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Georgia [12/8/11] (From K&BA’s]  Gun Owners Going for ‘Constitutional Carry’
"Licensing should not be part of exercising the right to keep and bear arms, the grassroots group Georgia Gun Owners asserts in a press release issued today. Announcing the pre-filing of the Georgia 'Constitutional Carry' Act of 2012 (HB679) by State Representative Jason Spencer, the bill promises to eliminate the requirement to have a Georgia Weapons Carry License to carry firearms openly or concealed, as is currently established lawful practice in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming.  Story Here

Georgia - [12/8/11] (From K&BA's) Georgia Tech Students Push for Guns on Campus

"The battle for guns on the campus of Georgia Tech is on -- one group is teaming up with a national organization to convince officials to allow them to carry guns at the school."

"'We just had a robbery last night,' Andrés Celedón, chairman of the Georgia Tech College Republicans, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'It's just really allowing kids a way to defend themselves.'" Story Here

Indiana - [12/8/11] (From K&BA’s]  Proposed Bill Would Allow Guns On College Campuses
"College Students Could Soon be Able to Carry Guns on Public Campuses  

"Republican Sen. Jim Banks of Columbia City has introduced legislation that would allow licensed gun owners to have firearms on campus."  Story Here

Wisconsin - [12/8/11] (From the NRA) Castle Doctrine Legislation Signed into Law

Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker signed into law important self-defense legislation for the citizens of Wisconsin.  Commonly known as the “Castle Doctrine,” Assembly Bill 69 will provide essential protections for law-abiding citizens who defend themselves and their families from a criminal looking to do them harm.  This new law took effect immediately.  Story Here

New Hampshire - [12/2/11] (From K&BA) N.H. to Vote on Bill to Allow Firearms on College Campuses

"The N.H. House of Representatives will vote on a new bill in January that, if passed, will allow firearms to be carried on college campuses."
"Currently, the majority of the N.H. House is in support of bill HB-0334, which, if put into effect, would give the state sole authority over gun regulations, meaning that universities in the state would no longer have the power to ban firearms from their campuses. The new bill would mean that guns would be allowed anywhere on campus, including dorms and classrooms." Complete Story Here.

North Carolina - [12/2/11] (From K&BA) City Wise to Exempt Most Parks From New Law

"The Winston-Salem City Council did the right thing last week when it exempted most city parks from a new state law allowing those with concealed-carry permits to bring their handguns into state parks." ...

"We support the Second Amendment ... But allowing guns in parks makes no sense." "Lawmakers who sponsored the new gun law say ... [citizens with permits] may prevent or stop crime from occurring if weapons are allowed in more public places." Complete Story Here.

Washington- [12/2/11] (From K&BA) Seattle Petitions State Supreme Court to Review Gun Ban Loss

"The City of Seattle has petitioned the state Supreme Court in an effort to resurrect its city parks gun ban after losing the battle twice to the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the National Rifle Association, in King County Superior Court and at the State Court of Appeals." Complete Story Here.

Illinois [11/22/11]  House Creates Task Force to Explore Possibility of Right-to-Carry Law!

During the General Assembly’s veto session on November 9, the Illinois House of Representatives passed House Resolution 550, which creates the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. The purpose of this task force is to explore the possibility of a Right-to-Carry law in Illinois.  HR 550 stipulates that the NRA will be represented on the task force. Through this position, we will continue intend to educate the Illinois legislature on the importance of Right-to-Carry.  It is time for the Land of Lincoln to join the rest of the nation in allowing law-abiding gun owners to carry a firearm for personal protection when away from home. As this task force meets we will keep you apprised of ways in which you can help promote Right-to-Carry in Illinois.

Illinois [11/22/11] City Supports Discreet Carry

The Quincy City Council Monday night passed a non-binding resolution supporting a Concealed Carry handgun law… Alderman Mike Rein (R-5) put the resolution before the Council. He said he wanted to get the conversation rolling because it's an important one. Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow Concealed Carry  Story Here

California - [11/18/11] (From K&BA's) Fresno City Goes Shall-Issue:

It soon will be easier to get a concealed weapons permit from the city of Fresno. The City Council voted 5-2 on Thursday to rescind 16-year-old city requirements that citizens show "good cause" for carrying a concealed handgun – such as owning a business that handles a lot of cash or being the subject of a documented threat. The new rules allow any citizens who are concerned with their safety to get permits as long as they are over 21 years old, are residents of the city and have no criminal record. The rules mirror policies that have been in place for years at the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. Story Here

New Hampshire - [ 11/17/11] - (From K&BA's) Allow Guns on Campus: Gun-Free Zones are Killing Zones

"Lawmakers in New Hampshire will vote in January whether to continue to allow colleges in the state to ban guns on campus. Well, one Republican legislator is going public with his stance -- guns do indeed belong in schools." Story Here

Wisconsin - [ 11/17/11] - (From K&BA's) Gun Rights Advocates Argue Ban in City Buildings Goes to Far

"Some local gun rights advocates say a proposed city ordinance banning weapons from city properties goes too far." "Wisconsin's newly enacted concealed carry laws, the critics argue, reaffirm every individuals' constitutional rights to bear arms, and those rights should not be interfered with by the proposed city ordinance." Story Here

Virginia - [ 11/17/11] - (From K&BA's) Liberty University OKs Concealed Guns on Campus

"Liberty University enacted a policy allowing visitors, students and staff who have concealed weapons permits to carry guns on campus." "The policy, approved Friday by the Board of Trustees and announced to students Wednesday, replaces a complete ban of firearms on university grounds." Story Here

Michigan - [ 11/16/11] - Bill to Allow Guns in Car at Work

Business owners could lose their right to restrict the possession of firearms on their private workplace property. A recent state house bill would make it legal to conceal a gun in one's car at work, no matter what the boss says. Complete Story Here

USA - [ 11/16/11] - HR 822 (National Right to Carry) Passes House

The National Right to Carry Act, a piece of legislation that would enable those with concealed carry permit in any state to carry in every other state that issues concealed carry permits, has passed the House of Representatives with flying colors. Complete Story Here - [9/9/11] All State Pages, DC, NYC, Guam, U..S Virgin Islands, Guam, Amer. Samoa, N. Marianas & USA Pages have had their links checked and repaired/updated if needed.

Ohio and Louisiana have signed a reciprocity agreement. This brings to 21 the number of states Ohio honors and 36 states that Louisiana Honors.

North Carolina’s new law (H650) will make NC another state that will honor all other states permit/licenses. It will also allow carry in more places (State Parks Etc) but does not go into effect until 12/1/11. I will update the NC page on that date to show the changes in their law.

Ohio Restaurant Carry Law has passed and they have changed their law about how a firearm must be carried in a vehicle. This new law does not take effect until 9/30/11.

Mississippi DPS has announced that they have certified Enhanced Instructors who can train permit/license holders for an endorsement to their permit/license that allows them to carry in many of the places off limits in Mississippi law. I have still not obtained information on how this will affect those who can carry in Mississippi with a permit/license Mississippi honors. They can’t get an endorsement so all places in MS Law will most likely be off limits to those carrying in Mississippi under a reciprocity agreement.

Oklahoma has passed a new law that trims places off limits. This mainly opens parking areas and allows you to keep a firearm in your vehicle while on certain property. This new law does not take effect until 11/1/11. The OK Page will be undated at that time to show the change in OK Laws.

Wisconsin new carry law goes into effect 11/1/11 and on that date Wisconsin Residents can apply. They should by that time have a list of states they will honor. That list should be about 35 to 40 states long as they will honor any state that requires a background check to obtain a Permit/License. The WI DOJ has started a website where they will post all info on the new law.
The Wisconsin Page has been updated providing all the info I have at this time on their new law.

