrying guns on campus for protection. For instance, Tuesday night the UT College Republicans held a meeting on campus for students interested in learning more about conceal carry. Anthony Capser is the political director of the group. He says the organization doesn't have an official stance on the ban. "I believe responsible gun ownership is important. And if people make the decision that it's a good idea, they should research it some more and possibly get their license," Capser said. It's a hot topic that is polarizing, but one that students are talking about…

Texas - [11/19/10] Driving in Texas

It's probably the best kept secret in Texas that could provide you protection while you travel. A little, known law allows you to extend your gun rights from your home to your car without a concealed handgun license. The legislature made it okay for Texans to ride with their guns in their vehicles without a concealed weapons permit. The sticking point has been whether you're traveling or not. Now the law is clear that you're presumed to be traveling. We talked with some experts who say this is a right most Texans should appreciate… (I remain dubious about how much you gain by keeping a handgun in your vehicle, off your person. I doubt you’ll be able to get to it in an emergency and it can easily become a liability when you park the vehicle. As to the advice from Sheriff Wright, Texas registers neither long guns nor handguns so I’m not sure how the gun is supposed to “be in your name.”)

Iowa - [11/18/10] Some Iowa Sheriffs Undermine Shall-Issue Law

In other words, Sheriff Johnstone joins a small but vocal group of Sheriffs who say they will support the new law and carry out their orders, but will do so while spreading FUD among the citizens and politicians about how bad the law is. Unfortunately, they do not have the statistics to back up their claims. Iowa is the 39th state to go to a “Shall Issue” system. None of the other 38 states has seen the problems that some of our Iowa Sheriffs are worrying about ever materialize. In fact, those states have seen the opposite happen, as Shall Issue has continued to gain acceptance across the country with no “blood in the streets” or “shootouts over parking spaces” noted… Perhaps the issue should be more about education. Teaching the public that a properly holstered pistol is not a threat should be more important than spreading FUD…

Texas/USA - [11/18/10] Speaking of the Brady Bunch

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence today filed a brief in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas urging the court to throw out an NRA lawsuit claiming that teens and young persons ages 18-20 have a constitutional right to carry loaded, concealed weapons in public. “It is dangerous and reckless for the NRA to claim that teenagers should be allowed to carry loaded semiautomatic weapons on our streets and playgrounds.  The Second Amendment allows for commonsense gun laws, it doesn’t require that we legally allow armed teens in our communities,” said Brady Center President Paul Helmke… (I believe that the NRA lawsuit actually challenges the federal law that bans 18- to 20-year-olds from purchasing handguns from licensed dealers, not the Texas law that that establishes the minimum age for a CHL – see second link.)

Virginia - [11/18/10] Students Push for Campus Carry

Old Dominion University's College Republicans' petition to allow firearms on campus has already received 10 percent of their goal - and they have yet to begin to push the issue. The group is petitioning the heads of the university to allow students who have  concealed-carry weapons permits, or CCWs, to carry firearms to protect themselves on and around the Norfolk, VA, campus. More than 1,100 signatures have been collected by the College Republicans, even without any major advertising about their effort. Enforcing Second Amendment rights on college campuses is not a new idea. Utah passed legislation in 2004 prohibiting public universities from regulating firearms on their campuses. Most recently, Republican Representative-elect David Simpson pre-filed a similar bill, citing a recent incident at the University of Texas at Austin in which a student fatally shot himself in a library and caused a lockdown at the university…

California - [11/17/10] Important Ruling Due Next Month

Three weeks from today, December 6th, we should have a ruling in the case of Ed Peruta v County of San Diego et al. If Ed is successful then California will become a "Shall Issue" state which means that police authorities will no longer be able to decide who can and who cannot obtain a license to carry a loaded firearm in public. For most of us, this means a license for Concealed Carry for a couple of million lucky people it means a non-discretionary license to openly carry a loaded handgun as well. We will have to wait for the exact wording of the judge but I am hopeful that her decision will reflect what she wrote in her denial of a motion to dismiss the case back on January 14th of this year. If the judge adopts the extreme minimalist case then, at a minimum, a CCW license becomes non-discretionary, meaning if one has the money and can pass whatever training requirements the issuing authority decrees then one must be issued a license to carry a weapon concealed, or a license to openly carry a loaded weapon in counties with a population of fewer than 200,000 people…

Georgia -[11/17/10] Constitutional-Carry Movement Grows

They know that if REAL Right-to-Carry passes here in Georgia, liberty advances. A government mandate will die. They’ve been shackling our liberties to a Big Government master for decades. You and I cannot let them succeed. I can report some good news. Over the weekend, a Georgia Gun Owners volunteer dropped a few trays of letters into a mail box to be delivered this week to gun rights activists all across the State of Georgia. I can’t wait for those Georgia REAL Right-to-Carry petitions to start rolling in. But that’s not the only reason I’m excited. A buddy from Colorado called recently and informed me that Georgia isn’t the only state where the movement to pass REAL Right-to-Carry is gaining steam. North Carolina. Colorado. Oregon. Iowa. Wyoming. New Hampshire. There’s also word of a growing movement for REAL Right-to-Carry in Virginia… To counter the left-wing, anti-liberty establishment, Georgia Gun Owners is preparing to launch a massive grassroots liberty mobilization effort that will reach every city and town in the State of Georgia. Georgia Gun Owners needs your help as our volunteers prepare this mailing. In order to mobilize liberty-loving Georgians, will you consider a contribution to help offset the cost of buying stamps? …

Texas -[11/17/10] Politician pushes for guns on campus

Newly elected Texas Politician David Simpson has filed a bill that would allow guns on college campuses. Story Here


Ohio - [11/12/10] (From the NRA) Ohio Lame-Duck Session in Question, Two Important Pro-Gun Bills Hang in Jeopardy!

Before the summer recess, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 239 and Senate Bill 247 . These bills are now before the House of Representatives for consideration. However, because of the November elections, which resulted in the change of party power, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives recently announced the possible cancellation of the November lame-duck voting schedule, thus killing both pro-gun initiatives. SB239 would eliminate the current confusing standards of carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle. In addition, the proposal would allow permit holders to carry a firearm for self-defense in a restaurant that serves alcohol, provided they are not consuming, thus eliminating another “victim zone” in Ohio. SB247 would clarify and bring Ohio’s statutes for the restoration of firearm rights in line with current Federal law. Please contact your State Representative TODAY and respectfully urge your legislator to demand that the Democratic Leadership reconvene the House of Representatives and return to the “people’s business.” Contact information for your State Representative can be found by clicking Here

Story Here

Pennsylvania [11/12/10] (From the NRA): “Castle Doctrine” Could Be Voted on Monday, November 15!

On Wednesday, November 10, Speaker Keith McCall (D) announced that votes will be taken on unfinished business on Monday, November 15. Please contact your State Representative immediately and urge him or her to ask the Speaker to bring House Bill 1926 up for a vote and to vote for concurrence on HB 1926. HB 1926 would permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their home and any places outside of their home where they have a legal right to be. If enacted, this law would also protect individuals from civil lawsuits by the attacker or the attacker’s family when force is used. It is critical that you contact your State Representative TODAY and respectfully urge him or her to have HB 1926 brought up for a vote AND to vote for concurrence on HB 1926. Contact information can be found by clicking Here

Story Here

North Carolina - [11/11/10] Town Debates Employee Carry

Chances are, the identity of your garbage truck driver doesn’t always cross your mind. You probably give him a friendly smile if you happen to meet over the remnants of last night’s macaroni, but the odds on knowing his life story – or even his name – are pretty slim. He’s the guy who packs off your trash and carts your recycling away. But you may not know that, depending on where you live, he may also be packing heat. That issue came up recently at a Canton town board meeting, where it came to light that town employees may, in fact, be carrying concealed weapons. Or not. Actually, no one’s quite sure… (The headline for this article is completely misleading – the question is whether being employed by a local government denies you the RKBA at work.)

Oklahoma -[11/11/10] Students Seek Campus Carry

Pacing back and forth across Edmon Low Library Lawn wearing a bright, correctional-facility-orange jumpsuit and an ominous, black ski-mask, Adam White intimidated onlookers and passers-by. White was one of a hand-full of students on Library Lawn recruiting members to the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus group. He held a sign that plainly read, "Criminals for gun-free campuses." Adrienne O'Reilly, head of the Oklahoma State University branch of the club, said they were recognized as an official student group last week. "We are trying to raise awareness about self-defense," said White, a political science senior… According to OSU policies and procedures, "the students, faculty and staff of Oklahoma State University can best learn, work and live in an environment free from the dangers and constraints, both physical and psychological, which can arise from the presence or use of weapons, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives and dangerous chemicals on the campus. It is therefore the policy of OSU to prohibit or strictly regulate the possession or use of any of these items on campus, in OSU vehicles or on OSU-sponsored trips." "If guns kill people, I can blame misspelled words on my pencil," said Tripp Elliot, an agricultural business junior…

Wyoming - [11/11/10] City of Cody Wyoming challenging lawful carry with nuisance code

"Once again the gun control movement has reared its ugly head in Wyoming. But not where one would expect. The City of Cody being rich in gun history declares lawful gun owners a public nuisance!!!" "We expect this kind of stupidity in California or New York, but not in Wyoming...Just another case of Politicians that tell you what rights you can and can’t have.

Story Here

Alabama - [ 11/3/10] Sheriff Stands by Questionable Ordinance

Baldwin County deputies will enforce a ban on handguns in public buildings even though the district attorney said part of the ordinance could be open to court challenge, Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack said Friday, the day the ordinance went into effect. In a letter to Mack, District Attorney Judy Newcomb stated that the new ordinance that bans weapons, explosives, smoking, alcohol and other items might be unconstitutional when it comes to handguns. Newcomb said the ordinance’s handgun ban could be legally challenged. Mack said, however, that his office will enforce all of the restrictions… Quoted in the letter from Newcomb, Alabama law states that neither municipalities nor counties can enact ordinances that “tax, restrict, prevent or in any way affect the possession or ownership of handguns by the citizens of this state,” leaving all such matters to the Legislature. Story Here

Michigan - [11/3/10] MI State Police Update Their CCW FAQ Page.

The Michigan State police have updated their CCW FAQ Page. They have removed outdated info and put links to the different laws that cover each FAQ. You can check it out Here

Wyoming - [11/3/10] Wyoming Rec Center Bans Guns

The "no weapons" policy at the city's recreation center may be legal. The policy, along with a similar West Park Hospital rule, was contested by Cody resident Serge Joskow who argues the policy is unconstitutional because only the state is allowed to regulate firearms. Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg told the city council by letter, "Municipalities are excepted from this rule for the limited purpose of regulating ‘conduct which disturbs or jeopardizes the public health, safety, peace or morality in any public or private place.'" The Attorney General notes that counties are explicitly forbidden to regulate firearms, but there is an exception for municipalities that could allow the city to proceed. Under that same principle, he said the hospital's rule banning firearms is unconstitutional because it is from county action, not city. Story Here


Pennsylvania - [10/17/10] Castle Doctrine" Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House for Concurrence

The Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 1926 by a vote of 45-4. The bill now returns to the House where it could be concurred with on Monday, October 18." "HB1926 contains State Senator Richard Alloway’s (R-33) 'Castle Doctrine' amendment." "This language would permit law-abiding citizens to use force ... against an attacker in their homes and any places outside of their home where they have a legal right to be. Story Here

Wisconsin - [10/17/10] Ruling Affirms Importance of SAF’s McDonald Case

Like it or not – and it is clear from their reaction that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence does not – a ruling by a Wisconsin circuit court judge that found the state's prohibition on concealed carry to be unconstitutional is an affirmation that the Second Amendment Foundation's victory in McDonald v. City of Chicago was not only proper, it was the right thing to do." ... "The result of this ruling, which will be appealed, could be what has been dubbed “Constitutional Carry” for the state of Wisconsin. That is, citizens there would be able to carry firearms openly or concealed without a permit, if Judge Counsell’s ruling is upheld. Story Here

USA - [10/13/10] President Signs Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2010

Today, the President signed into law the amendments to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010.  This new law amends LEOSA of 2004 (a/k/a/ H.R. 218) The amendments also make certification easier. Story Here

Maine - [10/13/10] Portland Officials Propose Banning Guns In Public Places

Portland city officials have thrown their support behind a proposal to ban guns in public buildings in Maine." "The city's Public Safety Committee heard arguments both for and against the idea at a public hearing Tuesday night." "City councilors are considering drafting a resolution that asks the state to amend current laws to prohibit guns in places where crowds gather. In Portland, that would include venues like Fitzpatrick Stadium, the Expo and City Hall." "Forest Brown with the Maine Open Carry Association said that proposal steps on his rights as a U.S. citizen. Story Here

Ohio - [10/13/10] State Supreme Court to hear preemption case this week!

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for an important gun rights case, City of Cleveland v. State of Ohio ..." "The case came about after the Ohio General Assembly voted to override Governor Bob Taft's veto of HB347 - Ohio's 'preemption' law - which codified R.C. 9.68, ensuring that firearms laws would be uniform throughout the state." "The City of Cleveland immediately sued the State of Ohio, and the Supreme Court is now going to be forced to issue a ruling that will decide once and for all whether R.C. 9.68 is valid. If it is valid, than other than ordinances banning the discharge of firearms inside city limits and zoning laws, Ohio cities are, once and for all, out of the gun control business. Story Here

Colorado & USA - [10/7/10] Challenge to Ban on Firearms on Postal Service Property

Attorney Jim Manley and the Mountain States Legal Foundation are taking on the US Postal Service's ban on any firearm on USPS property. The challenge is on behalf of Debbie and Tab Bonidy of Avon, Colorado ..." "The Bonidys live in a rural area of Colorado that doesn't have home mail delivery. Because of that, the local post office in Avon, Colorado provides the residents of the area with a post office box at no charge. While they both have Colorado concealed carry permits and regularly carry, the Bonidys cannot carry concealed or openly when picking up their mail. They even can't leave their firearms locked in their car as this would violate 39 C.F.R. § 232.1(l). Story Here

Maryland - [10/7/10] Advocates of Localized Handgun Permitting See it as a Step

Advocates of localized handgun permitting said Wednesday that they view it as a step closer to more permissive right-to-carry practices in Maryland." "Shifting permitting from the state level to the county level would not change the state's requirement for applicants to show 'good and substantial reason' to carry a handgun, but it could allow for more-permissive interpretations of that statute, Frederick County Sheriff Charles A. 'Chuck' Jenkins said Wednesday." "'What I view as reasonable and necessary may differ from what the Maryland State Police may view,' Jenkins said. 'I may see a little something different here and say, 'I believe this is a reasonable request. Story Here

Pennsylvania - [10/5/10] Stand-Your-Ground Bill Advances in Pennsylvania:

The state House today is expected to give final approval to so-called "stand your ground" legislation, a self-defense bill that gun advocates have pushed unsuccessfully for six years. With broad bipartisan support, the House gave preliminary approval Monday to the legislation, also known as the "Castle Doctrine" extension bill. It was approved by a 156-41 margin. Under the Castle Doctrine, people are permitted to defend themselves with deadly force without retreat in their homes. Outside the home, retreat – taking steps away from the assailant – is required to shoot in self-defense. The legislation would extend the Castle Doctrine to a person's porch, yard, car or any place someone is "lawfully allowed to be," said Rep. Scott Perry, R-York County, the bill's sponsor. House Minority Leader Sam Smith, R-Punxsutawney, employed a parliamentary maneuver that prevented gun control advocates from offering amendments… - [9/30/10] All the State Pages will have their RV/Car Carry Sections updated and a Notes Section added that will have what the state considers a loaded firearm if Applicable. Any additional information that does not fit in the other sections will go there. These changes will not show up on all the state pages till 1/1/11. If I have to update a state page the new info will be there. Iowa goes Shall Issue 1/1/11 and all state pages will have to be updated then and it takes time to load all the files so we are going to do it all at once.