Wyoming now has Constitutional Carry for residents of Wyoming. Non Residents must have a permit/license Wyoming honors to carry while visiting WY.

Michigan AG has given an opinion on Suppressors being legal with proper federal paperwork in Michigan. You can find that opinion on the Michigan page under AG Opinions/Court Cases.

Louisiana’s new law now makes it mandatory for residents of Louisiana to have a LA Permit/License to legally carry in LA. Before this new law was passed a resident of LA could carry in LA on any Non-Resident Permit/License that LA Honored.

Washington and Tennessee have signed a reciprocity agreement. Arkansas and New Mexico have signed a Reciprocity Agreement. I also have reports from reliable sources that Michigan and Maine are in the process of signing an agreement.

I have added the “Armed Citizens Legal Defense League LLC booklet  “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law.”  to our 2nd page of the book listing. This booklet is free and can either be ordered or downloaded as a PDF. It contains excellent information on Self-Defense.

I do post all changes made to the site on the Updates page. Go to and click on “Site/Data Updates” in the left column. What is Updated/Added/Changed on the site is posted there when the update is made. You can sign up for Email notifications when an update has been made.

Florida - [6/21/11] Rick Scott Approves Bill to "Briefly" Flash Your Gun

Florida doesn't have an open-carry law to show your piece off in public, but it's now OK to "briefly and openly" flash your firearm to the populace. Story Here

Maine - [6/21/11] (From the NRA) Governor Signs Three Self-Defense Firearm Bills into Law

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Today, Governor Paul LePage signed three NRA-backed bills into law. Complete Story Here

New Hampshire - [6/21/11] Legislators to Vote on Self-Defense Bill

New Hampshire lawmakers are voting this week whether to allow people to use deadly force anyplace they have a right to be. Current law allows people to use deadly force in self-defense in their homes, or in public to defend others if they attempt to retreat first. Supporters argue the bill would give citizens a right to stand their ground when threatened. Opponents argue that a provision making it legal to brandish a gun would create hostile situations that could end in the death of innocent people. The bill also would repeal the minimum sentencing requirement for felony convictions that include possession, use or attempted use of a firearm. The bill also grants civil immunity to using force against assailants under certain circumstances.

Oklahoma - [6/21/11] Self-Defense Bill Proposed

A local pharmacy is speaking out after word spread of a deadly pharmacy robbery in New York Sunday. Hospital Discount Pharmacy said it was nearly a year ago when a man walked into the pharmacy and robbed a pharmacist at knife point. Since the robbery, the pharmacy said it has taken safety measures. After an Oklahoma City pharmacist was convicted of first-degree murder in May for killing a teen in a botched robbery, a new law, known as the "Jerome Ersland Act,” is being proposed. The bill would say that a business owner was acting in self-defense if that owner shoots and kills an armed robber. (As I understand the trial, Ersland was convicted because the jury was persuaded that the downed robber was no longer a threat when Ersland fired the final five rounds into him.)

Pennsylvania - [6/21/11] Self-Defense Bill Goes to Governor

The state Senate sent the governor a bill Monday to expand the right to use deadly force in self-defense in Pennsylvania, ending more than a year of often-emotional debate over the role of guns in society. The bill to widen Pennsylvania's existing self-defense law was approved 45-5 without discussion by the Republican-controlled Senate. Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the measure… The bill would expand the state's "castle doctrine" – as in a family's home is its castle – to allow the right to use a gun or other deadly force in self-defense in situations outside a person's home or business. Currently, the use of deadly force is not justifiable if the person can safely retreat, except when the threat is made inside his or her home or business… Also, the legislation would limit certain civil liability in some cases for people who act within the guidelines. If they are sued by the alleged assailant and prevail in court, they would be entitled to an award of legal fees and costs as well as compensation for lost income… Then-Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, vetoed a similar measure last year on grounds that it would increase violence…

Texas - [6/21/11] Governor Signs Parking-Lot Storage Bill

Gov. Rick Perry has signed legislation championed by Fort Bend State Sen. Glenn Hegar that allows employees to store legally owned firearms in their locked, privately owned motor vehicles while at their workplace. Hegar had introduced the bill during three sessions of the Texas Legislature, but this was the first time it made it to the governor’s desk. The bill was strongly backed by the Texas Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association… Senate Bill 321 prohibits employers from adopting and enforcing policies against employees who safely and legally store a firearm in their locked vehicle while on an employer’s parking lot. This includes concealed handgun licensees who carry their firearm during their commute to and from work for personal protection, sportsmen who hunt before or after work and competitive and recreational shooters who stop at the local shooting range before heading home for the day… The legislation is effective Sept. 1.

West Virginia - [6/21/11] WVCDL Has Standing to Sue City Over Gun Laws

A federal judge has denied the city of Martinsburg's motion to dismiss a case challenging the city's gun laws. The West Virginia Citizens Defense League filed the suit in U.S. District Court of the Northern District of West Virginia on Jan. 24. WVCDL argues that Martinsburg's laws forbidding people from bringing firearms onto city property violates both the U.S. and state constitutions. The city countered that the WVCDL had no standing to bring the suit because no one had been harmed by the city's regulations. Comkplete Story Here - [4/18/11] has added information on carrying your self defense handgun with a permit/license to carry while hunting to each states page. That entry can be found in the Misc Sec. The wording on the Note in the Restaurant Carry Section was changed so as not to be confused with that being the law in those states but being a general application for carrying in a restaurant that serves alcohol. If people wish to go further in their state laws about carrying in other places that serve alcohol the link to their statutes are on that states page along with the alpha/numeric code for that states firearm laws.

Maine - [4/18/11] Bill to Allow Guns in Maine State House Advances

A bill that would allow guns in the Maine State House has been narrowly endorsed by a legislative committee, even as efforts continue to bolster security in the Capitol. The proposal sponsored by Republican Rep. Dale Crafts of Lisbon would allow concealed-weapon permit holders to bring guns into the State House, the state office building that's connected by tunnel and nearby parking areas. Maine Today Media says the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 7-4 to recommend passage of the bill on Friday, setting the stage for floor debate. Story Here

New Hampshire - [4/18/11] Senate Considers Ending Gun Permit Requirement

New Hampshire could become the fourth state to eliminate the need for a permit to carry concealed, loaded guns anyplace not prohibited by law under a bill before the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the bill Wednesday afternoon. The bill has already passed the House where gun rights advocates argue government should not have control over basic rights. Story Here

Ohio - [4/18/11] Licensed Carriers Can Have Guns in Restaurants if They Don't Drink

Permitted Ohioans would be allowed to carry concealed firearms into bars and restaurants that sell alcohol as long as they're not imbibing, under legislation OK'd by the Ohio Senate April 13. Substitute Senate Bill 17 passed on a final vote of 25-7 and heads to the Ohio House for further consideration. "This legislation is about affirming law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms," said Sen. Tim Schaffer, a Republican from Lancaster and primary sponsor of the bill. "... It is not the law-abiding citizen that we need to be worried about. It is the criminal who is not eligible for the concealed carry permit in the first place." Story Here

Pennsylvania - [4/18/11] Despite Rendell, Gun Bill Getting its Due

As promised by state legislators, the “castle doctrine” bill was reintroduced, and on Tuesday, it passed the House with a 164-37 vote. It now goes to the Senate, where it should be passed immediately! Although the “castle doctrine” bill passed last year with an overwhelming majority, “Frenchy” Rendell vetoed it. This frightened, liberal former governor is a staunch advocate of retreating. But can you blame him? He comes from the surrender city of Philadelphia, where mayors and other politicians place the rights of thugs above that of law-abiding citizens. Story Here

Arkansas - [3/30/11] (From the NRA) NRA-Backed Bills to be Heard TOMORROW in Little Rock!