Steve and I have both been traveling a lot and Steve still works. I am retired. News items have not been posted because we have been busy but also our News section only covers items related to CCW. There as been little news that I have seen about law changes etc. At least we try to keep them all on that narrow subject. There are many news outlets and we can't see duplicating all of that.

Texas - [9/30/10] Students Seeking to Get Law Passed to Allow Concealed Handguns on Campus

Tuesday’s events at UT-Austin and the Texas Legislature around the corner could be the catalyst the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus organization needs to get started, interdisciplinary studies junior Kenny Jacobs said." "Jacobs said the group has always been around, but couldn’t make the jump to an official organization. He said the group still needs an adviser before it can become a university-recognized organization." "Jacobs traveled to Austin in 2009 to lobby for the legislation to allow concealed carry of handguns on college campuses. The bill in the Texas Senate passed but did not make it to the Texas House. He said if it comes up with the Legislature again, it will pass. Complete story Here

Ohio - [8/26/10] Ohioans For Concealed Carry's Guns in Parking Lots Exemption Bill Efforts Introduced

"Grassroots activism can be a lot of fun and rewarding when you see the fruits of your labor pay off in the form of legislative reform." "Today Representative Joe Uecker's (R-Miami Township) office released a press release announcing the introduction of Ohio House Bill 571." "HB571 is legislation that would allow a concealed handgun licensee to store a firearm in a locked motor vehicle while parked on the premises of their employer — without fear of retribution from their employer for that completely lawful act." "'Employees should not be discriminated against just because they choose to exercise their second amendment right,' said Rep. Uecker." Comkplete Story Here.

USA - [8/26/10] EPA Considering Ban on All Traditional Ammunition

"All Gun Owners, Hunters and Shooters:" "With the fall hunting season fast approaching, the [EPA] under Lisa Jackson, who was responsible for banning bear hunting in New Jersey, is now considering a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) – a leading anti-hunting organization – to ban all traditional ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, a law in which Congress expressly exempted ammunition." "If the EPA approves the petition, the result will be a total ban on all ammunition containing lead-core components, including hunting and target-shooting rounds. The EPA must decide to accept or reject this petition by November 1, 2010, the day before the midterm elections. Complete Story Here

West Virginia/Wyoming - [8/26/10] WV/WY Sign Reciprocity Agreement

West Virginia and Wyoming now honor each others permit/license to Carry. Both states have been expanding the list of whose permit/license they will honor in the last few years. WV has added WY to its list but WY has not added WV to it's list as of this moring. WY has always been slow to update its list. WY Reciprocity Web Page WV Reciprocity Web Page.

Note: I have been on extended Vacations since early June. (Retirement is really great) Steve returns today or tomorrow from an extended Vacation. Updates have been late while we have been enjoying living and Grandchildren. News posts will still be slow until Steve gets the Software installed on my new computer. I have to break out the old one to make additions to the news now. The below Updates have not been added to as of this evening. They have been sent to Steve to post on the site. They may not show up for a few more days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our readers.

Arkansas & New Hampshire - [7/25/10] - AR and NH now honor each others Permit/License.

This has been in the works for sometime. I am not sure what the holdup was. But states official Reciprocity Web sites show that they honor each others Permit/License.

Louisiana - [7/25/10] New Law Goes Into Effect Concerning St Parks/Forests, WMA's etc. Restaurant Carry Still Illegal in LA According to LA DPS.

LA Governor signed a new law that allows those with Permit/Licenses to carry in State Parks, State and National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas. I have had more discussions with the LA DPS and they know the law on carry in places that serve alcohol conflict. They still state that they must defer to the law that says carry in a place that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises is illegal. They are working on getting the laws changed so the conflicts no longer exists. Which way the law will go on restaurant carry will be up to the politicians.

New Mexico - [7/25/10] NM New Law on Carry in Restaurants.

NM has Restaurant carry now but the new law is a little different than most other states. You can only carry in restaurants with a Permit/License if the restaurant only sells beer and wine for consumption on the premises. If they serve hard liquor carry is still illegal even if you carry in the part of the restaurant that is not the bar area.

Denver Colorado - [7/25/10] Denver has Magazine Ban for So Called Assult Weapons,.

Denver has a magazine ban that I was unaware of. This has been added to the CO page link and the HiCap/Chem Spray/Elec Weapons file. Any semi rifle with a detachable Mag that holds 21 or more rounds. Semi Auto Shotguns with a folding stock that can hold more than 6 rounds. The Ord states that any mag that will hold 21 or more rounds is illegal to possess, sell etc. There is wording to protect those who are traveling through Denver with an unloaded higher capacity magazine.

Other News

Arizona - [7/24/10] Concealed Weapons Permit, Training Requirement Ends Thursday

"In less than a week, Arizona residents will be allowed to carry a gun in their pocket or purse without needing paperwork to do so." "Senate Bill 1108, which allows people to carry concealed guns with no permit or safety training, takes effect on July 29 ... It makes Arizona the third state behind Alaska and Vermont, all supportive of gun rights, to enact a law that raises concerns for law enforcement." "'It's disconcerting,' said Mesa Police Chief Frank Milstead. 'The fact that anyone can walk around and carry a gun without training is disconcerting. We don't let our police officers walk around with a gun without training. Some people will start shoving a gun down their pants and shoot themselves. Complete Story Here

Illinois - [7/24/10] Gun Fight Looming. State Legislators Expected to Reload Laws

"Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling neutralizing a Chicago handgun ban last month, state lawmakers are expected to have a showdown on gun control early next year." "Legislators' attempts to regulate, or deregulate, have been stymied by regional disagreements: Chicago lawmakers want tight restrictions on weapons while Downstate officials push for such firearm freedoms as a concealed carry law." "Retired Leland Police Chief Bud Harton believes next year will be a good one for the Second Amendment. Complete Story Here

I am back after a 3 week vacation. (retirement is great) Kansas has had a major law change and other pages have had links repaired/updated. Changes have been sent to Steve to post on the site. I am still catching up. I still need to make updates to my new computer so I can finally give my 8 year old machine away. I will be in and out all summer and into the fall so news items may be slow. I apologize for that.

Virginia –  [6/19/10] Carry in Virginia Forests/Parks
From the VCDL – I was asked me to clarify the current state of carry in the following locations.  Understand that some of these could change in the near future:

Status of Carry in Parks:
Va. National Parks -- concealed carry with CHP and open carry allowed
Va. National Forests -- concealed carry only with permit
Va. State Forests -- no carry at this time (regulations are in the process of being revamped)
Va. State Parks -- concealed carry only with permit
Va. local and regional parks -- concealed carry with CHP and open carry allowed.

Washington DC  - [6/19/10] Bill Would Protect RKBA on Federal Lands
Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT), Rob Bishop (R-UT) and Paul Broun (R-GA) have introduced the Firearms Freedom on Federal Lands Act to prevent the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior from issuing or enforcing any regulation or executive order, including presidential declarations authorized under the Antiquities Act, that prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm on lands managed by the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The legislation responds to the Obama Administration’s disturbing pattern of bypassing congressional authority and public input when making decisions that affect our public lands, including the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) leaked plan to designate 13 million acres as new National Monuments… Until last year, when Congress stepped in to correct the problem, the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prevented visitors from carrying firearms on federally controlled National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges; however, no such statute prevents the Forest Service or BLM from issuing similar restrictions banning guns on lands under their management. Visitors choosing to bring a firearm onto these lands would continue to be governed under state law.

Washington DC – [6/19/10] Amtrak Issue Still Unresolved
A Government Accountability Office study quietly released Thursday has bolstered a Republican senator’s efforts to force Amtrak's rail service to accommodate gun toting riders or face shutdown, Raw Story has found. The GAO ruled Thursday that an amendment inserted into a transportation funding bill by Republican Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) was permanent law, erasing doubts that Amtrak would have to comply. The mandate would force Amtrak to reverse a longstanding rule banning passengers from bringing guns onto trains instituted after 9/11… The Amtrak law is what is considered an "unfunded mandate," a law passed by Congress that requires compliance to a government agency or government-subsidized program but doesn't provide additional resources. In recent testimony before the Senate, Amtrak's security chief warned that the company was already short on money to adequately address terrorist threats. Amtrak is a favorite fiscal target of prominent Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who killed funding for a high speed rail service in 2008… (In perspective, the Wicker amendment did not authorize carry on Amtrak trains, it told Amtrak that it must provide the means for its passengers lawfully to transport firearms in luggage, as is done on airliners. If Amtrak lacks the funding to comply, how does it have the means to stop anyone from actually carrying firearms on its trains?)


I'm in the process of setting up a new computer. I apologize for little to no news being posted but I've been really busy and it looks like this is going to continue for at least another week. Steve has to install new software on my new computer for me to have all the access I had in the past. I will be in and out a lot so I will be unable to answer emails doing most of this time.

Stay Safe out there. Gary

05/18/2010 - Notice:

Gary is enjoying some most needed time off.. He plans to be able to start updating the state pages next week.

We are aware of the changes to KANSAS. Hit the link to read about them now.


Hawaii - [5/13/10] Governor Signs Two Pro-Gun Measures into Law in Hawaii!

Please Thank the Governor Today! On Wednesday, May 12, Governor Linda Lingle (R) signed two bills into law that will protect the rights of Hawaii’s law-abiding gun owners. Senate Bill 358, brought forward by State Senator Sam Slom (R-8), will prevent the seizure of firearms or ammunition from any lawful possessor during an emergency or disaster. Senator Slom introduced SB358 in 2009 as a response to the widespread seizure of firearms that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The bill languished in the Legislature until the tsunami scare that occurred in Hawaii earlier this year, which propelled the measure through committees and onto the Governor’s desk at the close of the legislative session. Governor Lingle also signed Senate Bill 532. Also introduced by Senator Slom, this bill will provide protection from civil immunity to a homeowner or an owner of any real property who uses force, including deadly force, for self-defense. This is a very key provision under the “Castle Doctrine,” which is a long-held belief that an individual’s home is their castle and it should be defendedfrom intrusion.

New York - [5/13/10] Legislation Advances that Could Ban All New Semiautomatic Handguns in New York!

Please Stand Up and Make Your Voices Heard! Assembly Bill 6468C, sponsored by State Assemblywomen Michelle Schimel (D-16), passed the Assembly and the Senate version of the bill, Senate Bill 6005, sponsored by State Senator Eric Schneiderman (D-31), is currently pending in the Senate Codes Committee. Both bills require that semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in the state of New York be capable of micro-stamping and establish fines for violations of this requirement. Micro-stamping is an unproven technology that would require unique identifying information from the firearm, including the make, model, and serial number, to be etched into the firing pin and breech face in such a manner that those identifiers are imprinted on the cartridge case upon firing. The technology can easily be defeated with common household tools, has no public safety value, and adds substantially to the cost of the firearm. If passed, the availability of semi-automatic handguns in New York could be in jeopardy, as manufacturers simply may choose not to build or sell firearms for purchase in the state, which is the goal of this legislation. Complete Story Here

Tennessee - [5/13/10] Restaurant Carry Reform Awaiting Governor’s Action

Please Contact the Governor Today! On Wednesday, May 5, the Tennessee House moved to adopt Senate Bill 3012 in place of House Bill 3125 by a vote of 66 to 31. SB3012 is currently awaiting consideration by Governor Phil Bredesen (D). Sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (D-25) and by State Representative Curry Todd (R-95), SB3012 would enable a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense in restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions. Alcohol consumption would be prohibited and violation would result in the loss of a permit for three years. SB3012 also clearly defines posting provisions. This legislation was filed in response to a court ruling last November. The previously enacted law was held to be unconstitutionally vague because of a perceived ambiguity over the state’s definition of restaurants. SB3012 will fix any ambiguity. Governor Bredesen has until Monday, May 17 to take action on this legislation. However, he may take action as soon as tomorrow, Friday, May 14, because of a scheduled trip to China. Please contact the Governor IMMEDIATELY and respectfully urge him to sign SB3012 into law. The Governor can be reached by phone at (615) 741-2001 or by email at

New Hampshire - [5/10/10] Senate to Vote on Defensive-Display Bill

Displaying a gun to warn a potential attacker away would not be considered a crime under a bill up for a vote this week in the New Hampshire Senate. The bill would make it legal to respond to a threat by displaying a gun. It is more limited than an earlier bill that would have expanded the use of deadly force, which was vetoed by Gov. John Lynch in 2006. That proposal would have allowed the use of deadly force in public whenever someone felt threatened. Current law requires people in public places to try to retreat to safety before resorting to deadly force in self defense. Deadly force is permitted to protect against certain crimes and when an intruder enters the person's home. The Senate Judiciary Committee recommends passing the bill.

KANSAS  [5/9/10] (From the NRA) Right-to-Carry Reform Moves to Governor's Desk   

On Thursday, May 6, Senate Bill 306 successfully passed out of the House and Senate by votes of 103 to 15, and 37 to 2, respectively.  The bill now heads to Governor Mark Parkinson's (D) desk for his consideration. NRA has been working closely with the Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) and the Attorney General's office to clean up and streamline the state's concealed carry statute.  As written, the bill would remove many redundant and burdensome provisions of the statute, allowing for a much smoother issuing and renewal process.  SB306 would also lower the initial application and renewal fee.