Please Contact Your State Senator TODAY! Both House Bill 1873 and House Bill 1958 are scheduled to be heard TOMORROW in the Senate Judiciary Committee. HB 1873 and HB 1958 have both passed in the Arkansas House of Representatives and still need to clear the Senate Judiciary Committee. Since time is running out, please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to act quickly and support these important bills.

House Bill 1873, introduced by state Representative John Catlett (D-61), would prohibit public and private employers from imposing policies that would restrict employees from storing a firearm in their vehicle while parked in the employer’s parking lot, if the employee has a valid Arkansas carry permit. It would also prevent an employer from establishing a condition of employment based on whether or not an employee has a valid Arkansas carry permit. House Bill 1958, introduced by state Representative Bryan King (R-91), would repeal the prohibition on concealed handgun licensees carrying a concealed firearm into a church. More Information Here

North Carolina - [3/30/11] Pro-Gun Measures Moving Through Legislature

"The state House voted 77-41 Tuesday to allow people to carry concealed weapons in public parks and greenways across North Carolina and in restaurants where alcohol is served." "House Bill 111, which faces a final vote in the House on Wednesday, is one of at least eight proposals pending in the General Assembly would make it easier to buy, carry and, in some cases, fire a handgun in the state." Story Here

South Carolina - [3/30/11] S.C. Legislators Agree on Gun Rights

"Legislation weaving its way through the House of Representatives would increase the number of places that legal gun owners can carry their guns to include restaurants, day-care centers and churches." Story Here

West Virginia - [3/30/11] Cities of Charleston and Martinsburg File Motions to Dismiss WVCDL Lawsuits

"Yesterday, the "Charleston Defendants" in WVCDL's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality and statutory validity of a variety of local gun control ordinances in the cities of Charleston, south Charleston, and Dunbar filed a motion to dismiss." "Today, all defendants in WVCDL's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality and statutory validity of Martinsburg's city building gun ban filed a motion to dismiss." Story Here

Montana - [3/24/11] Concealed Weapons Carry Bill Clears Senate Committee

A measure to allow people in cities to carry a concealed gun without a permit is moving through the Senate. Republican Rep. Krayton Kerns’ House Bill 271 cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday. The bill was amended to require completion of a training course to carry without a permit. Two of Kerns’ other measures, allowing silencers when hunting and concealed carry into prohibited places like bars and banks, were stopped in the committee. Story Here

USA - [3/24/11] Concealment Is Not Cover

We know that there are times when our survival may depend on our ability to stay “stealth.” Remember to control your sound — your keys, your radio, your cell phone (put it on silent, not vibrate!), even brushing against walls can give away your position. Recently, officers have been shot at through walls and ceilings because of the “cop noises” the shooter heard below him or in another room. This is a great time to refresh yourself and your co-workers on personal sound control, you life could depend on it. Stay safe! (I teach this principle in my CWP and ASD courses. This is why I do not recommend racking a shotgun to scare off a burglar – it may simply signal him where to fire through the wall. Not mentioned in this brief tip is the hourly alarm that many people leave set on digital watches.)

Wisconsin - [3/24/11] Countdown to Constitutional Carry

While the Wisconsin legislature debates the budget, gun owners prepare for their own protests if movement is not swift to repeal Wisconsin’s ban on carrying concealed weapons. In the wake of the chaos broiling over in Madison, WGO leadership engaged in talks with legislators to support constitutional (Vermont-style) carry. Such a bill would not require any permit, fees, background check, fingerprinting or the establishment of criminal databases to carry a weapon for self-defense. If you can legally buy the gun, you can carry it, said WGO. Story Here

Arizona - [3/17/11] Senate Votes to Allow Guns on College Campuses' Public Rights of Way—But Not in Classrooms

After a four-year tour of duty in Iraq, Rosinski—a sophomore at the UA studying civil engineering—now thinks of guns as empowering tools for safety, not things to be feared." "'They aren't evil dragons,' said Rosinski, president and founder of Students for the Second Amendment. 'They are hunks of metal that shoot bullets. Story Here

Arkansas - [3/17/11] Proposed Bill To Allow Guns In The Lord's House

"Rep. Bryan King, 91st District, and Sen. Jason Rapert, Senate District 18, have proposed ordinances that would allow individual churches to decide whether they want to allow concealed carry weapons inside their buildings." "As the law stands now, even with a license for concealed carry, it is prohibited to bring a firearm of any kind into a church or place or worship." Story Here

Oregon -[3/17/11] RKBA Bills

House Bill 2797,  a bill we requested to clean up and clarify Oregon's laws dealing with carrying handguns on motorcycles, ATV's and snowmobiles, passed unanimously out of the House Judiciary Committee today.This is a positive development. There were minor amendments that have not yet been reflected on the legislative website, but they do not hurt this bill… On Monday, the full House is scheduled to vote on HB 2792, a bill to recognize other states' CHL's.  While it's always dangerous to make predictions, we think it's safe to say there will be a fair amount of resistance to this bill. Let's let them know we want it passed so we can get the benefits it would provide Oregonians (more states will recognize OUR permits) and we want to be a place that welcomes law abiding visitors…

Texas - [3/17/11] Campus-Carry Bill Expected to Pass

A bill allowing guns on college campuses took the first step Wednesday toward what appears to be its likely passage. After hours of testimony, the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee voted 5-3 – along party lines, with all Democrats opposed – to send the bill to the House floor. The bill, one of many pieces of gun-related legislation the committee heard Wednesday, would allow individuals with concealed-handgun licenses to carry weapons on university campuses. Private universities could opt out. (Other legislation filed this session would also allow concealed carry on community college campuses.) And as it did in 2009, before stalling in the House, the issue on Wednesday drew impassioned debate. "We are not trying to create an amateur security force," said W. Scott Lewis of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. "We are suggesting that individuals be given the means to protect themselves." …

Texas - [3/17/11] Senate OK's Letting Texans Keep Guns in Car at Work

"The bill would ban employers from setting policies that prohibit guns from their parking lots. It is the third time since 2007 the Senate has passed the bill, only to see it fail in the House twice. The latest bill now heads to the House for consideration, and the author of the measure is optimistic it will pass."

Idaho - [3/16/11] (From the NRA) Campus Protection Legislation Passes House, Moves to Senate

Earlier today, House Bill 222 passed on its Third and Final Reading by a 41 to 28 vote, with one vote absent. This important self-defense legislation would allow for the lawful carry of a firearm on college and university campuses for self-defense, as long as the individual is not restricted from legally carrying a firearm by any state or federal law. HB 222 will now be sent to the state Senate for committee assignment. Full Story Here

Kentucky [3/16/11] (From the NRA) Legislation to Restore Gun Rights and a Compartment-Carry Bill Signed into Law Today by Governor Beshear

Today, Governor Steve Beshear signed into law two pro-gun bills. House Bill 308, with an NRA-supported amendment, will provide a pathway to restoring gun rights. House Bill 313 will allow for concealed carry in a vehicle’s installed compartment. Full story Here

Nevada - [3/16/11] (From the NRA) Pro-Gun Bills Advance in the Nevada Legislature

A number of pro-gun bills are currently on the move in the Nevada Legislature. Senate Bill 126 and Assembly Bill 143, both of which would streamline the application process for obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit, are making progress in the state Legislature. Assembly Bill 217, which would allow residents of non-contiguous states to purchase long guns in Nevada and vice versa, is currently awaiting committee assignment in the state Senate. More Bill Info Here

New Hampshire - [3/16/11] State Targets Permits for Concealed Carry

"New Hampshire would become the fourth state in the nation to let residents carry concealed guns without a permit under legislation that easily cleared the House of Representatives on Wednesday." "Support came over the opposition of many law enforcement leaders and some gun owner advocates who fault the bill for not giving enthusiasts enough personal freedom." Story Here

Oregon - [3/16/11] (From the NRA) Right-to-Carry Recognition Bill on the Move in Legislature

On Monday, March 21, the Oregon House is expected to vote on House Bill 2792, an important right-to-carry recognition bill. Sponsored by state Representative Kim Thatcher (R-25), HB 2792 would provide non-residents who are authorized to carry concealed a handgun in another state with the same protections provided to persons with an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. This legislation is an important recognition of non-residents’ right to self-defense while visiting Oregon and the realization that out-of-state permit holders should not be considered criminals simply for crossing state lines.