LOUISIANA [5/9/10] (From the NRA) Two Pro-Gun Bills Continue to Advance! 

Two bills that would exempt concealed carry permit holders from the ban on carrying within 1,000 foot "Gun Free School Zones" have passed their respective chambers.  Senate Bill 81 will now be taken up by the House Criminal Justice Committee in the near future.  While its companion bill, House Bill 556, will be considered by Senate Judiciary Committee B.  These bills would not affect the possession on school property but would only allow permit holders to continue to exercise their right on public property not controlled directly by the school.  Please contact the members of the House Criminal Justice and Senate Judiciary B Committees Today.  Respectfully urge them to support SB81 and HB556.  Contact information for the committee members is listed here.

NEVADA: [5/9/10] (From the NRA) Three States Added to Handgun Carry Recognition in Nevada! 

In a meeting of the Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association on Thursday, May 6, it was announced that three states (New Mexico, North Carolina, and Rhode Island) would be added to the list of states where carry permits would be recognized in Nevada.  These states now join Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. The additions bring the number of state permits recognized to 13.  Annually, the Nevada Department of Public Safety conducts a review of the permitting state's policies regarding the issues on concealed carry permits and determines whether or not that state qualifies in accordance with the Nevada Revised Statutes. Holders of valid permits from these states are allowed to carry a concealed weapon while in the state of Nevada. The permit must be in the possession at all times while carrying a firearm.

TENNESSEE: [5/9/10] (From the NRA)  Restaurant Carry Passes in Tennessee! 

On Wednesday, May 5, the Tennessee State House moved to adopt Senate Bill 3012 in replace of House Bill 3125, by a vote of 66 to 31.  The State House had to first table an anti-gun amendment attached to HB 3125, before they were able to substitute and conform to SB 3012.  This anti-gun amendment, authored by State Representative Harry Tindell (D-3), would have required the owner of an establishment that serves alcohol to post based on a percentage of their food sales.  This qualifier would have thus created a standard of vagueness within the law for the restaurant owners when determining whether or not the establishment was subject to the mandatory posting in the first place.  This bill also faced a last ditch effort made by State Representative Joe McCord (R-8) to attach the Tindell amendment to the House version of the bill. This would have forced a conference committee between the House and the Senate, which ultimately would have defeated the bill.  Sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (D-25) and by State Representative Curry Todd (R-95), SB3012 will enable a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense in restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions.  Alcohol consumption would be prohibited and violation would result in the loss of a permit for three years.  SB3012 also clearly defines posting provisions.  This legislation was filed in response to a court ruling last November.  The previously enacted law was held to be unconstitutionally vague because of a perceived ambiguity over the state's definition of restaurants.  SB3012 will fix any ambiguity.  SB3012 will now head to the desk of Governor Phil Bredesen (D) for consideration. 

Colorado - [5/5/10] Colorado University Rescinds Illegal Campus-Carry Ban

Today the CSU Board of Governor’s voted to rescind their illegal ban on concealed carry on campus. “They didn’t have a legal leg to stand on,” said Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO). “We told them in January, in no uncertain terms, that state law did not allow them to create their own gun ban. Unfortunately, it took a lawsuit to force them to back down.” RMGO filed suit against CSU’s Board of Governors on April 15th, proving that unelected board had no authority to override existing state law, which explicitly allows permit holders to carry on college campuses. A day later, a Colorado Appeals Court ruled against CU’s ban on carrying…

Georgia - [5/6/10] RKBA Bills on Governor’s Desk

The General Assembly passed two major gun related bills toward the end of the session, one on the evening of the very last day.  Both bills are now sitting on Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue's desk awaiting a signature or veto. SB 308 repeals Georgia's 140 year old public gathering law and replaces it with a more easily understandable, and shorter, list of places off limits. SB 291 would decriminalize the carry of firearms in Georgia airports (like 40 other states) with clear language, make licensing renewals easier for persons holding a valid license, and prohibit government seizure of firearms during a time of declared emergency, as the federal government and several states, including California, have recently done. So what can you do? …

Louisiana - [4/30/10] House Committee Approves Limited Church-Carry Bill

People qualified to carry concealed weapons should be able to keep them strapped on in a church or temple as a way to enhance security, a House committee decided Wednesday. The Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice voted 8-3 for House Bill 68 by Rep. Henry Burns, R-Shreveport, sending it to more debate on the House floor. The bill would allow a church to hire a security force or create its own by authorizing the church's board or pastor to tap parishioners who have concealed weapons permits to bring them to church. State law now bans weapons in houses of worship. Burns said his bill does not force churches to participate…

Missouri - [4/30/10] House Passes Parking-Lot Bill

The Missouri House of Representatives passed a new bill that will allow people to conceal and carry their guns in the parking lots of private businesses if they have a permit. Republican Representative Stanley Cox from Sedalia sponsored the Business Premises Safety Act.  It passed the house by a vote of 113 to 40… Missouri businesses already [sic] have the power to decide whether customers can conceal and carry guns in their parking lots.  If this new bill passes the Missouri Senate, it will prohibit any business from stopping the practice.  If injury or damage were to occur at a business while the bill is in effect, owners would not be responsible for the results… The NRA supports the bill.  NRA Field Representative Gregg Pearre said he expects the bill will pass the Senate. (It is unclear, from the sloppy verbiage of this report, whether the scope of this bill goes beyond storing a firearm in a parked vehicle.)

New Hampshire - [4/30/10] (From the NRA) Important New Hampshire Self-Defense Reform Needs Your Help!

Please Continue Contacting the Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee! House Bill 160 is currently bottled up in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This critical reform measure could be considered by the committee sometime next week. Simply put, HB160 would allow a person to brandish a firearm in response to a forceful threat. State Senator Robert Letourneau (R-19) will be offering an amendment to strengthen the measure. More Info Here.

Tennessee - [4/30/10] Senate Passes Restaurant-Carry Bill

The State Senate passed a bill Thursday 23-9 sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson) to allow handgun carry permit holders to take their weapons into establishments that serve alcohol… The Senate version passed Thursday would make illegal the consumption of alcohol while carrying a firearm, and allows business owners to ban guns completely from their premises by posting clear, specific public notice… An amendment sponsored by Sen. Lowe Finney (D-Jackson) would revoke a permit holder’s permit for three years if he or she were found to be intoxicated while in possession of a handgun. Possession of a handgun in an establishment that bans guns would result in a $500 fine… The House version of the bill is expected to reach a floor vote soon.

Texas - [4/30/10] Streamlines CHL Application Process

There is an entirely new system going online on May 1st, unless a last minute bug is discovered. The new application process will be entirely online, including affidavits. The new system will not allow you to submit an incomplete application, so this will prevent the dreaded "you didn't give us everything" letter.  People who have started an online application and saved it without completing it and paying the fee will have to start over after May 1st. If you've already completed the online application and have paid your fee, whether or not you have received the packet from DPS, then you do not have to start over on May 1st. You can take your course and send in the application material as has always been the case. Not only is the new online system great, there are other very good changes coming on May 1st. For example, it will no longer be necessary to provide fingerprints and photographs with renewal applications. (I already mentioned that online applications will include the affidavits, so those won't be necessary either.) There are other excellent improvements on the way both for CHL's and CHL instructors, but it is too early to discuss them now.

Utah - [4/27/10] Gun Enthusiasts Criticize NM's Ban on Utah Gun Permits

"New Mexico will no longer accept Utah's gun permits because officials there think Utah's training is inadequate." "State Public Safety Secretary John Denko says Utah licenses require significantly less training than New Mexico's. But Clark Aposhian with the Utah Shooting Sports Council says Utah has the best training in the country." "'I'll put up our training and our stats to show that it is as good if not better than any other state,' he says. Complete Story Here

Florida - [4/27/10] NRA Rallies For Pro-Gun Amendment

"The NRA is rallying its members behind a one-sentence bill amendment that would protect motorists who carry guns in their vehicles." "Sen. Durell Peaden, a term-limited Panhandle Republican, is suggesting this one-sentence amendment to an agriculture bill (SB2074) on the Senate special order calendar: 'However, a (firearm) licensee may not be prevented from transporting or storing a lawful firearm in a private vehicle for lawful purposes if the vehicle is otherwise lawfully present.'" "The Senate is expected to discuss the bill this afternoon." "The Florida Chamber of Commerce threw the first punch, linking the amendment to gun lobbyists." Complete Story Here

Georgia - [4/27/10] Bill to Allow Guns in Bars Stirs Debate

"If the state Legislature passes a gun bill under consideration this week, it will be legal to enter a bar or restaurant with a licensed concealed weapon and get drunk." "It will still be illegal, though, to fire that weapon while drinking, thanks to a blanket prohibition against discharging weapons while intoxicated that's already in state law." "At issue is Senate Bill 308, which strikes down the current state prohibition that keeps even licensed gun owners from legally carrying their weapons into bars. The bill would allow bar owners to decide whether to allow concealed weapons in their establishments, as well as change other things in an effort to clarify the state’s confusing tapestry of gun laws."Complete Story Here

Iowa - [4/27/10] Culver Says He Will Sign Measure Overhauling Process for Issuing Concealed Weapon Permits

"Gov. Chet Culver has told The Associated Press he will sign into law a measure overhauling the way concealed weapon permits are issued." ... "He says he's always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. Culver also says telephone calls and e-mails to his office have run heavily in favor of the measure." "Currently, those seeking a permit to carry a concealed weapon must apply with their local sheriff, who has broad discretion to make the decision about whether to grant the permit." "The new law would require sheriffs to issue permits to applicants who meet a set standard and allows sheriffs to deny an application only for a specific set of reasons." Complete Story Here

Ohio - [4/27/10] Keeping Guns With Permit Holders Keeps Them Away From Criminals

"This Wednesday the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee will hold the final hearing for Senate Bill 239, the bill that would allow concealed handgun licensees to carry their handguns into locations which serve alcoholic beverages as long as they don't drink any themselves. ..." "Many opponent are promoting this as 'drunks in bars' legislation, which of course could not be further from the truth. Approximately 40 states ... has similar legislation on the books and these wild-eyed prediction do not happen ... Like all the other fear-mongering, these predictions will also fail to come true." "However, one very real effect will happen, and that is the fact that there will be fewer guns left vulnerable to theft." Complete Story Here

Tennessee - [4/27/10] Compromise Bill on Guns in Restaurants Now in Doubt

"A compromise to allow guns in restaurants, but not bars, is in doubt amid questions from lawmakers and Second Amendment advocates as the measure moves to full votes in the state House and Senate." "A House committee last week approved Rep. Harry Tindell's amendment to a guns-in-bars measure that would allow permit holders to carry guns into establishments that serve alcohol, but force any establishment with less than 50 percent food sales to post signs banning firearms." "Tindell said legislators should keep their word from a year ago, when they said they would deliver a bill that would allow guns in restaurants, but not bars." Complete story Here

New Mexico [4/23/10] NM No Longer Honors Utah Permit.

Santa Fe—Effective immediately New Mexico will no longer recognize concealed carry licenses issued by the State of Utah for the purposes of reciprocity in New Mexico, as the requirements for licensure in Utah do not meet the standards required in New Mexico statute. Rules governing the concealed carrying of weapons and issuance of licenses require that training and other provisions be as stringent or substantially similar to New Mexico requirements.

Read the Press Release Here.


Arizona [4/17/10] Constitutional Carry The Final Version of the Bill

Gov. Brewer signed SB 1108s into law Friday, April 16th. The effective date has yet to be determined.

…Some police officials are concerned the law will lead to more accidental gun discharges from people untrained in firearm safety, or that shooters in stressful situations will accidentally strike innocent bystanders with stray bullets… However, the measure was supported by police unions representing rank-and-file officers, who said their best friend on the streets is a law-abiding citizen equipped to protect themselves or others. The police chiefs group initially opposed the bill but then took a neutral stance after some provisions were changed at their request. Brewer's office also participated in negotiations on changes to the bill…The Arizona Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights group that lobbied for passage of the "constitutional carry" bill, said gun owners foregoing permits still should get training. "The heaviest thing about wearing a firearm is the responsibility that comes with it," the group said… (While Arizona will soon become the third state to recognize the right of its citizens – and lawful visitors – to carry firearms discreetly without a “permission slip,” as was pointed out in an earlier article, we are the first state with major metropolitan areas [Phoenix and Tucson] to do so.)

DC - [4/17/10] Congress May Reconsider DC Infringements Next Week

News reports indicate that the U.S. House of Representatives may consider legislation next week to which an amendment reforming Washington, D.C.’s restrictive gun laws would likely be offered. The bill - H.R. 157, the District of Columbia Voting Rights Act, introduced by the District’s anti-gun delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton - proposes that the city be authorized a vote in the United States House of Representatives. NRA members recall that last year, a similar “D.C. House Voting Rights Act” bill - S. 160, introduced by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) - passed in the Senate after adoption of Sen. John Ensign’s (R-Nev.) amendment restoring the Second Amendment rights of residents of our nation’s capital. Supporters of H.R. 157 did not pursue it at that time, however, to perpetuate gun control in D.C…

Georgia [4/17/10] Two Pro-Gun Bills to be Heard Soon in Georgia!

Two important pro-gun bills (Senate Bill 291 and Senate Bill 308) could be considered as early as next week. SB291, sponsored by State Senator David Shafer (R-48), has been assigned to the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. This bill would allow a person lawfully licensed to carry a concealed firearm the right to carry in all non-secure areas and while dropping off or picking up passengers at an airport or airport facility. Also included in the bill is a provision that would make the license renewal process much easier by basically creating an automatic renewal. Instead of the licensee having to remember to renew, the probate court will be required to send out renewals 90 days before expiration. SB308, introduced by State Senator Mitch Seabaugh (R-28), has been assigned to the House Committee on Judiciary Non-Civil. This bill would reform Georgia’s concealed carry laws so that the concealed carry license would enable the person to carry any weapon, openly or concealed. SB 308 would also allow concealed carry license holders to carry in more places by repealing the broad and vague “public gathering ban.” No action is needed at this time, but please continue to check for updates on this important legislation. More Info Here

Tennessee [4/17/10]   House Bill 3125 Stuck in Committee Until Tuesday, April 20 

On Tuesday, April 13, the House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee rolled House Bill 3125.  This legislation will now be heard on Tuesday, April 20.  HB3125 would enable a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense in restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions.  Please contact members of the House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee and urge them to stop playing politics and support HB3125 without any additional amendments.  Contact information for the committee can be found here.

Colorado - [4/16/10] Appeals Court Strikes Down Colorado Campus-Carry Bans

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday in favor of a group seeking to allow students with concealed gun permits to carry their weapons on campus. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus had argued that a 1994 University of Colorado policy banning concealed weapons violated state gun laws, particularly the Concealed Carry Act of 2003. The ruling revives a lawsuit that a judge dismissed last year and could affect other Colorado campuses. Colorado State University approved a campus weapons ban similar to CU's in February. CU is considering an appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court, university spokesman Ken McConnellogue said. CSU spokeswoman Michele McKinney said the university is reviewing the court decision, too. SCCC and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners filed a complaint Wednesday against CSU in Larimer County District Court, saying the ruling clears the way to overturn weapons bans…

Wisconsin - [4/16/10] Three Wisconsin Gun Bills Need Your Urgent Attention TODAY

"Baby Lautenberg domestic abuse gun ban being rammed through the state assembly today…call your state rep. to stop this massive expansion of gun control" "STATE CAPITAL SWITCHBOARD: Toll-free: 1-800-362-9472" "Three bills – two anti-gun, one pro-gun – are being considered in the Wisconsin State Assembly today. You must call your state representative immediately and voice your opposition to AB558and AB559, and your support of AB193."

Story Here

Virginia [3/14/10] Governor Signs Restaurant-Carry Bill

Governor Bob McDonnell has signed into law a NRA-backed measure allowing right-to-carry permit holders to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense in restaurants, providing they do not consume alcohol.  State Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24) and Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-15) were the principal sponsors of Senate Bill 334/House Bill 505… This law will take effect July 1, 2010. In addition, Governor McDonnell has also signed the following pro-gun bills into law… Virginians can thank Governor Bob McDonnell for his Second Amendment support at (804) 786-2211 or click here to thank him via email. (As with most news reports, the NRA release is misleading. Virginians, with and without permits can not only lawfully carry exposed firearms into establishments that serve alcohol, they can even consume alcohol while doing so. The new bill allows those with permits to carry their firearms discreetly [see vocabulary item, below], in exchange for promising not to consume alcohol while doing so.)

Georgia -
[4/14/10] Would Georgia Bill Create Campus Carry?

Depending on the outcome of Senate Bill 308, concealed weapons could be allowed on the grounds of the University of West Georgia… The bill, introduced by state Sen. Mitch Seabaugh, R-Sharpsburg, is currently being reviewed by the Georgia House of Representatives. The legislation would give the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents the option of banning weapons on campus, but UWG Police Chief Tom Mackel does not think the law is needed or clear. He said allowing students or staff to carry concealed weapons would not make for a safer campus. “What happens then when someone brings a gun on campus? Is it a matter of policy violations or did they break the law?” Mackel asked. “I think there would be many more deaths as a result.” … Seabaugh said that about 400,000 people have permits to carry a gun in the state of Georgia. He said Georgia is one of two states that has a 1,000-foot protection zone around campuses. “A license to carry a firearm is not a license to commit a crime. ... The people who have licenses to carry firearms are not the ones committing random acts of violence,” he said. “They consider it a privilege and they’re not going to do anything to jeopardize that privilege.” …

California [4/13/10] Sheriff Promises Change in CWP Policy

People with a clean record who want to carry a gun will have a much better chance at snagging a concealed weapon permit, Sheriff Adam Christianson said Monday, drawing thunderous applause from firearms advocates. The stunning change in policy comes as Christianson prepares to lay off dozens of deputies because of budget cuts. He has released 300 inmates to comply with new state rules. The sheriff, who is running for re-election on the June 8 ballot, stood grim-faced during a 12-minute introduction at Monday's public meeting of the Madison Society, whose leaders have criticized Christianson for being stingy with gun permits. He had told them - and The Bee as recently as two weeks ago - that he would not sign a pledge accepting self-protection as "good cause" for licensing. Given the stage Monday, Christianson shocked a standing-room-only audience of more than 100 by immediately signing the pledge with a flourish. "I'm not going to infringe upon your right to protect yourselves," the sheriff said. "You are more likely [emphasis added] to get a gun permit when you apply for one." … (While this sounds like good news, I don’t believe anyone has ever successfully sued a politician for breaking a campaign promise. As noted earlier, Stanislaus County stands out in California’s Central Valley for its restrictive CWP policy.)

Tennessee - [4/13/10] Update on Tennessee’s Restaurant Carry Reform Measure!

Please Contact the Members of the Senate Finance, Ways, and Means Committee!

Today, Tuesday, April 13, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 7-2 to pass Senate Bill 3012 with an NRA-backed amendment.  This legislation is now headed to the Senate Finance, Ways, and Means Committee.

Sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (D-25), SB3012 would enable a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense into restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions.  SB3012 is the companion bill to House Bill 3125

Complete Story Here

California - [4/12/10] Registration Bill to Be Heard Tomorrow

On April 5, 2010, Assembly Member Feuer (D-Los Angeles) amended AB 1810 to require the Attorney General of California to permanently keep and maintain a firearms registry that includes extensive personal information of all firearms purchasers. Under AB 1810, all those who purchase a firearm will be required to register that firearm by submitting their name, address, place of birth, phone number, occupation, and sex to the California Department of Justice. AB 1810 is little more than an extreme invasion of personal privacy masked as an important crime fighting tool. At this point, it is unclear whether or not California’s existing handgun registration law is helping to fight crime in any meaningful way. Therefore, it is unnecessary to greatly expand the handgun registration law to include all firearms, particularly given that traditional sporting arms make up less than 10% of all firearms related homicides in California each year. AB 1810 will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on April 13, 2010… (Currently, California only registers handguns.)

Connecticut – [4/12/10] Rationing Rights?

The debate over where properly permitted owners can carry a gun extended a local college campus this week when Central Connecticut State University students protested by wearing empty holsters. The students, part of the school’s rifle and marksmanship club, claim the university is violating their Second Amendment rights by not allowing them to carry guns on campus. But state lawmakers and police say their interpretation of the Second Amendment is not only overly broad, but possibly downright dangerous… Law enforcement officials are divided on whether a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court decision lifting the ban on guns in Washington D.C., including those kept at home, will lead to a chipping away of restrictions on guns in public places… If students think they will be able to stop a massacre at the school, they should consider the recent U.S. Army base shootings where an army clinician shot several people before being taken down by a local police officer - not military personnel who were armed and already on scene, Lawlor said… (The whole issue at Ft. Hood was precisely the fact that military personnel were not armed and are routinely disarmed on their own bases.)

New York - [4/12/10] Preemption Suit Advances

An arguably more important, second ground for challenging the local law on appeal in Chwick is preemption. No New York State court has ever upheld a local law banning handguns, or limiting or restricting their ownership, since adoption of the modern Penal Law. New York’s Penal Law Articles 265  and 400, along with General Municipal Law section 139-d, comprise a detailed, comprehensive scheme for regulating handguns that “occupies the field” of handgun regulation throughout the state. Those state statutes also include express preemptive language making handgun licenses valid throughout the state (with exceptions for New York City) and notwithstanding local laws. We further argue in Chwick that the local law is preempted because it conflicts with state law and inhibits its operation. For example, a resident of neighboring Suffolk County with a licensed desert-tan colored handgun becomes a criminal when he enters Nassau county. His handgun license becomes effectively invalid, and while his pistol is legally registered on the handgun registry maintained by the State Police, his handgun is banned in Nassau…

Arizona [4/10/10] Concealed Weapons Bill Expected to Become Law

"Within the next week, Arizona could become the first state with a large urban population to allow U.S. citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a permit throughout the state of Arizona. ..." "The Arizona House voted Thursday to make the state the third in the nation to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit, sending the governor a bill that would allow Arizonans to forego background checks and classes that are now required." "Currently, in Arizona carrying a hidden firearm without a permit is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500."

Complete Story Here

Mississippi [4/10/10] Park Carry Bill Signed into Law! Friday

Governor Haley Barbour (R) has signed SB 2862, NRA-backed legislation sponsored by State Senator Gray Tollison (D-9), into law! As introduced and passed by the Senate, Senate Bill 2862 will allow retired law enforcement officers to qualify to carry a concealed firearm without a permit under federal law by obtaining certification from the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police. State Representative Warner McBride (D-10) successfully added a House floor amendment to SB 2862 that repeals the current state ban on the possession of firearms in public parks

More on Story Here

Nebraska [4/10/10] Legislature Nixes Omaha Registration

Omaha will likely be forced to stop requiring those with concealed-carry gun permits to register their firearms with the city. On Thursday, lawmakers gave final approval to a bill (LB817) that would stop the practice in Omaha. Gov. Dave Heineman must now decide whether to sign the measure. The approval of the bill follows an opinion from Attorney General Jon Bruning's office that Omaha has been violating state law by forcing people who have permits to carry concealed guns to also register their guns. A law already bars cities from preventing concealed-carry permit holders from carrying concealed guns inside city limits.  Background checks, training and fingerprinting are required to get concealed-carry permits.

Ohio [4/10/10] Restaurant-Carry Bill Heads to New Hearing

The Senate Judiciary on Criminal Justice Committee, chaired by Sen. Tim Grendell (R-18), will hear proponent testimony on SB239, sponsored by Senator Shannon Jones and Senator Tim Schaffer to allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants, and to reduce burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car, on Wednesday, April 14 at 10:15 AM in the Senate Building's South Hearing Room…

Arizona - [4/8/10] House to Vote on Right-to-Carry Bill

The Arizona House has scheduled a vote on legislation that would make Arizona the third state allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. The House is set to vote on the bill on Thursday. The Senate approved the measure last week. Read About It:

The Associated Press

Louisiana - [4/8/10] State lawmaker: Lift gun restrictions!

"A state lawmaker who describes himself as a strong Second Amendment supporter says there's no reason for special restrictions on those individuals with concealed carry permits inside the Louisiana state parks system." "State Sen. Troy Hebert, of New Iberia, has proposed a plan that would give state residents the right to get permits for concealed carry in state parks, a right they already have in national parks in the state." ... "'So what we want to do is put the state parks in line with the national parks where law-abiding citizens can take their guns into the parks,' he said."

Complete Story Here

Maine - [4/8/10] Effort In Maine To Restrict Guns From National Park Units Falls Short of Goal

"A concerted effort in Maine to draw the line on national park visitors arming themselves has fallen short of the original goal. But if Governor John Baldacci signs the measure on his desk, it will at least outlaw open carry in Acadia National Park." "Among the groups seeking a complete ban on visitors carrying weapons in all national park units in Maine was the Friends of Acadia, a non-profit park advocacy group that never saw the wisdom in the weapons legislation ..." ... "'The previous rules were working perfectly fine here in Acadia, and I think that for, especially for the rangers, the new firearms laws present a challenge,' Stephanie Clement, conservation director for the friends group ..."

Complete Story Here

Tennessee - [4/8/10] House Panel Rejects Local Gun Bans for Restaurants

The Right-to-Carry in restaurants bill jumped another legislative hurdle Wednesday after its supporters defeated an attempt to give local governments authority to block the law from going into effect in their jurisdictions.

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.)

Illinois [4/5/10] Illinois Gunners Meet to Press for CCW

Fox Valley residents are invited to a town hall meeting Thursday to support right-to-carry firearms legislation in Illinois. The Web site, an online forum about passing firearm carry legislation, will host the meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. at Pheasant Run Resort's New Orleans Ballroom, 4051 E. Main St., St. Charles., which began in 2004, has been a partner of the Illinois State Rifle Association in the past on right-to-carry issues. "It has been widely recognized that the desire for passage of a right to carry law enjoys broad support across most of Illinois, but in the counties surrounding Chicago the issue is not as well understood," said Valinda Rowe, a spokesman for IllinoisCarry. It is not equitable that women in Indiana and Missouri have the right to carry a weapon as a means of self defense if they so choose, while Illinois women are denied that right," she said. Illinois Carry organizers said they are encouraging politicians from both sides of the aisle to attend. A similar meeting held in McHenry County recently drew more than 500 people.,2_1_AU04_GUNS_S1-100404.article

Kansas [4/5/10] Bill Respects Right-to-Carry in Less Secure Places

Residents authorized to carry a concealed handgun should be able to defend themselves if the government can't guarantee their safety, gun proponents say. That's the idea behind a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits to take their firearms into state or municipal buildings that don't have "adequate security measures" such as metal detectors and trained guards. Read About It:

Complete Story Here The Wichita Eagle

Maine [ 4/5/10] Right-to-Carry in Parks Bill Sent to Governor

Gov. John Baldacci is expected to sign an amended bill next week that regulates guns in Acadia National Park, relaxing restrictions that a sponsor of the original measure had hoped to preserve. Sen. Dennis Damon's original bill would have outlawed all firearms in national park sites in Maine, essentially continuing a policy that had been in effect. Exceptions were allowed in the bill for guns carried by law enforcement officers and those that are packed so they can't be immediately used.

Complete Stroy Here The Associated Press

Colorado [4/4/10] Students Await Campus-Carry Ruling

Valerie Stoyva cringes at the idea of allowing concealed carry permit holders to bring guns on her University of Colorado campus. “I would like to feel safe - and know that people are not carrying guns on campus,” said Stoyva, who is earning her teaching certificate at the Boulder campus. “It’s impossible to know the psychology of others.” On the flip side, Susan Wiersma, an incoming freshman from Laramie, said she believes students have Second Amendment rights and should be able to carry guns on campus if they’ve passed appropriate background checks. “I think that if they have a permit, they have the right to carry on campus,” said Wiersma, who said she doesn’t feel the need for a gun for herself. Judges from the Colorado Appeals Court are reconsidering whether students and professors should be able to pack heat on CU’s campuses. A ruling could be issued as early as this month… (Ms. Stoyva seems to ignore the fact that, until the recent policy change, students with permits have lawfully been carrying firearms on her campus, with no deleterious effects.)