Please contact your state Representative today and respectfully urge him or her to support HB 2792. Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.

Arizona - [3/11/11] Campus-Carry Bill Diluted

Arizona is on track to become the second state in the nation to require state universities and community colleges to allow firearms on campus, although it won't go as far as Utah and require that guns be permitted inside school buildings. Senate Bill 1467 would forbid state college and university governing boards from prohibiting both concealed and openly carried weapons in a public right of way, which would include public roads and adjacent sidewalks. The Senate Committee of the Whole passed the bill Thursday. It was amended from its original form, which would have allowed concealed guns anywhere on campus, including inside buildings. The bill now goes to a vote of the full Senate… On Thursday, the Arizona Faculties Council, which consists of faculty from all three public universities, passed a resolution stating its united opposition to the bill… Grossman said faculty is focused on preventing the bill from becoming law. If it does, he said, faculty members have discussed about teaching classes online only or even leaving… (That would be one way to start cleansing academia of Progressive professors. See the AzCDL alert, below.)

California - [3/11/11] Suit Challenges Discretion in Issuing Gun Permits

"The nationwide debate over liberalizing gun laws spilled into a federal courtroom in Sacramento on Thursday as gun-rights groups challenged how much discretion California's law enforcement officials have in issuing concealed weapons permits." "Gun-rights advocates argued that county sheriffs, who handle most such permits, must issue them to anyone who completes a training course and has no mental health problems or criminal background." Story Here

Idaho - [3/11/11] Campus-Carry Bill Advances

A bill to allow college students and professors to carry guns on Idaho campuses won approval from the House State Affairs Committee Thursday morning.  The bill now heads to the full House of Representatives for a vote. If the bill becomes law, people at Bronco Stadium or the Morrison Center could legally carry concealed weapons if they hold a permit.  Teachers and students with the legal permit could also bring guns to class.  The only place universities could prohibit guns is in undergraduate campus housing… Dr. Charlotte Twight, a professor of economics and an attorney, says campus would be less dangerous if some teachers, faculty, and students were armed. "We're sitting ducks," Twight said. "If you do not have people able to carry on campus when they've got concealed carry permits, essentially you're announcing to the world that the people on the campus are defenseless." In supporting the bill, Twight points to research by another economist, John Lott, showing decreased crime rates where carrying concealed weapons is allowed.  She also says those who have permits have to go through training to get certified…

Oregon - [3/11/11] RKBA Bills Advance

Two concealed handgun license (CHL) bills were passed out of committee to the full House floor:  HB 2787 and HB 2792. HB 2787 is the House version of a bill that protects the privacy of concealed handgun license holders. A similar bill has been heard in the Senate and is scheduled to receive a work session on March 14th… HB 2792 recognizes other states’ handgun permits which will help Oregonians by having our permits accepted in more states. This would bring Oregon in line with most states which accept many permits. Oregon accepts only Oregon permits and does not even allow non-residents to apply for one unless they live in an adjoining state… At “work sessions” public testimony is typically NOT taken. That usually has already happened at the hearing. But at work sessions, amendments can be adopted that the public does not get to see until after they have been approved and made part of the bill. In this case, even the people in the room, including the bill’s sponsor, Kim Thatcher, had no idea what was in the amendments that were approved until after the bill was voted to the floor. While the amendments in question do not appear to be a problem, it is an indication of something very wrong with the system. Private CHL info is currently public, but changes made to proposed legislation are secret!

Oklahoma - [3/11/11] RKBA Bills in Oklahoma

Several bills concerning gun legislation that would alter the state’s carry and conceal laws passed committees last week. House Bill 1652 would allow licensed students, teachers and visitors to keep their guns in their locked vehicles on CareerTech campuses. HB 2087 would allow licensed faculty and administrators to carry weapons on university and college campuses, unless prohibited by the university’s president. HB 1796 would let voters decide in 2012 if Oklahoma would become an open-carry state. It would allow any Oklahoman with a valid handgun license issued by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to carry weapons concealed or unconcealed. HB 1652 alters current legislation, which outlaws weapons on CareerTech campuses. The legislation, by Rep. John Enns, passed the committee 11-4 on March 3, and passed the full House Thursday by a vote of 84-14…

Illinois - [3/9/11] Concealed-Carry Bill Advances in Illinois

A proposal to allow Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons has made it out of House committee in Springfield on Tuesday and was headed for a full House vote. As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, the House Agriculture Committee, a panel dominated by downstate pro-gun rights lawmakers, voted 12-2 Tuesday in favor of allowing local county sheriffs to issue concealed carry permits to people 21 and over who have gone through training courses. Such proposals have always been controversial and stirred up a lot of emotion at the state capitol when discussed before. And for it or against it, many people said they believe this time around, the concealed carry movement might have some legs in Springfield. But others have said it will have a difficult time passing in the full House, which is controlled by Democrats, many of whom are from the Chicago area…

Iowa - [3/9/11] Shall-Issue Law Already Target for Amendment

When the law concerning gun rights went into effect in January, it was already facing scrutiny from local sheriffs, businesses and communities. Now there is a new bill lawmakers are hoping will help in clearing up the major concerns and oversights. The original bill, Senate File 2379, was passed primarily to create a degree of uniformity across the state, but fault was found in some of the provisions established within the law… The new bill attempting to fix these problems, Senate Study Bill 1056 – which is currently in the Judiciary Committee – would change the original bill with several new specifications. In current law, gun owners are required to attend range training for a permit renewal, but not when applying for a new permit. SSB 1056 would flip this around and require range training only for new permits… This bill would also address training issues by prohibiting the use of Internet training to satisfy any training requirements because of the inefficiencies involved with this practice. An additional provision makes the prohibition of the transportation of a loaded long gun on public highways more clear. This has been law in Iowa for a while and is extremely important in preventing illegal hunting and in the safety of anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, Hogg said…

Nevada - [3/9/11] Nevada Weighs CFP Confidentiality

Nevada lawmakers are considering making the identities of concealed weapon permit holders confidential. It would reverse a controversial Nevada Supreme Court decision making the sensitive information public. Metro police issued nearly 44,000 concealed weapons permits over the past 15 years. Right now, all of those people's identities are public information but some state lawmakers say that information could fall into the wrong hands. At Discount Firearms and Ammo, shooting enthusiasts have a message for the lawmakers. "I'd tell them it's a good opportunity to bring the laws back on the side of the citizens," said Dan Schott, Discount Firearms and Ammo. Schott is referring to Assembly Bill 413. It would reverse last year's Nevada Supreme Court decision that made public the identities of concealed weapons permit holders… The Assembly Bill would also make it possible for people to get one concealed weapons permit for all semi-automatic handguns. Unlike revolvers, people currently have to get permits for each individual semi-automatic gun model. The next hearing on the bill is Friday. (It’s really not a separate permit for each autoloading pistol – it’s an additional “qualification” so that each model can be listed on the single permit.)