USA [4/4/10] Avoid Being Shot by Responding Officers (I put this here as we can all find ourselves in this position if we have to draw our firearm)

Nearly one in five undercover officers in the New York Police Department said they had been in confrontations in which they were mistaken for suspects by fellow officers - and found themselves suddenly staring down the barrel of a loaded weapon. In those situations, an overwhelming number of those officers said that the key to surviving was to remember a basic training lesson that can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment: do not move a muscle…   All officers are taught that if another officer pulls a weapon on them, they should not move. Undercover officers are even instructed that if they are apprehending a suspect, they should let the suspect go if they believe that doing so will prevent the other officer from firing. The officers are also taught to not reach for their badges or guns, and to not turn their backs. Tom McKenna, a former detective who retired in 2000, said that officers once pulled guns on him while he was trying to arrest a suspect. He said he was off duty at the time and wearing street clothes. “I heard the sirens of the police car so I knew they were coming,” Detective McKenna said, recalling the incident, which he said took place on the Upper East Side in 1996. “I didn’t move. Why would I move? Who the heck moves when a cop has a gun pointed at you?” Mr. McKenna added, “It was a nonissue. I was a guy in civilian clothes with my gun out. I had my back to them so I didn’t move. I simply told them where my shield was and I put my gun down.” … (I have been on the internet for about 13 years. In that time, the largest number of disagreements I have had have been over my statements that it is crucial to be able to reholster, one-hand, without having to divert your eyesight from the threat area, in order not to be perceived as a threat to responding officers. Once the immediate threat has been neutralized and you have moved, preferably behind cover, you can reholster, maintaining a firing grip on the holstered gun. As soon as you have any indication that officers are on the scene, your hands go up in the air.)

Across the USA - [4/3/10] Empty-Holster Week

College students across America will once again strap on empty holsters in an act of silent protest against laws and policies banning licensed concealed carry on campus. The protest, sponsored by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), will take place April 5-9, 2010 and comes on the heels of college administrators discriminating against concealed carry permit holders, and censoring students who disagree. According to the group, colleges have repeatedly ignored or attempted to keep students from discussing the issue. In Pennsylvania, one college banned SCCC member Christine Brashier from handing out fliers about the group, stating, "You may want to discuss this topic but the college does not, and you cannot make us." Another college in Texas tried to block students from wearing the symbolic empty holsters on campus until a federal judge ruled that their ban violated the First Amendment. And a recent decision at Colorado State University overturned a long-standing policy that allowed concealed carry, despite the fact that crime on campus decreased rapidly since allowing concealed carry on campus, and no problems were reported among permit holders. The ban was opposed by students, Student Government, and local law enforcement…

Alabama [4/2/10] House Committee Rejects Parking-Lot Storage

An Alabama House committee has defeated a bill that would have kept employers from preventing workers from keeping weapons in their vehicles on company property. Members of the House Commerce Committee on Thursday by voice vote tabled action on the bill by Democratic Rep. Craig Ford of Gadsden. A similar bill by Democratic Sen. Roger Bedford of Russellville has passed the Senate, but it appears dead with just seven days remaining in the 2010 session. Ford's bill was supported by the National Rifle Association. It was opposed by business groups that complained it would dictate what businesses can allow on private property. Ford said the bill would protect the Second Amendment rights of workers and would allow them to protect themselves in cases of workplace shootings. (A gun locked in a parked vehicle at work is not likely to be much use to a worker inside the workplace. However, banning her from storing it there forces her to drive to and from work unarmed.),0,896999.story

Illinois [4/2/10] Governor, legislative leaders' rumored deal would bring right-to-carry to Illinois

"Illinois gun rights advocates are buzzing with cautious optimism over a right-to-carry deal the Governor's office is thought to have revealed to the NRA and ISRA on Wednesday. The agreement has much to offer gun owners, as it reportedly includes pledges from two major opponents of right-to-carry legislation who rarely agree on much of anything not to interfere with a straight up-or-down vote on concealed carry."

Complete Story Here

Missouri/Kansas [4/1/10] Missouri/Kansas, May Expand CCW

Missouri, like most states, allows people to carry concealed weapons if they pass a training course and register with a law enforcement agency. This week, lawmakers took steps to extend that privilege into the corridors of the Capitol. On the same day of the lawmakers’ firearms class, the House gave first-round approval to a bill that would expressly allow legislators, their aides and employees to carry concealed weapons in the statehouse… The measure was included in a broader firearms bill that would drop the age limit for a concealed-carry permit from 23 to 21, and expand the “Castle Doctrine” to allow people who rent their homes to use deadly force against intruders… Kansas was one of the last holdouts in the nation on concealed weapons, authorizing licenses in 2006 only after lawmakers overrode a veto by then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Now some lawmakers are trying to relax the rules, arguing that worries about concealed weapons have been proven false. Rep. Forrest Knox, an Altoona Republican, this year pushed through the House a bill that would allow permit holders to take their concealed firearms into any public building, including university campuses and government buildings. The only exception would be buildings with “adequate” security, including metal detectors and armed guards. Because the Kansas statehouse has only a small security detachment and a single metal detector at one of two public entrances, its security would not qualify as “adequate,” according to bill supporters… (Sebelius now serves as Big Brother’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. She vetoed CCW legislation in Kansas more than once.)

Nebraska [4/1/10] Registration Ban Heads to Final Reading

The Legislature advanced a handgun bill Monday to final reading to ensure Omaha, or any Nebraska city or village, could not force concealed carry permit holders to also register their guns locally. A number of senators said they thought they had put the issue to rest by passing legislation (LB430) last year that no city could regulate ownership, possession or transporting of concealed handguns. Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial, who offered the amendment to the bill (LB817), received an opinion Friday from Attorney General Jon Bruning that said any city, including Omaha, requiring registration of a handgun by concealed carry permit holders runs afoul of the state law. "For the city of Omaha to say that its ordinance that provides for the registration of any handgun, concealable or otherwise, is not subject to LB430 flies in the face of the express current language of statute," said Omaha Sen. Brenda Council. As much as she is philosophically opposed to carrying concealed weapons, she said, Omaha should not need to have additional warning to follow the law… LB817 would allow firearms dealers in Nebraska to accept a valid state concealed handgun permit in lieu of a firearm purchase certificate for the purchase of a handgun. (Nebraska has a unicameral legislature.)

Oklahoma [4/1/10]Open-Carry Bill Clears Senate Committee

A Senate panel on Wednesday passed a measure that would allow those who have handgun licenses to openly carry their weapons. House Bill 3354 was brought up under "other business" on the Senate Rules Committee agenda after originally being assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It passed by a vote of 10-2 and heads to the Senate floor. The measure would also allow judges on the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals and Workers Compensation Court to carry weapons into the Capitol and into buildings in the Capitol complex that have courtrooms or judicial offices. Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, and Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, are the authors of the measure…

Arizona [3/31/10] Constitutional Carry

SB 1108, the Senate version of the AzCDL-requested Constitutional Carry bill, was scheduled for a vote in the House Third Read today, but because a Special Session had been called by the Governor, they didn’t have the time to work through all the bills.  SB 1108 will be rescheduled, hopefully for tomorrow’s Third Read.  On the plus side, that gives you more time to urge your Representatives to vote for the passage of SB 1108.  AzCDL’s Action Center letter has been updated to reflect the upcoming vote.  The House Third Read is the final vote in the Legislature that will determine whether Constitutional Carry will be sent to the Governor.  If you have not sent your letter to your Representatives, please do not delay any longer: .

Iowa [3/31/10] Iowa Shall-Issue Bill Heads to Governor

The Iowa House and Senate have both signed off on a bill that reduces sheriffs' ability to deny permits to carry a gun. The bill essentially changes the law from saying sheriff's "may" issue gun permits to they "shall" issue permits. If the governor signs the bill, people must still pass a background check, but sheriffs will only be able to reject permits for a few specific reasons. People who shop at Marion’s Cedar Valley Outfitters cherish their right to carry a weapon. Many believe sheriffs have rejected too many people for frivolous or personal reasons… Most sheriffs in Iowa disagree and fear this new legislation could lead to more guns on the streets and less monitoring of the weapons. "I think it's unfortunate the NRA was able to come in, push the legislature around and get them to go along with this,” Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek said… Within the next 30 days, Governor Culver will decide whether to sign the bill into law.

Kansas [3/31/10] Students Split on Campus Carry

The possibility of students carrying loaded, concealed weapons at the University could offer extra protection or pose unnecessary danger to the campus community. It all depends on who you ask. House Bill 2685, which passed the Kansas House of Representatives Wednesday, would allow people with concealed carry licenses to bring their weapons with them onto campus. Now, as the Kansas Senate prepares to debate the bill, students are debating what this change would mean for them. “I’m all for it. I was just talking to my friends about this last night,” Kelsey Heard, a sophomore from Olathe, said. “My brother is a cop and half of my family has a concealed carry license. Like what happened at Virginia Tech, people need to be prepared.” But students who oppose the bill said that it would create more danger than protection. “I would not feel safe,” Elizabeth Boresow, a sophomore from Leawood, said. “It’s unnecessary, students are under a lot of stress, they definitely don’t need to have guns on campus. University officials agree with Boresow’s sentiment…

USA - [3/31/10] Looking at It Graphically

One graph shows the number of states with shall-issue CCW, from 1986 to 2008. The companion graph shows the number of firearm-related homicides in the US, per 10,000 population, from 1886 to 2006. The usual caveat applies – it’s risky to base RKBA arguments on crime statistics as the latter can be influenced by many factors. Note the homicide peaks between 1990 and 1994; had we only looked at data for that period, the trend would have looked very different.

Iowa - [3/29/10] Concealed-Carry Law Passes Iowa Senate

Iowa would become a “shall issue” state and sheriffs would lose much of their discretion in denying concealed weapons permits under legislation approved by the Senate Saturday. Senate File 2379, adopted 44-4, would create uniform standards in all 99 counties for issuing permits to carry a concealed weapon in public. Under current law, sheriffs can issue or deny permits. There standards vary with some issuing permits to nearly everyone who applies and some denying nearly all applications. Nearly 35,000 Iowans have concealed carry permits, according to lawmakers. Floor manager Sen. Keith Kreiman, D-Bloomfield, said the bill advances “the cause of the Second Amendment, the cause of public safety.”

Complete Story Here

Kansas [3/29/10] New debate over Kansas Concealed-Carry

In Kansas, a new bill would change the rules for carrying a concealed weapon in college and government buildings. It's been prohibited, but if the bill passes, it would be allowed unless the buildings had "adequate security" -- namely, a metal detector at every entrance, plus personnel to run them. Opponents, even those who normally support CCW, say it's a bad idea because so many cities and schools are going through a budget crunch. Supporters say that people licensed to carry concealed aren't a threat.

Complete Story Here

Arizona [3/26/10] RKBA Bills Advance in Arizona

All Arizona adults are just a few steps away from being able to carry a concealed weapon. HB 2347, given preliminary House approval Thursday, removes all the criminal penalties that now exist for having a weapon in a purse, under a jacket or tucked into a boot without having a state-issued permit. That permit requires certain training and a background check. Identical legislation already has been approved by the Senate. That leaves only a final roll call by each chamber to send it to Gov. Jan Brewer. And Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, who crafted the language, said Brewer agreed to support the bill once he made several changes. Those alterations already are incorporated into both HB 2347 and SB 1108… The House also gave preliminary approval Thursday to a separate measure designed to curb the ability of cities to enact their own regulations on weapons. Among the provisions of HB 2543 would be overruling ordinances that some communities now have against carrying guns in parks. And the Senate separately voted to say that any gun which is manufactured in Arizona and sold within this state is exempt from federal firearms regulations. Backers say SB 1098 is designed to be a preemptive strike against possible future efforts by the federal government to impose new restrictions on firearms ownership… Even if Brewer signs the measure, Arizona will retain the ability to get a CCW permit. One reason is they would still have rights that won’t extend to anyone else who wants to have a hidden gun without the training. For example, state law allows permit holders to bring their loaded weapons into bars and restaurants where alcohol is served as long as the owner or manager does not post it as a gun-free zone. That right would not extend to those without a permit who simply choose to carry a gun. And other states which let their own residents carry concealed weapons extend that right to Arizonans who have permits… (Actually, adults would still not be able to carry lawfully if they are prohibited possessors.)

Georgia [3/26/10] Senate Approves CCW Reform

The controversial proposal to overhaul Georgia’s gun carry law has been approved by the Senate. Senators debated for nearly two hours before voting in favor of the bill 41-12. The measure would allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms onto college campuses and into churches and bars. Bill sponsor Sen. Mitch Seabaugh says the bill clarifies the firearms carry law for the state’s 300,000 gun owners with permits to carry weapons and leaves the decision up to private property owners as to whether to exclude people from carrying guns on their property. The Board of Regents would determine the policy for the state’s college campuses and has opposed the legislation. The proposal would also transfer issuing of licenses from the state’s 159 county probate judges to the Secretary of State’s Office… (An article linked yesterday challenged the centralization of permit issuance. I note that it would be centralized under the secretary of sates, not the state police or GBI.)

Kansas [3/26/10] House Approves Carry Reform

The Kansas House has narrowly approved a bill that would allow Kansans to carry concealed guns into more public buildings. The vote Wednesday was 65-57 and sent the bill to the Senate. The chief sponsor, Republican Rep. Forrest Knox, of Altoona, said he doubts the Senate will have enough time this year to consider the measure. Under the measure, cities, counties and the state couldn't prohibit people with concealed carry permits from bringing guns into buildings unless those buildings had "adequate" security, such as metal detectors. The National Rifle Association supported the bill. Knox said it was about trusting law-abiding citizens. But state and local officials strongly opposed it, saying they'd have to weigh installing expensive metal detectors against allowing concealed weapons.

Mississippi [3/26/10] (From the NRA) Carry Reform, Park Carry Bill Headed to Governor!

Friday, March 26, 2010 This week, the Senate voted to accept an NRA-supported House amendment to SB 2862 by State Senator Gray Tollison (D), giving the measure final approval and sending it to Governor Haley Barbour (R) for his consideration. As introduced and passed in the Senate, Senate Bill 2862 allowed retired law enforcement officers to qualify for the ability to carry a concealed firearm without a permit under federal law by gaining certification from the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police. State Representative Warner McBride (D) successfully added a House floor amendment to SB 2862 that repeals the current state ban on the possession of firearms in public parks by Mississippi Right-To-Carry permit holders. This change in state law will allow Mississippi permit holders to carry in state parks and to benefit from the new federal law that took effect last month removing the ban on possession of firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges located in the state. This amendment process became necessary when a House committee failed to take up Senate Bill 2153 by State Senator Merle Flowers (R), a bill which removed parks and many other locations from the prohibited places section of the state's Right to Carry law. Thank you to all those who contacted their legislators during this process.