Kentucky - [3/7/11] (From the NRA) Legislation to Restore Gun Rights and a Compartment-Carry Bill Pass Kentucky Senate Monday

Please contact the Governor today! On March 4, two pro-gun bills passed unanimously in the Kentucky Senate.

House Bill 308, with an NRA-supported amendment, would provide a pathway to restoring gun rights.

House Bill 313 would allow for concealed carry in a vehicle’s installed compartment. Both bills are now awaiting approval by Governor Steve Beshear (D). House Bill 308, sponsored by state Representative Bob Damron (D-39), would implement the federal NICS Improvements Amendments Act, providing a pathway for the restoration of gun rights. House Bill 313, sponsored by state Representative Will Coursey (D-6), would allow an individual to carry a loaded or unloaded firearm in an enclosed compartment originally installed by the manufacturer in a motor vehicle. The firearm would not be considered a concealed firearm under state law and the occupant would not need a concealed carry permit to transport a firearm in this manner. Current law requires a firearm to be stored in a glove compartment even though some vehicles do not come with one regularly installed. Please contact Governor Beshear and respectfully urge him to sign both HB 308 and HB 313. He can be reached by calling (502) 564-2611 or you may e-mail him by clicking here.

North Carolina - [3/7/11] Good Prospects for North Carolina RKBA Bills

Several bills to relax North Carolina gun laws are under consideration at the N.C. General Assembly, and with the new Republican majority in charge, gun enthusiasts see a good chance of passing them. Legislation strengthening self-defense rights has already passed the state Senate. Bills expanding the places people can carry concealed weapons are in committee in the House. One bill removes the ban on licensed concealed weapons in local parks and restaurants that serve alcohol. The other would make it illegal for business owners to ban guns from their parking lots, provided the guns are legally owned and locked out of sight in a vehicle. It's not clear how far these bills will get, but they're getting public hearings this year, a good sign for any legislation. "I'm pretty optimistic," said Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina, which lobbies the legislature to loosen gun restrictions…

Illinois - [2/28-11] Is This the Year for Illinois?

Proponents of a law that would allow Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons think they've got a good shot at getting the legislation passed this year. They say a number of factors are in play, ranging from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that knocked down a Chicago ban on handguns to a national trend of states allowing citizens to carry weapons. Illinois is the only state that does not allow its residents to carry a gun in some fashion. And, privately, some supporters say Illinois' downstate voters, generally more conservative than those in Chicago and the rest of Cook County, haven't been thrilled lately with their state legislators. Fresh on downstate voters' minds, they say, are an income tax increase, civil unions, the governor's plan to borrow billions and hire 950 new state workers, the possible abolition of the death penalty and investigations into workers' compensation claims by state employees. Downstate legislators from both parties have long been overwhelmingly supportive of gun-ownership rights, but they might be pushing harder now to get cooperation on the concealed-carry issue from their fellow legislators in the Chicago area, who traditionally favor restrictions on gun ownership…

South Carolina - [2/28/11] Still Weighing Constitutional Carry

A recent proposal unanimously approved Thursday by a bipartisan state House Judiciary subcommittee would allow any legal gun owner over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit… pponents of the bill said extra training and education is a vital part of carrying a concealed weapon, and they contend relaxing gun laws and having more people carrying concealed weapons could be more dangerous than not… Neal said he's a gun owner and holds a concealed weapons permit, and that he has no concern about the law as is. But removing the education and training aspects are detrimental to owners, he said, and it "sets the stage for some accidents and some unfortunate events." Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis agrees with Neal. In many cases, he said, people who have weapons on them may act in a way they wouldn't if they didn't have a weapon: Carrying a gun could give someone "false confidence" and lead to more shooting-related incidents. Dennis said he doesn't have an issue with the concealed weapons law as it is now, since it gives his department a database of who's registered and provides permit holders the necessary education and training, but he's against changing or relaxing that law… The legislation now moves on to the full Judiciary Committee. If it becomes law, South Carolina would join Alaska, Arizona and Vermont as states that allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit. (I guess that means that Sheriff Dennis trains his deputies [a] to assume that subjects they encounter are unarmed if their names do not appear in the permit database and [b] not to carry off duty so as to avoid “false confidence.”)

Arkansas - [2/26/11] During Times of Emergencies, Arkansans Will Have Means of Self-Defense

"Thursday, February 24th, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed SB115, sending this legislation to the desk of Governor Mike Beebe. SB115, sponsored by Senator Bill Sample and Representative Loy Mauch, received a unanimous 89-0 vote from the floor of the House. I blogged about it here, yesterday." Story Here

Ohio - [2/26/11] Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix Bill Scheduled for Fourth Hearing in House BFA to Offer Proponent Testimony

"The House Committee on State Government and Elections, which is chaired by BFA 'A' -rated Rep. Bob Mecklenborg, will hear proponent, opponent and interested party testimony on HB45, sponsored by Representatives Danny Bubp (R-West Union) and Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), on Tuesday, March 1 at 1:30 PM in Room 116. This is the bill's fourth hearing in the House. Buckeye Firearms Association will offer proponent testimony." Story Here

Wyoming - [2/26/11] Constitutional Carry Advances to Governors Office

"The Jennings-Jaggi Constitutional Carry Bill passed the House on Final reading this morning, 49-9!" "Give yourself a pat on the back. Without your dedication - and committed action - this freedom-expanding bill would not have passed." Story Here

South Carolina - [2/25/11] Constitutional Carry Clears a Hurdle in South Carolina

Gun-rights activists applauded a vote Thursday that would allow South Carolina citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The measure, which applies to any resident at least 21 years old who can legally own a gun, has bipartisan support in this gun-friendly state. A House panel voted unanimously to advance the amended bill to the full Judiciary Committee. "You can't prevent a criminal from having a gun," said Byron Chafin of rural Batesburg, who has a concealed carry permit. "A law-abiding citizen should have the right to protect themselves anywhere they go." South Carolina's top law enforcement officer said allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed guns makes people feel safer and could deter an attack, and he has no problem with it. "You've got to have a way to defend yourself," said State Law Enforcement Division chief Reggie Lloyd, a former judge and U.S. attorney, noting his strong belief that women especially need to arm themselves against attacks. Other law enforcement officers say they're concerned about allowing people to carry concealed guns without training.

Colorado - [2/25/11] Constitutional Carry?

A controversial measure that would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons without permits, and thus avoid a second round of background checks, is moving forward. House Bill 1205, sponsored by Rep. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, sailed through the House Judiciary Committee on an 8-3 vote, despite opposition from gun-control groups. Holbert, a gun-owner himself, wrote the bill along with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a group of Second Amendment advocates who find the second round of background checks for concealed-carry permits unnecessary… Holbert was careful to explain that the legislation would not change current laws that make it illegal to carry concealed weapons on K-12 school campuses. But it [sic] concealed-carry permits do allow gun owners to carry their firearms on college campuses; and that would remain the case under this bill. If it passes the full House, the measure will still have to clear the Democrat-controlled Senate before it can become law.,0,577188.story

Utah - [2/25/11] Constitutional Bill Carry Sponsored.