Ohio [3/26/10] Restaurant Carry

Buckeye Firearms Association leaders were on hand Tuesday at a Senate Judiciary on Criminal Justice Committee hearing. The committee, which is chaired by Sen. Tim Grendell (R-18), head sponsor and proponent testimony on Senate Bill 239, which seeks to allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants, and to reduce burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car. The bill's primary sponsors, Senators Schaffer and Shannon Jones offered proponent testimony, and took questions from the committee. Following the sponsors' testimony, the committee heard proponent testimony from Nikki Goeser, a Tennessee concealed carry license-holder who was rendered defenseless by state law when she entered a sports bar on night in early 2009, and could do nothing but watch as a man who had been stalking her murdered her husband…

Arizona - [3/25/10] Two Pro-Gun Bills Making Progress in the Arizona House

Two NRA-backed bills are scheduled for the Committee of the Whole (COW) on Thursday, March 25. After these bills, better known as constitutional carry (House Bill 2347) and preemption reform (House Bill 2543), leave the COW they will be on the house floor for their third and final reading next week. Currently under Arizona law it is generally legal to carry a firearm openly as long as you are 18 years of age and not prohibited from possessing a firearm. However, if the firearm becomes covered, say with a coat, or if you are a woman and prefer to carry your firearm in your purse, you need to possess a concealed carry permit. The intent of this legislation is to give people the greatest possible freedom to choose the best method of carry for them.

Complete Story Here

Tennessee - [3/25/10] Restaurant Carry Bill

"Tennesseeans are urged to contact their legislators" "Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. Legislative Action Committee" "Developments Tuesday night and Wednesday morning suggest a manuever by 'hospitality' interests designed to kill the bill to fix the restaurant court decision entirely. (HB3125)" "The plan seems to be for that interest group ... to ask the House Finance Ways and Means to seek a 2 week roll on the bill in order to offer amendment(s) ... This appears to be a delay maneuver ..." "It is critical to call and contact your legislators as well as these committee members and demand that the bill be approved and sent to the floor today ..."

Complete Story Here

Georgia - [3/23/10] Modifications Made to Georgia Gun Legislation Could Enable Students to Carry Concealed Firearms on Campus

Section two of the original bill concerning concealed weapons prohibited the carrying of "any explosive compound, firearm, or knife designed for the purpose of offense and defense" at any public gathering. The term "public gathering" was originally defined by the bill as any "athletic or sporting events, churches or church functions, political rallies or functions, publicly-owned or operated businesses" as well as various establishments that sell alcohol. The suggested changes would allow those licensed to carry concealed weapons to carry them anywhere in the state of Georgia, with the exception of courtrooms, jails or prisons.

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Louisiana - [3/23/10] Bill Provides for Guns in State Parks

"A bill has been introduced in the Louisiana legislature that can capitalize on the momentum from the national parks rule change by updating their law to allow for carry in state parks."

Complete Story Here

Ohio - [3/23/10] Concealed Carry Reform Legislation to be Heard Tomorrow

Please Contact the Members of the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee Today! On Wednesday, March 24, at 10:15 a.m. in the South Hearing Room, the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee will be hearing sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 239, which would make numerous pro-gun improvements to Ohio’s gun laws. SB239, sponsored by State Senators Shannon Jones (R-7) and Tim Shaffer (R-31), would eliminate the current confusing standards of carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle. In addition, the proposal would also allow permit holders to carry a firearm for self-defense in a restaurant that serves alcohol, provided they are not consuming, thus eliminating another “victim zone” in Ohio.

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New Hampshire - [3/22/10] Gun Ban Repeal Legislation Heads to House Floor for Consideration in New Hampshire

Please Contact Your State Representative Today! Last week, the Legislative Administration Committee voted 10-7 (ITL) to defeat House Bill 1693; legislation which would have eliminated the State House gun ban. As earlier reported, House Bill 1693, sponsored by State Representative Gene Chandler (R), will remove the authority to control firearms, knives, and other tools of self-defense within the State House complex from the Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities. However, this fight is not over! On Wednesday, March 24, Second Amendment supporters will attempt to overturn the committee majority report which recommended killing the measure.

Complete Story Here

Ohio - [3/22/10] Ohio Set CHL Record in 2009

Five years after it became legal for Ohioans to carry concealed firearms, more people lined up for permits than in any year since the law took effect. A record number of permits also were issued in Michigan last year, and across the country sales of guns and ammunition soared as well. While many cite the Obama factor - some Americans feared the President would take away their right to keep and bear arms - they also say the recession has prompted security fears. "The economy is causing all these law enforcement officers, whether they're police officers or sheriff's deputies, to get laid off and people realize they're in a situation where they may have to be responsible for their own safety," said Daniel White, executive director of Ohioans for Concealed Carry, a pro-gun lobbying group formed in 1999 to push for a concealed-carry law…

Wisconsin - [3/22/10]Castle Doctrine Self-Defense Bill to be Considered in Wisconsin

Please Contact the Members of the Senate Judiciary Today! On Thursday, March 25 at 10:00 a.m., the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 129, the “Castle Doctrine” bill. This bill would help restore the basic right of self-defense that all Americans are entitled to. Under this bill, if a person used defensive force that was intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm, the court must presume that the person reasonably believed that the force was necessary. While the Wisconsin State Constitution already recognizes self-defense as a guaranteed right, this bill would further clarify it.

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Kansas [3/21/10] Kansas Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Heads to House Floor!

Please Contact Your State Representative Today! Senate Bill 306 passed out of the House Federal and State Affairs today, Friday, March 19, and will be heard on the House floor as early as next week. SB306 contains the same language as Senate Bill 504. As written, the bill would remove many redundant and burdensome provisions of the statute and could allow for a much smoother issuing and renewal process. SB306 would also lower the initial application and renewal fee. NRA has been working closely with the Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) and the Attorney General’s office to clean up and streamline the state’s concealed carry statute. Please contact your State Representative and respectfully urge him or her to support SB306. Contact information for your State Representative can be found by clicking here.

Missouri - [3/21/10] Missouri May Lower CCW Age

On Monday, we discussed the fact that Illinois may cease demanding parental consent for young adults who choose to buy or posess firearms and ammunition.  Missouri may be in the midst of something of a "youth movement," as well.  Currently, Missouri's minimum age requirement for legal concealed carry - 23 years - is the oldest of any state in which concealed carry is permitted. Efforts, though, are underway to change that.  A House bill that would (among other things) lower the minimum age to the more standard 21 years seems to have some momentum behind it in the House… The bill in question is Missouri HB 1692, and actually started out as a measure dealing with regulating real estate brokers.  It has since been extensively amended to include not only the minimum age requirement change for concealed carry, but a couple other firearms la t his has become quite an . . .  eclectic bill)… (I believe that some Alabama Sheriffs may set the minimum age at 23 as well. Missouri residents may legally carry on out-of-state permits and I understand that some who are not yet 21 do so. At best, they currently function in a gray area.)

Ohio - [3/21/10] Restaurant-Carry Bill to Be Heard in Ohio Senate

The Senate Judiciary on Criminal Justice Committee, chaired by Sen. Tim Grendell (R-18), will hear sponsor testimony on SB239, introduced this week by Senator Shannon Jones and Senator Tim Schaffer to allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants, and to reduce burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car, on Wednesday, March 24 at 10:15 AM in the Senate Building's South Hearing Room… Buckeye Firearms Association is calling on the Ohio Senate to quickly move this bill through the legislative process and to send it to the House. The House has already held several hearings on HB203, which also seeks to allow license-holders to carry in restaurants.

Arizona - [3/19/10] Limited Campus-Carry Bill Advances in Arizona

A proposal to allow faculty members to carry heat on college campuses has the gun lobby and police drawing down on each other, with each predicting dire consequences. Sen. Jack Harper's controversial bill would allow any faculty member at a public college or university with a concealed-weapons permit to carry a gun on campus. Harper, R-Surprise, said his striker on Senate Bill 1014 would deter a gunman from opening fire on an Arizona campus, knowing that some faculty members are armed and would save lives. But Arizona State University Police Chief John Pickens and Yavapai College Police Chief Joe Cappelli testified before the House Military Affairs Committee on Wednesday that Harper's idea is a bad one that might cost lives, not save them. Despite police opposition, the committee voted 5-2 to approve the bill, giving a new life to an identical proposal that died in the Senate earlier this session. Cappelli said everyday residents with concealed-weapons permits have far less training than police officers and are apt to fire wildly when confronted with the stress of a campus shooting. An instructor at the Northern Arizona Police Academy, Cappelli said that even police hit their targets only about 25 percent of the time during officer-involved shootings… (We lack the data to argue whether permit holders, many of whom are more enthusiastic about their firearm skills than the average police officer, score higher in gunfights. However, Cappelli’s figure could certainly be used to argue that police officers are not competent enough to carry firearms in crowded environments, such as colleges.)

Colorado - [3/19/10] Sheriff Says He'll Undermine Gun Ban

The Colorado State University Boardof Gonernors voted unanimously Tuesday to place students at both of its campuses in harm’s way with a sweeping weapons ban law-abiding citizens will obey and criminals will ignore.

Larimer County Sheriff, James Alderden, outraged by the ban, told The Gazette’s opinion department he will undermine it in the interest of student safety.

Complete Story Here

Maine - [3/19/10] Restructured Park Carry Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House

Yesterday, Thursday, March 18, the Maine Senate passed LD1737 with an amendment that would allow permit holders and law enforcement officials to carry concealed firearms in Acadia National Park. This amended version is a critical step forward in assuring the right of self-defense for the law abiding.

The federal law, which allows the carrying of firearms in National Parks, went into effect last month.  Without this important change, LD1737 would nullify federal law within Acadia National Park, by disarming potential crime victims.  The original version also defies Maine’s Constitution which states, “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.” 

Complete Details Here

Washington- [3/19/10] Why Confusion Reigns in Wake of Federal Court Ruling on Seattle Lawsuit

"Confusion seems to be reigning in the wake of a federal court ruling last week that the parks gun ban adopted by the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department under former Mayor Greg Nickels is constitutional." "U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman delivered her ruling in a case filed against the city by Kent attorney Robert Warden. He had sued the city on Second Amendment grounds, which some legal analysts have privately suggested was premature because the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to decide whether the Second Amendment is incorporated to the states and local governments through the 14th Amendment."

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Iowa [3/18/10] Shall-Issue Bill Resurrected

Legislation to make Iowa a “shall-issue” state for concealed weapons permits is getting a second life in the waning days of the 2010 legislative session. Although the legislation died in the second funnel deadline two weeks ago, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Des Moines, said the topic surfaced in a Democratic caucus and about two-thirds of his members were interested in giving it another look. A shell bill declaring the House Public Safety Committee’s intent to write legislation had 44 co-sponsors. House File 2528, he said, would standardize the criteria for getting concealed weapons permits and require sheriffs to issue the permits if Iowans meet those criteria. It also would hide the permits from the public. “It’s a hodge-podge now,” McCarthy said about how sheriffs issue the permits. “Some give (permits) out like water. Some don’t give them out at all.” The result is that a person who can legally carry a concealed in one county may be guilty of a misdemeanor in the next county, McCarthy said. “Right now sheriffs impose their discretion. They’re God now,” he said. Discretion is good, according to the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association, which, like other law enforcement groups, opposes the bill and a companion piece in the Senate… (If we compare facts with the claims of the sheriffs’ association, it would appear that entire counties have “patterns of behavior” that should disqualify their residents from self-defense.)

Ohio - [3/18/10] More on Ohio CCW Reform

Ohio Senate Bill 239 was introduced yesterday by Senators Tim Schaffer, R-Lancaster, and Shannon Jones, R-Springboro. The bill has two primary provisions. First, it contains a restaurant carry provision similar to House Bill 203 (that bill is currently still in committee). The reform in this bill would "permit a concealed carry licensee to possess a firearm in liquor permit premises, or an open air arena, for which a D permit has been issued if the licensee is not consuming liquor or under the influence of alcohol or a drug of abuse." Among other places, this would primarily remove the current prohibition which requires a concealed handgun licensee to leave his or her firearm in their vehicle while dining in an Applebee's or similar restaurant which happens to serve alcohol, leaving the gun vulnerable to theft and rendering the CHL holder defenseless. The second provision would enact several reforms to Ohio's vehicle carry law. The net result is that a CHL holder could have a loaded firearm in a vehicle without restriction on the method of transport. It would no longer need to be in a holster or closed container…

Texas [3/18/10] TCC Students Win Empty Gun Holster Court Fight

When some Tarrant County College students staged a protest for the right to carry licensed, concealed handguns, they didn't realize it would turn into a three-year fight over empty gun holsters. The college said it didn't want students wearing the empty holsters on campus. The school was afraid other students might think there were guns inside the holsters or that some students might use the occasion to bring guns to campus

Complete Story Here

Delaware - [3[17/10] Bill to Rescind Firearm Bans in Public Housing Finds Little Favor With Police

Dover Police Chief Jeffrey Horvath agreed, arguing that in situations where the state is the landlord, the state can make the rules. “If they want to set those rules, they should be able to set those rules,” he said. “They are providing the home, you don’t have to live there...” ... “The NRA has stated, and I’m not necessarily an NRA proponent, guns don’t commit crimes, people commit crimes,” Topping said. “But on the other side of that coin, if there’s a handgun readily available in a [public] housing development, it may elevate a crime that wouldn’t be elevated if the gun wasn’t there. “From a law enforcement perspective, I think the less guns my officers have to deal with out there, the better off they are.”

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Iowa - [3/17/10] Shall-Issue Right-To-Carry Bill Re-Introduced by Leadership Tuesday

Today House File 2528 was introduced by the Iowa House and Senate Leadership. This NRA-backed bill would change Iowa from a "May-Issue" state to a "Shall-Issue" state. This legislation would require law enforcement to issue a permit to carry a concealed weapon to all applicants who meet the necessary criteria, without limiting them to narrowly-drawn disqualifiers. This pro-gun legislation would:

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Kentucky - [3/17/10] Two Important Kentucky Pro-Gun Bills March Forward! Wednesday,

Please Contact Your State Legislators Today! Two bills of importance to Kentucky’s gun owners and sportsmen are currently on the move in Frankfort. House Bill 453 passed the House on Tuesday, March 16 by a vote of 92-4. It is now en route to the Senate for a committee assignment. Authored by State Representative Will Coursey (D-6), HB453 would allow an individual to carry a loaded or unloaded firearm in an enclosed compartment originally installed by the manufacturer in a motor vehicle. The firearm would not be considered a concealed firearm under state law. House Bill 542, introduced by State Representative Terry Mills (D-24), was passed by the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday, as well. HB542 now heads to the House floor for consideration.