A bill sponsored by Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) would loosen gun laws--it would allow anyone to openly carry and conceal any weapon – something  Wimmer says falls in line with our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Although the bill has been held in committee, it is already drawing a lot of controversy and opposition. Many opponents, including Rep. David Litvack (D-Salt Lake City) say the State of Utah has no interest in regulating gun laws and that the change would do away with the need to carry concealed weapons permits and attend firearm safety classes. "Right now, if you want to carry a concealed weapon, loaded, ready to go, you have to go through a class, training, as a requirement of the law," said Rep. David Litvack. "House Bill 129 does away with that requirement; makes it completely optional. I could go out today having never touched a gun in my life, go out, buy a gun, carry it, conceal; ready to go. I think it goes way too far." … (As I recall, Utah does not require a permit or training to carry a firearm openly, outside the limits of a city or town. What makes the firearm or the person carrying it more dangerous in town or if the gun gets covers by a shirt?),0,7046026.story?track=rss

New Hampshire - [2/25/11] Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced

New Hampshire could become the fourth state in the country to do away with gun permits and allow adults to carry concealed and loaded weapons at will if a bill debated yesterday passes the Republican-dominated Legislature. Rep. Jennifer Coffey, an Andover Republican, said her bill combats increasing government control over basic rights. Only Vermont, Arizona and Alaska require no permit to carry concealed and loaded weapons. Gun rights advocates lauded the bill during a public hearing before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, but the bill had its share of opponents. A clinical social worker said suicides would spike if guns were easily at hand. Fish and Game officials expressed concern that loaded long guns bouncing around inside vehicles would result in more accidental shootings and prompt "road hunters" to fire at game through open car windows. And the chief of police in Salem, Paul Donovan, said he fears it will only increase gang and drug violence in the state's southern cities… Donovan said drug dealers would carry guns to protect their stashes and to attack those they believe have wronged them. Donovan, a vice president of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, said a majority of the state's police chiefs and the association oppose the bill… (If they’re dealing drugs, wouldn’t they already be in violation of federal by simply possessing a firearm?)

Texas - [2/25/11] Students Debate Campus Carry

The possibility of a new state law that would let people carry concealed handguns at Texas colleges has renewed the debate about whether the measure would make schools safer or more dangerous. "I just wouldn't be comfortable sitting in class and knowing the stranger sitting next to me could have a gun on them," student Minji An said at a well-attended forum Thursday night at the University of Texas at Arlington. An, a freshman, said she worried not only about more students using guns to settle grievances but also about accidental shootings when, for example, a student drops a backpack and a weapon inside discharges. Supporters of the bill said nothing prevents a person who intends to cause harm from bringing a gun onto campus now… More than half the members of the Texas House have signed on as co-authors of a bill that would compel state universities to allow concealed handguns. Private universities could still ban them. A similar measure passed the Senate in 2009 but never got a vote in the House. Utah is the only state to enact such a law. Some universities are proceeding as if they expect the change to happen. Representatives from campuses in the University of North Texas System plan to meet soon to discuss the potential impact, a school official said…

Across America [ 2/24/11 ] State RKBA Updates for the States! NRA News

Illinois - [2/24/11] Preemption Bill Advances

A measure to strip Illinois municipalities of their authority to regulate gun ownership has passed an Illinois House committee. An NRA spokesman says the legislation doesn’t necessarily target Chicago, but that’s where the law would have the biggest effect. A proposal moving through the Illinois legislature would strip municipalities of their ability to control firearm ownership. That includes home rule communities. H.B. 264 seeks to create a statewide standard for those who wish to buy firearms for protection. Todd Vandermyde of the National Rifle Association says the legislation doesn’t necessarily target Chicago, but the city offers a prime example of why statewide legislation is needed. Chicago passed several local ordinances regarding gun ownership shortly after the Supreme Court struck down its handgun ban last year. He says gun owners shouldn’t have to pay for an extra license and training just to own a gun in the city…

Maine - [2/24/11] Constitutional Carry?

Proposals by Republican state legislators to relax Maine’s gun control laws set the stage for a new political standoff at the State House. Among the handful of bills expected to set off the biggest firestorm is legislation sponsored by Rep. Dale Crafts, R-Lisbon, that would – among other changes – repeal the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Maine. LD 658, “An Act To Modify the Requirement of a Permit To Carry a Concealed Weapon,” would make Maine’s concealed weapons law “similar to Vermont, Arizona and Alaska law, which basically allows you to carry without a permit, but restricts” the law if someone doesn’t hold a permit, Crafts said. Current Maine law requires anyone who wishes to carry a concealed weapon to obtain a permit. Local law enforcement agencies now process concealed weapons applications. Other laws prohibit guns from being taken into such locations as schools, courthouses and the State House. Crafts’ bill also would reduce fees related to acquiring gun permits, extend the duration of carry permits and allow applicants to apply a gun safety course taken at any time as a qualification for a permit. At present, Mainers must demonstrate that they completed a gun safety course within five years of applying for a permit. Opponents, including Democratic legislators and gun control advocates, call Crafts’ legislation “outrageous” and “a nightmare.” … (And that would be why nearby Vermont, which has never required any sort of permit to carry a firearm, has one of the lowest rates of firearm-related crime in the nation.)

Arizona - [2/23/11] Campus Carry Still Pending

If Rep. Jack Harper, an Arizona Republican from Surprise, gets his House Bill 2014 passed into law, soon Caldwell and many other gun holders with valid permits can carry on ASU campuses. Harper introduced the bill in late December. He is also the main sponsor of House Bill 2001, which would allow community colleges and university faculty to carry concealed weapons on Arizona college campuses if they have a proper permit…  “There’s no good reason for guns on college campuses,” says Hildy Saizow, executive director of Arizonans For Gun Safety. Caldwell disagrees. He says one reason faculty and students might be fearful of someone bringing a gun to campus is because they lack knowledge on how to use weapons. Caldwell is no novice in firing guns. He is a veteran of the Iraq War whose training in the Marines educated him in firearms. Even before that, at 14, he would go out with his grandfather to the desert to practice target shooting…  “In the Marine Corps, for seven months in Iraq, my weapon never left my side, even when I was going to the shower.” Caldwell says he will carry his M&P 45 on campus if HB 2014 becomes law… (I’m a little concerned about the implication that Caldwell either carries an unloaded pistol or is sufficiently cavalier about Rule One to assure the reporter that it is temporarily unloaded. S&W M&P pistols are made of polymer and steel, not aluminum and steel.)

Montana - [2/23/11] Debates Constitutional Carry

Critics say a bill that would let anyone who is eligible carry a concealed weapon without a permit in city limits in Montana could make cities more dangerous. Proponents disagree and say House Bill 271 is about individual rights. President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association Gary Marbut thinks some of Montana's individual rights have been washed away. That's why he and the MSSA are behind several state bills that would make it easier for Montanans to access and carry weapons. HB 271, a bill that would allow anyone eligible to carry a weapon without a permit, is one he's pushing for. Marbut says, "Currently a permit is not needed to carry (a weapon) inside city limits. So all we're talking about is whether you can put on a coat. And we want people to be able to put on a coat inside city limits without having to get a permit." …Other Republican-sponsored gun bills on the table this session include a bill to allow legislators to carry guns in the capitol. Another would limit police officers' authority to seize weapons, and a third would reduce federal authority over Montana-made firearms. The Senate is now considering whether to allow hunters to use silencers, and a measure to let people carry weapons where they are now prohibited, like banks and bars. The Montana Shooting Sports Association has helped with 24 bills focused on hunting and gun rights. (Surely Chief Muir’s officers are not foolish enough to assume that people they contact are not armed if they do not appear on the CWP list.)

Florida - [2/23/11] Governor Backs Campus Carry

Governor Rick Scott says he backs a new bill to allow licensed gun owners to bring their weapons on college campuses. But the law is getting some serious push back. "I believe in the right to bear arms," Scott said Tuesday when asked about Senate Bill 434. But parents whose children were killed by guns are speaking out against it… The state Senate committee considering the bill suspended a vote Tuesday after emotional testimony from parents, but insiders say it'll likely be brought back up at the next meeting. The group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus points out that laws banning guns did nothing to stop shootings at Virginia Tech and other schools across the country.

Kentucky - [2/22/11] (From KC3) Constitutional Carry.

Rep. Mike Harmon has a bill that's now in the House Judiciary committee that would establish the same sort of concealed carry rules for Kentucky that are now in place in Arizona and Alaska. If you're legally allowed to own a firearm then no permit is required when you carry in Kentucky, and the present permit system will remain in place for those who wish to acquire a permit for travel and reciprocity outside of Kentucky. Please call the legislative message line at (800) 372-7181 and leave a message for all the members of the Judiciary committee, as well as your own representative and if you like, all the members of the house and tell them that you support House Bill 113 and want to see it brought to the floor for a vote. We're hopeful that this bill can be amended to add a provision that will make it clear that colleges do NOT have authority to regulate the possession of firearms that remain inside a vehicle while that vehicle is on their parking lots or property, and that this is legal just as it is on private lots, state lots and other school properties now. They need to hear from you so make those calls, do it every day and pass this information on to your friends and our allies!

Oklahoma - [2/22/11] Bill Would Protect Business Owners.

A state senator is proposing a new law that would be known as the "Jerome Ersland Act." Senator Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) says the bill would presume that a business owner was acting in self-defense if that owner shoots and kills an armed robber. "When I saw that Jerome Ersland was charged with this crime, I started thinking to myself, what in the world can we do to help citizens who are just trying to protect their businesses," said Sen. Shortey. Ersland was charged with the murder of 16-year-old Antwun Parker when Parker and another teenager tried to rob the pharmacy at gunpoint. Senator Shortey says the "Jerome Ersland Act" will be very similar to the "Make My Day" and "Stand your Ground" laws… Ersland is still waiting to go to trial.,0,7862556.story

A second bill filed over publicity of an Oklahoma City pharmacist being charged with murder after he shot a masked robber was approved Monday by a House panel. House Bill 2088 would consider it self-defense if someone, in fear of one's own life or in the defense of others, killed another during an armed robbery. The bill's author, Rep. Randy Terrill, said the measure will be expanded to cover those who kill someone while defending themselves or others from murder and rape. The House Judiciary Committee approved HB 2088 by a vote of 15-2. It now goes to the full House. The same committee last week approved HB 1439, which is patterned after Oklahoma's Make My Day Law; it allows a homeowner to use deadly force against someone who has unlawfully and forcibly entered the dwelling. The law presumes the homeowner has a reasonable fear of being harmed…

Arkansas - [2/21/11] Self Defense Law Change Seems Unnecessary

State Libertarians favor a broad brush approach, party chair Scott Kohlhaas last week suggesting, “The entire statute should be eliminated and replaced with a simple statement that a person may use deadly force when in that person’s judgment it is necessary to defend life.” While a broad definition like that will draw much debate, we think it’s time for that debate to start again. While HB 80 seeks to attack part of a perceived problem, it seems to us to be a solution in search of a problem — one that might further muddy already murky waters. Story Here

Texas - [2/21/11] Outlook Good for Campus-Carry Bill.

Texas is preparing to give college students and professors the right to carry guns on campus, adding momentum to a national campaign to open this part of society to firearms. More than half the members of the Texas House have signed on as co-authors of a measure directing universities to allow concealed handguns. The Senate passed a similar bill in 2009 and is expected to do so again.  Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who sometimes packs a pistol when he jogs, has said he's in favor of the idea. Texas has become a prime battleground for the issue because of its gun culture and its size, with 38 public universities and more than 500,000 students. It would become the second state, following Utah, to pass such a broad-based law. Colorado gives colleges the option and several have allowed handguns… (I have assumed for some time that Texas would become the first major state to reverse its ban on campus carry and hope that it will lead other states – including Arizona – down the same path.)

Wyoming - [2/21/11] Constitutional Carry.

Another Senate bill coming up for a hearing in the House this week would allow Wyoming citizens to carry concealed handguns without a permit. Buchanan said he expects the bill will pass, but said he expects a spirited debate. A similar handgun bill passed the House in the last legislative session but failed in the Senate. "When you come to a concealed-carry issue, the House has always been pretty supportive of Second Amendment rights," Buchanan said. "I don't think it's going to have a lot of resistance." …

Indiana - [2/21/11] Preemption Bill in Indiana

Case in point: The “pre-emption” gun bill that sailed through the state Senate this past week, spun as a simple piece of legislation that would clean up what supporters called a “patchwork” of gun laws across the state. More simply put, it would outlaw local units of government from restricting firearms and ammunition. With a very few exceptions, local units of government could no longer keep guns out of their parks, playgrounds and public buildings. The sweeping language of the bill alarmed State Sen. Tim Lanane, a Democrat from Anderson, who considers himself a supporter of Second Amendment gun rights. But as Lanane argued on the Senate floor, he also believes there should “reasonable limits.” Lanane was swiftly slapped down by bill supporters who have the backing of the NRA, a powerful gun-rights lobby. “It’ll take somebody big to stop this,” Lanane said. “I’m not convinced that opposition from every mayor and city council in the state could halt this.” Maybe not, but now those mayors and city councils have a big ally in the fight: Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. He sent out a “tweet” on the social media site Twitter, declaring his opposition to the bill. That was followed up by an unequivocal statement from the Colts, bashing the bill… (Recall that Paul Helmke, honcho of the Brady Bunch, is a former mayor of Fort Wayne IN.)

Rhode Island - [2/21/11] Considers Permit Confidentiality

The House Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would provide another level of secrecy over the identities of people who apply for gun permits in Rhode Island. If passed, the legislation would bar cities and towns from revealing the name, address and date of birth of anyone who applies for a license to carry a concealed pistol or revolver. Current state law bars municipalities from disclosing the identities of people who have ever been granted such permits either by the attorney general’s office or by cities or towns. This would close what advocates say is a loophole in public records law. Rep. Donna M. Walsh, D-Charlestown, one of the sponsors of the legislation, said it was the second year in a row that she had introduced the bill, which has the support of gun lobbyists. At a hearing last week, one of her colleagues, Rep. Michael J. Marcello, D-Scituate, the committee vice chairman, asked about “the genesis of the bill: Was it an incident” that prompted its introduction? Walsh said the bill was the last piece of legislation that Donn DiBiasio, a gun-shop owner and lobbyist who died last year, had testified for. “It seems to make sense,” she said. DiBiasio’s widow, Cindy Julien, who’s employed as a nurse, told committee members that the bill was necessary to keep The Providence Journal from getting information… (As with many states with a strong Mob presence, carry permits are very hard to obtain in Rhode Island so I’m not sure how many people are actually affected.)