Complete Story Here

Virginia - [3/17/10] State's Police Chiefs Seek Veto of Guns-in-Bars Bill

Calling guns in bars a "recipe for disaster," the state's police chiefs have pleaded with Gov. Bob McDonnell to veto legislation that would ease Virginia's concealed weapon laws. Virginia Beach police Chief Jake Jacocks Jr. sent a letter to McDonnell last week on behalf of the state association of chiefs comparing the combination of firearms and alcohol with drinking and driving. "We can fully expect that at some point in the future a disagreement that today would likely end up in a verbal confrontation, or a bar fight, will inevitably end with gunfire if you sign this legislation into law," Jacocks wrote.

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Alaska - [3/16/10] Campus-Carry Struggle in Alaska:

Anchorage 2ATF has been involved with the carry on campus issue. Legal [sic] contends it’s the right of students to carry weapons for self defense as affirmed by the U.S. Constitution and State of Alaska Constitutions as well as state statutes. UAA is in violation of state law by its policy of no weapons on campus. UAA has two options to comply with state law. (1) UAA shall abolish the no weapons on campus policy. OR (2) UAA shall comply with state statute by providing adequate security screening and armed guards at all entrances on all facilities where firearms are banned. Per: Board of Regents 02.09.020 We are aware that students have been attempting to get this situation rectified for more than a year and have been largely ignored…

Kentucky - [3/16/10] Governor Beshear Signs Bill to Help Military Keep Their CCW's

On Thursday, March 11, House Bill 19 was signed by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D). Sponsored by State Representative Fitz Steele (D-84) and State Representative Bob Damron (D-39), HB19 will now enable military personnel who are on active duty to renew their concealed carry licenses early and by mail. It also allows for those military personnel whose license expires while on active duty to renew their license within 90 days after the end of their deployment, with no late fees or other penalties.

Washington - [3/16/10] Attorney Appeals Park-Carry Ruling:

As expected, Bob Warden, Kent attorney whose suit against Mayor Greg Nickels and the City of Seattle regarding the ban on guns in city parks was dismissed by Judge Marsha Pechman last week has filed his appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. In his letter to the Herald Warden states, "This morning I appealed the district court's dismissal of my federal civil rights claim against the city of Seattle. The appeal will be focused on the second amendment claim against the city. The portion of Judge Pechman's ruling regarding former Mayor Nickels and punitive damages was reasonable, and I accept it. Though I disagree with the portion of the ruling dismissing the state constitutional claim, it sets no precedent for future actions, and could add little to the value of my case. The district court dismissed my second amendment claim on the sole basis that current Ninth Circuit precedent holds that the second amendment does not apply to states and municipalities. While this is technically true today in March, the Supreme Court of the United States will in June of this year rule definitively on that specific issue in McDonald v. Chicago. It is widely expected that the High Court will apply the second amendment to the states, as they previously have with virtually every other individual right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. If (when) this happens, the dismissal of my case will be reversed. It is important to keep in mind that the Seattle Parks gun ban is currently dead as it was previously found to violate state law, regardless of the ultimate outcome in Warden v. Seattle. The added value of my case, if successful, is that future state legislatures would be unable to change state law to enable municipalities to arbitrarily regulate firearms due to a strong recognized second amendment individual right to keep and bear arms." …

Wyoming - [3/16/10] Speaker Of The House Comments On Failed Concealed Carry Bill

We wrap up our series with Wyoming Speaker of the House of Representatives Colin Simpson with a look at a failed bill that has attracted its fair share of controversy. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more. House bill 113 was dubbed the concealed carry bill, and it would have allowed Wyoming residents to carry a concealed gun without a permit. While the bill passed in the House of Representatives, it ultimately died in the Senate. Speaker of the House Colin Simpson co-sponsored the bill, and he says that the Senate's decision to kill the legislation didn't come as a surprise to him.

Complete Story Here

Georgia - 2/19/10 - Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Taking Steps Forward in Georgia!

This week, Senate Bill 291 was reported favorably out of the Senate Public Safety Committee.  It is now en route to the Senate Rules committee where it will be placed on the calendar for a floor vote by the full Senate. 

SB291, sponsored by State Senator David Shafer (R-48), would allow a person lawfully licensed to carry a concealed firearm the right to carry while dropping off or picking up passengers at an airport or airport facility.  Also included in the bill is a provision that would make the license renewal process much easier by basically creating an automatic renewal.  Instead of the licensee having to remember to renew, the probate court will be required to send out renewals 90 days before expiration. 

South Carolina - 2/19/10 - Several Pro Gun Bills Waiting Action

The South Carolina General Assembly session is in full swing, and there are a number of firearm-related bills that NRA is closely monitoring. While the focus, at this time, is on budget issues in the Palmetto State, there will likely be opportunities to advance our gun rights this year. Here is a quick rundown of some of the bills we are currently tracking, both good and bad:

S. 347, sponsored by State Senator Shane Martin (R-13), would allow Right-to-Carry permit holders to carry their concealed firearms in restaurants where alcohol is served for consumption on the premises, as long as the permitee is not in the portion of the restaurant primarily devoted to dispensing alcohol.

S. 753, introduced by State Senator Jake Knotts (R-23), would establish a lifetime Right-to-Carry permit for South Carolina residents.

H. 3024, authored by State Representative Herb Kirsh (D-47), would amend the law regarding the discharge of firearms under certain circumstances.  NRA is analyzing this legislation to see how, if at all, it may impact law-abiding gun owners.

H. 3298, introduced by State Representative Bakari Sellers (D-90), would allow a law-abiding gun owner to transport or store a handgun under the seat of an automobile.

H. 3659, introduced by State Representative Wendell Gilliard (D-111), would increase the penalty for simple handgun possession violations from a misdemeanor to a felony, as well as tries to define certain semi-automatic firearms as “assault weapons.”

H. 3994, sponsored by State Representative Garry Smith (R-27), would prohibit the banning of firearms kept in vehicles while parked on property controlled by a person, property owner, tenant, employer, or business entity.

USA - 2/19/10 - National Park Carry

Three More Day The federal government will lift long-standing restrictions on guns in national parks Monday, meaning that visitors with proper permits could pack heat along with camping and picnic gear to most of the 392 parks. The move concerns current and former employees of the National Park Service who are convinced that the move will damage the spirit of the nation's park system… Critics are also concerned about the possibility of an increase in illegal hunting and poaching. "There are a group of folks that will never break the law, no matter what, because they believe the law and want to keep their weapons," McElveen said. "But there's also a group in the middle that can be tempted by opportunity when they think that no one's around and no one will find out." John Velleco, director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America, said he thinks such concerns are misguided. "If poaching is a problem, go after the poachers. Don't go after the millions and millions of people who have concealed permits and who could otherwise carry on Park Service land," he said. The new law will only make the parks safer, Velleco said… (The first article provides some details for parks in some of the states in the vicinity of DC.)

NEW MEXICO - [02/18/10] SB40 has passed both chambers and is now on it's way to Gov. Richardson for a signature turning it into law. the new law will become effective on July 1, 2010.

Just for clarification, this change affects only the 647 restaurants in New Mexico that sell beer and wine. It does NOT affect the 800 plus restaurants that are full dispensers selling hard alcohol and mixed drinks, nor does it change anything related to bars.

Connecticut - [1/25/10] A Victory in Connecticut

The CCDL, Inc. has taken action to help Connecticut citizens applying for gun permits! Many issuing authorities in Connecticut have for years taken it upon themselves to ask for "EXTRA" information from applicants applying for their permit to carry pistols and revolvers. These intrusive bits of extra information include things such as 3 letters of recommendation that may need to be notarized, signed forms allowing the issuing authority to do financial credit checks, and some even request applicants to sign waivers so authorities can check your medical/mental health history records. This extra information has never been required by any state statute. Members of the CCDL have asked that the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) make a Declaratory Ruling on whether all of this extra information is needed when applying for a permit. Many people applying for their permit are not aware of what is deemed necessary by the State of Connecticut. Some have supplied the extra information to get their permit; others have considered it an invasion of their privacy and decided against applying for their permit on principle, thus compromising their Second Amendment rights! The official ruling from BFPE is that anything not specifically called out in the CT state statues is NOT necessary when applying for a permit. They will be sending a copy of their ruling to each and every issuing authority in Connecticut… (Connecticut residents are first required to obtain a local permit, which they then use to apply for a state permit.)

Virginia - [1/25/10] Virginia Senate Committee to Consider Legislation Attacking StatewidePreemption!

Please Contact the Senate Local Government Committee Immediately! On Tuesday, January 26 at 2 p.m., the Virginia Senate Local Government Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 268. Sponsored by State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (D-31), SB268 would gut Virginia's preemption law by allowing local governments to ban the possession of firearms on property owned or leased by the locality. It may also apply to access roads and parking areas for those facilities. If passed, law-abiding gun owners from all over the Commonwealth will be caught in a patchwork of conflicting local ordinances where possession of a firearm may be legal in Rockingham, Henrico or Fairfax but prohibited in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Arlington. SB268 must be defeated in order to uphold Virginia's preemption law and ensure that citizens from every corner of the Commonwealth are treated equally under the law.

Complete Story Here

Colorado - [1/21/10] Colorado State University Carry Ban Advances

The Colorado State University System has released a draft of a proposed policy that would ban weapons from its Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses. The draft, issued Wednesday, provides exemptions for certified law enforcement officers, military personnel and ROTC drill teams. It also allows the CSU police chief to grant exemptions for educational purposes and to people who face a serious threat, if they have a concealed-carry permit. It would allow the CSU police to store weapons for employees, students and visitors. CSU officials said suggestions on the policy's definitions, exemptions, storage plans and timelines will be accepted through Jan. 29. The CSU System Board of Governors will consider the final draft at a meeting in Pueblo in February. (If this policy is adopted as drafted, I wonder if we will see protests in which the capacity of the CSU police to store firearms for employees, students and visitors will be overwhelmed.)

Georgia - [1/21/10] Public Gathering Law is Confusing to Law Enforcement and Restaurant Owners Alike

"News stories from this weekend illustrate that nobody understands Georgia's confusing public gathering law." "A Georgia Sheriff comments:" "Oconee County Sheriff Scott R. Berry told the Athens Banner Herald this weekend that he supports ... repeal [of] Georgia's public gathering law, because the public gathering law is too confusing to be enforced ..." ... "Athens Clarke County Police believe the gas station is a public gathering:" "Sheriff Berry asked whether 'three people standing outside a convenience store talking about the weather [is] a public gathering? I don't know.' He could not have anticipated the ironic news that a neighboring county over the weekend arrested a man for carrying a pistol at a convenience store and charged him with a violation of the public gathering law.

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Ohio - [1/21/10] Ohio Restaurant-Carry Bill Heard in Committee

Yesterday, House Bill 203, the bill Ohioans For Concealed Carry drafted the initial version of in conjunction with Representatives Danny Bubp and Jarrod Martin, had proponent testimony before the Public Safety and Homeland Security committee. This important fix would add restaurants to the current exemption that covers class D retail stores provided the licensee is not consuming alcohol… For those who don't know her, Nicole was being terrorized by a stalker and obtained a Tennessee gun permit to carry a firearm for protection. Unfortunately, it was while in a restaurant that served alcohol that her stalker chose to strike. Nicole's gun was locked in her car as mandated by Tennessee law just like Ohio's law currently requires. She was helpless to stop the attacker as he shot and killed her husband right in front of her. The testimony went very well overall with Nicole's being called some of the most compelling, relevant, and meaningful ever heard. We were very grateful to have her there to speak. She serves as an example that this is not rhetoric and that bans on self-defense while in a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol can cost lives…

Wyoming - [1/21/10] Wyoming Senator Cale Case Introducing a Fix to Conceal Carry Reciprocity

"Thumbs up to Senator Cale Case, he has introduced legislation to fix the conceal-carry blunder from earlier this year. SF 26 - Eligibility concealed weapons permit, will fix what Freuedenthal's appointee decided was a problem." "Ultimately, WyGO / Wyoming Gun Owners supports legislation that lets anyone with a permit from any state carry in Wyoming. If an individual has a concealed carry permit from their own state, no matter what we interpret from their state law, who are we to say they cannot carry in Wyoming? Even if that state doesn't reciprocate, we must lead by example." "Also, can we say we should be able to carry anywhere in the country only to restrict others visiting here? Certainly not."

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New Mexico - 01/15/10 New Mexico Votes web site. This site records all the votes your legislators make during the legislative sessions. Make those calls to tell them how you want them to vote on issues important to you - look at this site to see if they did. Make your voice heard before and after the vote.

Pennsylvania - [1/12/10] Stand-Your-Ground Bill Pending in Pennsylvania

Scott Perry (R-92) introduced House Bill 40 last January. It would eliminate the “duty to retreat” in self defense situations. Currently, if you’re out somewhere, and an attacker threatens you with a pocket-knife, then, you, pull out your handgun, you must “retreat”, if you feel like you can get out of the situation safely and avoid the use of deadly force. House Bill 40, or, the Castle Doctrine, would eliminate that duty, which, Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico calls a dangerous idea… Currently in Pa., citizens do not have to retreat if they are defending themselves from an attacker inside their home or place of work. Marsico says changing the law and widening the scope of acceptable deadly force will make it difficult to prosecute daily criminal cases… Supporters, like the National Rifle Association, believe the duty to retreat protects criminals, and that victims should always be allowed the right to defend themselves… (The problem with maintaining a duty to retreat is that it increases the likelihood that a person who defends himself will need to prove to a jury that it was not safe for him to attempt retreat.)

Wisconsin - [1/12/10] Wisconsin Politicians Admit to War on Gun Ownership

"In a recent story appearing in Madison’s Capital Times (Ready, Set, Fire! Pols take on NRA), State Senator Spencer Coggs (D-Milwaukee), revealed his true agenda when he admitted recent gun control bills introduced in the state are only the beginning." "But Coggs's statements revealed something even more chilling: State democrats don't believe gun owners can or will defend themselves against gun control advances, and more anti-gun legislation has been planned."

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Georgia - [1/3/10] Georgia to Debate Church Carry

Firearms have no place in church, says the Rev. Dean Taylor of Dalton’s St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. “To arm ourselves in a place of worship, whether it is church or mosque or synagogue, is an insult to all that we believe about God’s kingdom and ultimately an insult to God,” he said. “Of all places, churches should be the closest that we come to the kingdom of God, in which we are at peace with one another.” But the Georgia General Assembly may consider legislation in the upcoming session that would allow those who have concealed carry permits to take their guns into places that are currently off limits, such as churches, school zones, bars and college campuses. The General Assembly passed a bill in 2009 allowing those with concealed carry permits to take their weapons into state parks and restaurants that serve alcohol, among other places, but some said that bill didn’t go far enough. “Some of the things that have happened this year might make us think about allowing guns in churches,” said state Sen. Don Thomas, R-Dalton. There were a number of church shootings in 2009, in Arkansas, Kansas and Illinois, among other states. Some gun rights advocates say that allowing those with carry permits to bring them to work might discourage such shootings… (What about the insults by those who attack churches or clergy due to mental illness or those who target churches for robbery for the collection plate? Is it a greater honor to the believe in God’s gift of life to remain defenseless during worship or to protect that life?)

New Hampshire - [1/3/10] New Hampshire Proposes State Sovereignty Law With a Twist

"Don't call the Live Free or Die state a copycat, though--the New Hampshire bill contains a very interesting provision not (to my knowledge) seen in any of the other states' legislation." "Any official, agent, or employee of the government of the United States, ... that enforces or attempts to enforce a act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the government of the United States upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in New Hampshire and that remains within the State of New Hampshire shall be guilty of a class B felony.

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Georgia - [ 12/28/09] Georgia Bill Would Eliminate Most Infringements

Introduced by Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-43, Marietta), HB 873 would have the effect of repealing Article 4, relating to dangerous instrumentalities and practices, in its entirety.  This would mean that there would no longer be Georgia laws against carrying a pistol without a license, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a deadly weapon to a public gathering.  It would also mean that Georgia would no longer have a preemption law, keeping cities and counties from regulating the carry and possession of firearms, and would no longer regulate felons' possession of firearms or the possession of machine guns, silencers, and short barreled shotguns, although such items would still be the subject of extensive and burdensome federal laws. In summary, HB 873 would repeal every Code section from 16-11-101 through 16-11-173.  The bill offers to replace these Code sections with nothing….

Steve and Gary of want to wish all our readers a Very Safe and Merry Christmas.

USA - [12/24/09] Jerry Miculek Pro Tips Smith & Wesson offers five instructional video clips with Jerry Miculek. Trigger Control, Reloading, Grip. His tips can help make you a better Revolver Shooter and better shooter overall.

USA - 12/24/09 - Ruger Tactical Tips Dave Spaulding is doing a series for Ruger on Self Defense.The more we know the better we are prepared to defend ourselves and our families.

Iowa - [12/19/09] More on the Iowa CCW Dispute

I pledged the support of Iowa Carry to the NRA. We had our own bill submitted during last year’s session after we determined the Rep. Baudler’s bill did not meet what we were seeking in Shall Issue legislation. Going into 2010, we were ready to keep running with our own bill if necessary. When we were approached by the NRA, we were not sure what we would find when we sat down with them. What we ended up seeing was legislation that would, if passed, finally provide all Iowans with a level playing field when it comes to the requirements and issuance of the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons. We feel that it represents the best chance at getting into law something that will benefit everyone in Iowa. There are more things at play in Iowa politics than meets the eye of the casual observer. The NRA understands this, and so do we. It is taking this pragmatic “big picture” approach that leads us to the decision that we have made. In the course of this process, some of you may have seen some of the articles and letters published by IGO, Firearms Coalition, Jeff Knox, and others. These have taken to task the NRA legislation, saying that it doesn’t go far enough toward protecting your rights and gives too many concessions to the government. The answer to these concerns is to pass legislation that would in essence turn Iowa firearms laws into those similar to what is currently found in Alaska or Vermon

Indiana - [12/18/09] Indianapolis Star Jumps on the Concealed Carry Permit Database Bandwagon!

This week, the Indianapolis Star revealed its own gun database in an attempt to capitalize on the same controversial limelight as the Bloomington Herald-Times. The Star’s database is modified from a street-based catalogue of the number of permit holders in a defined area, to a demographic listing of Indiana ZIP codes, including the percentage of the population permit holders make up, as well as the their gender, race and age. However, such differences do not hide the paper’s intent. The searchable database of law-abiding carry permit holders is included in the “Public Safety” section of the paper’s website. The paper seems to believe that it’s a matter of “public safety” for people to know how many permit holders live near them. Apparently the Star thinks that law-abiding concealed carry permit holders are to be regarded with caution.

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Iowa - [12/18/09] More on NRA vs. Constitutional Carry in Iowa

In his recent article, Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition has brought to light some very disturbing components of the NRA’s proposed concealed carry bill in Iowa. He mentioned our organization, Iowa Gun Owners, as the state based group that is opposed to this bill. He is correct. The 5,000 members and supporters of Iowa Gun Owners are concerned with the direction this new bill is heading. As the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, I have been asked by David Codrea to address the concerns that we have with this bill and explain why we are pushing so aggressively to pass the REAL Right-to-Carry bill. I will address our bill first. First let me give you some context on the current Iowa law… This is the best gun bill ever introduced in Iowa. We don’t believe that the 2nd Amendment talks about taking tests, begging permission, and paying fees before one should be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. We do not believe that the best way to pass a gun bill is to make multiple concessions up front, trying to appease the anti-gunners at the capitol…

Missouri - [12/18/09] CCW Battle Takes Shape

The Raymore City Council voted this week to allow council members to carry a concealed weapon at their meetings, and increase the concealed carry permit rights for everyone in town. But those changes could be short-lived after the mayor promised to veto the ordinance, and a showdown could be looming at City Hall. Raymore Mayor Juan Alonzo says that he plans on vetoing the ordinance, which passed by a 5-3 vote earlier this week. At this point, it appears that the measure does not have the six votes necessary to override the mayor's veto. "The council back in 2004 elected to restrict concealed carry in city buildings," said Alonzo. "This bill overturns that and it allows concealed carry in every city building." What bothers Alonzo more than allowing concealed weapons into city buildings is that it allows council members to carry weapons inside city buildings, but not citizens. "If people stop and think about that, about what that is doing, it's completely opposite of what the Second Amendment is supposed to do," said Alonzo. "There's no interpretation for that, there's nothing in there that you can interpret to say, yeah the governing body can carry while the rest of us don't." But some Raymore residents say that they are unhappy with Alonzo's quick veto trigger…,0,1229178.story

North Carolina [12/18/09] Castle-Doctrine Bill Stalled

NC House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman has a dilemma. On the one hand, he recently claimed in the “Davidson County Dispatch” that he supports the Castle Doctrine. On the other, he completely refused to exercise leadership in preventing one anti-gun committee chairperson – Rep. Deborah Ross – from bottling it up in committee. How can the House Majority Leader, who wields great power, support a bill, yet not use his leadership position to prevent stonewalling tactics by one of the few members of the GA who opposes it? So, Rep. Holliman seems to be talking the talk, but in the last session, he certainly did not walk the walk…

Write a letter to the editor (as others have already done) of the Davidson County Dispatch: local radio station WLXN 1440, Bob Mahoney Morning Show,, – 336-242-1440…

Georgia - [12/16/09] Federal Judge Rules Concealed Carry is Probable Cause of Criminal Acitvity.

Northern District of Georgia federal judge Thomas W. Thrash Jr. ruled today that carrying a firearm on MARTA justifies forcible detention by the police, in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed over the half hour long detention and disarmament of GeorgiaCarry.Org member Christopher Raissi. Christopher Raissi holds a Georgia firearms license and frequently carries a handgun concealed.  On October 14, 2008, he was carrying concealed on MARTA.  He did not know that a MARTA police officer observing the parking lot had seen him holstering and concealing his firearm while still at his car.  Therefore, he was surprised when he was surrounded by police officers who yelled "Police!" and ordered him to stop.  The officers then seized his firearm from his holster and began questioning him, asking, according to the court's written opinion, “[W]hat are you doing with a gun?” After seeing Raissi's firearms license and driver's license, the officers ran background checks on Raissi and held him, according to Raissi, for half an hour.  The officers transported Raissi to a locked area out of the public eye before finally releasing him and returning his firearm and other property. In the ruling today, Judge Thrash held that merely carrying a concealed firearm justifies such detention and disarmament.  He wrote in his opinion that "possession of a firearms license is an affirmative defense to, not an element of, the crimes of boarding [MARTA] with a concealed weapon and carrying a concealed weapon." …

USA - [12/13/09] Staying Vigilant without Being Paranoid.

Being aware of your surroundings is a necessary survival skill but it’s not an “on-off” switch - in the best cases this is almost always a gradation, a continuum. You can learn to control your attention, to make it flexible, effective, and responsive to the moment-to-moment needs of your patrol situation. That way, you don’t have to maintain white-knuckled concentration to keep safe. Instead, your well-trained attention control system will act like a mental firewall, automatically scanning the environment so that it will be hard to catch you off guard. Here’s how it works…

(I thought this was a good article for everyone. Even if you don't carry this info could save your life. Gary Slider)

Georgia - [12/12/09] Georgia to Weigh Campus Carry

Monday, UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson was asked his opinion of HB 615, which would permit licensed Georgians to carry on campus.  His comments were published in an article in the Red and Black by Jacob Demmitt.  As an initial matter, Chief Williamson recognized that the criminals are carrying in the school zone "no matter what."   This leaves us with the question of who obeys the law, and the answer is - college students and employees who are the criminals' victims. Chief Williamson did take the refreshing view that his job is to enforce the law, not make it.  "As police chief, I don't take a position on what the law should be." Somebody needs to pass that advice on to the rabidly anti-gun organization, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, which lobbies against every piece of legislation that would attempt to enforce the right to bear arms for law abiding Georgians, including opposing last session's HB 89…

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Michigan - [ 12/12/09] Important Pro-Gun Bills to be Considered!

On Wednesday, December 2, House Bill 5302 and House Bill 5303 were not brought up on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives as previously expected. It is now expected that these bills will be brought up in the coming weeks and we need all the help we can get to get them passed.  HB5302, introduced by State Representative Paul Opsommer (R-93), and HB5303, authored by State Representative Joel Sheltrown (D-103), would prohibit employers from firing employees who safely and lawfully store their firearms in locked vehicles. Please continue to contact your State Representative and politely urge them to vote in favor of HB5302 and HB5303 without any weakening amendments.  

Contact information for your State Representative can be found by clicking Here

Ohio - [12/12/09] Restaurant-Carry Hearing Delayed in Ohio

The December 15 hearing has been canceled. We will provide updates when another hearing is scheduled… HB203 would allow persons with a concealed handgun license to carry their firearms into any restaurant providing they are not, and do not become intoxicated. The bill is sponsored by Representatives Danny Bubp (R-88) and Jarrod Martin (R-70). Ohio license holders have proven themselves to be responsible in the five plus years of concealed carry in Ohio, and decades more beyond our borders. There is no compelling reason to deny someone the right to carry a firearm based on what the person at the next table might be drinking. Ohio's restriction on carrying in restaurants is more strict than any of our surrounding states and most of the country. Our laws need to be amended. Currently it is a felony for license holders to carry a firearms into a restaurant if it has a license to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, even if the license holder never drinks. That makes about as much sense as prohibiting persons from carrying car keys into the restaurant because the guy at the next table is having a beer with his burger.

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Colorado - [12/10/09] Gun Control on Campus

Colorado is at the center of a national debate concerning gun control, revolving around moves to ban guns at two of the state's universities. The most recent move comes as a proposal by Colorado State University's public safety and president's cabinet to ban students from carrying guns on campus. Their recommendation flies in the face of the students' will, with the governing body voting 21/3 last week in support of keeping CSU a Right-to-Carry campus.

Read About It: State Bill Colorado

Illiinois - [12/10/09] Peoria's Concealed-Carry Concept May Have Found Senate Sponsor.

"State Sen. Dale Risinger is waiting to see what the outcome will be on an U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the city of Chicago's handgun ban before proposing a concealed-carry measure for the city of Peoria." "Risinger, R-Peoria, said Monday he would sponsor legislation in the Illinois Senate to have Peoria serve as a pilot city for a statewide concealed-carry law." "The concept was pushed last year by Mayor Jim Ardis and is included as one of the city's legislative initiatives going into the General Assembly's spring session. A vote on the city's legislative initiative list was postponed Tuesday with council members opting to discuss the entire list a later date."

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Pennsylvania - [12/10/09] Aliquippa Ignores Pre-Emption Law

Residents of Aliquippa now must report a lost or stolen firearm to city police, according to an ordinance adopted by Aliquippa Council last week. The ordinance requires residents to report any lost or stolen firearm within 72 hours of discovery. Failing to do so includes fines of up to $1,000 or a 90 day jail term.

Read About It: The Beaver County Times

USA - [12/10/09] Guns Soon Could be Checked in on Amtrak.

"Gun-toting Amtrak passengers are one giant step closer to being allowed to travel with firearms in their checked luggage, as lawmakers included a measure to lift a railroad gun ban in a catch-all spending bill ..." "The omnibus spending bill ... is considered must-pass legislation, and that makes the new Amtrak gun rule as close to a sure bet as there is on Capitol Hill." "Travelers with firearms have long faced disparate treatment on trains and airplanes. Airline passengers can transport firearms in checked baggage, but Amtrak currently prohibits guns anywhere on its trains." "This is an important victory for sportsmen and gun owners across the country, and it affirms congressional support of the Second Amendment ..."

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Colorado - [12/1/09] Colorado State University Mulls Right-to-Carry Ban

CSU might ban concealed weapons on campus, one of the last major universities to adopt such a position. Today, Colorado State University defaults to state law, which permits people with a concealed carry permit to carry a handgun in most places on campus. Weapons are banned in residence halls.

The Coloradoan (Fort Collins, Colo.)

Michigan - [12/1/09] Forum Takes Aim at Gun Ban on Campuses

Michigan colleges should not be allowed to ban concealed weapons on campus because it would inhibit safety and confuse the legal responsibilities of weapons carriers, participants in a forum said Monday in Battle Creek.

The Enquirer (Battle Creek, Mich.)

USA - [12/1/09] Supreme Court Schedules Major Gun Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has set a date to hear the landmark civil liberties case that will determine whether the Second Amendment prohibits state and local governments from enacting stiff anti-gun laws. Oral arguments in the lawsuit, McDonald v. City of Chicago, will be held on the morning of March 2, 2010. A decision is expected by late June or early July. It's also worth noting the amicus briefs that have been filed in the last week or so in support of the Second Amendment Foundation and other groups challenging Chicago's handgun restrictions. There are at least 30 of them -- ably reposted at -- plus two unaffiliated ones filed by the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund and the Brady Center.

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