Iowa - [2/17/11] Iowa City Votes to Ban Guns on City Property, Buses

"Leaders in Iowa City voted Tuesday evening to ban guns on city-owned property and buses. Other communities have approved similar measures in response to a recent loosening of Iowa’s gun restrictions." Story Here

Nevada - [2/17/11] Nevada Could Ease Permit Requirements

The Senate Judiciary Committee met this morning, February 16, 2011, to discuss three bills before it; SB29, SB88, and SB126. The most interesting of the three was SB126 which revises certain provisions relating to permits to carry concealed firearms. The bill was introduced by Senator James A. Settelmeyer (R – Capital Senatorial Dist.) and Senator John J. Lee (D – Clark County 1) in a bipartisan effort to bring Nevada into alignment with other “Shall Issue” states regarding conceal carry permits.  Under existing law, a person who applies for a permit to carry a firearm concealed is required to list each specific semiautomatic firearm to which the permit will pertain, however does not need to list each specific revolver. Nevada is the last state in the union to require individual weapons qualifications… (If Nevada legislators wanted to regain some tourism dollars, they would go to universal recognition of out-of-state permits.)

South Carolina - [2/17/11] South Carolina to Weigh Constitutional Carry

A House panel on Thursday will take up a bill that would allow anyone who can legally own a firearm in the state to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The move to loosen gun laws comes in the wake of the Jan. 8 Arizona shootings that killed six and left U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, as well as a Dec. 14 incident in Florida where an armed man threatened school board members before he was fatally shot by security. But rather than seeking to tighten gun restrictions, as some Democrats have urged President Barack Obama to do on the federal level, South Carolina lawmakers are looking at how to make it easier to carry weapons for protection. A House panel last month rejected efforts to give public officials more freedom to carry guns to protect themselves because gun rights advocates said they shouldn't be singled out for special treatment. Instead, that House panel now will consider doing away with the permit requirements for carrying concealed weapons. The measure has 36 of the House's 123 members signed on as supporters and few vocal opponents…

Texas - [2/17/11] Texans Debate Campus Carry

Ed Leathers has a concealed handgun license, and he believes in Texas gun laws. But as the chief of police for Collin County Community College in the northern suburbs of Dallas, he is convinced that campuses are the wrong place for concealed handguns. "Our officers are trained to go immediately to the location of where shots are reported to be fired, and they’re trained not to ask any questions but stop the person who they identify with a weapon" – and that could include a student or teacher who is trying to take down a shooter, Leathers says. If officers were to come upon a scene with more than one armed person, they wouldn’t be able to tell the good guy from the bad… (Perhaps but by the time campus cops get to the scene there could be many more casualties than if a lawfully armed student or teacher were already there. How about just boosting the training for campus cops and those who want to carry on campus?)

Arkansas - [2/16/11] Ark. Senate OKs Bill Limiting Gun Restrictions

"The Arkansas Senate voted Monday to prohibit local governments from restricting or confiscating firearms during a state of emergency, a move that backers say would protect gun owners' rights during natural and man-made disasters." Story Here

Florida - [2/16/11] Current Pro-Gun Bills Filed

Bills concerning Carry Rights Reform, Gun Owner & Carry Licesne Privacy along with Preemption have been filed in the Florida Legislature. Information Here

Illinois - [2/16/11] Preemption Bill in Illinois

In addition to his conceal and carry measure this spring, state Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) is also sponsoring legislation that will help ease restrictions on gun owners by making the state the sole regulator of the ownership and possession of firearms in Illinois… House Bill 142 would amend the Firearms Owners Identification Card Act to make regulation of the possession and ownership of firearms, ammunition, and other components the exclusive power and responsibility of the state. Under this proposed measure, local governments would not be able to impose restrictions other than those that are required by the Firearms Owners Identification Card Act. Local governments would no longer be able to require the additional registration of firearms, ammunition, or gun owners, as a condition of possession or ownership. All current municipal gun codes and ordinances that do impose restrictions would become void… (That’s quite a challenge to the City of Chicago, which means that this bill is not likely to become law.)

Indiana - [2/16/11] Senate Passes RKBA Bill

Hoosiers who have permits could take their guns to libraries, public hospitals and city council meetings under a measure the state Senate approved Monday. The bill by Sen. Jim Tomes, R-Wadesville, would – with the exception of schools, courts and law enforcement offices – do away with all rules that prohibit licensed gun owners from carrying their weapons on public property. “They are your first responder,” Tomes said, referring to those carrying concealed weapons. Senate Bill 292 passed on a 38-12 vote. It now moves to the House. Some Senate Democrats – particularly those who represent urban districts – said the bill would make public meetings more dangerous… (And that would be because those angry enough to shoot public officials would obey minor laws that prohibit firearms at public meetings?)

West Virginia - [2/16/11] RKBA Bill Introduced

West Virginia's gun laws could be overhauled for the first time in 20 years under a bill introduced into the House of Delegates on Monday… Dubbed the West Virginia Gun Owner Protection Act, House Bill 3125 calls for stiffer penalties on the criminal use of firearms, but also clarifies and expands the state's existing gun laws. "There are this many problems with West Virginia's gun laws," said Keith Morgan, flipping through the three-inch-thick, 581-page draft of the bill. Morgan is president of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, a grassroots gun rights advocacy group that helped push introduction of the bill. The organization has several hundred members throughout the state. Key provisions of the bill would rescind local gun ordinances by Charleston and other cities grandfathered into current law and allow the carry of firearms in most government buildings. Attorney Jim Mullins, a lawyer who drafted the bill, said guns would still be prohibited in courtrooms under the legislation…

Alaska - [2/14/11] Self-Defense Bill Advances

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Friday tried to take the unusual step of attaching a fiscal note from the committee to House Bill 80 in an attempt to dispute the Department of Law’s own note that states the proposed legislation would cost the department $450,000 a year. House Bill 80, which later passed out of the committee, would eliminate a person’s duty to retreat from a situation where that person uses deadly force in self-defense, as long as the defender was in a place where he or she had “a right to be.” The proposed note would have stated the committee believed the bill would not have any impact on the Department of Law’s budget… Gruenberg also said if the note was to be attached to the bill, he would feel obligated to contact the Public Defender Agency to get its opinion of the potential fiscal impact of the bill. Douglas Moody from the Public Defender Agency answered questions for the committee Wednesday, but did not address any fiscal issues regarding the bill… Annie Carpeneti, an assistant attorney general from the Department of Law, maintained the DOL’s belief HB 80, if passed and signed into law, would increase the number of cases the department takes to trial, not reduce them… (That’s a curious prediction from Ms. Carpeneti.)

Colorado - [2/14/11] No Duty to Retreat Bill?

Should merchants in Colorado be able to kill to protect their property? That appears to be the goal of some state lawmakers, according to a legal expert who has tracked repeated efforts in the Legislature to expand the so-called “Make My Day” law to businesses. This year’s version – Senate Bill 77, which failed to make it out of committee last week – would have expanded a 1985 law that grants residents immunity from prosecution and lawsuits if they use deadly force against intruders. Under the bill, property crimes would have justified deadly force if a merchant believed an intruder might use force “no matter how slight.” “This really does let people shoot other people or even kill other people over property,” said H. Patrick Furman, a law professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder who reviewed the failed bill at The Gazette’s request… State Sen. Kevin Grantham, who introduced this year’s bill, dismissed their objections as “the Chicken Little argument.” The Republican from rural southeastern Colorado went to Twitter to blame “antigunners” for the bill’s failure last Wednesday, charging that “businesses continue to be left vulnerable.” In an interview, Grantham said business owners in Colorado feel they are “guilty until proven innocent” because under Colorado law they have to demonstrate the force they used was commensurate with the threat they faced… (I suspect that The Gazette was very careful in its selection of a law professor to review the bill.)

North Carolina - [2/14/11] Castle Doctrine Bill

Some may have heard it called the Castle Doctrine; still others infamously dub it the “Make My Day” law, paying homage to actor Clint Eastwood’s line in the 1983 film “Sudden Impact.” Nicknames aside, three North Carolina state senators have introduced legislation that, if passed, will clarify when and if you can shoot an intruder on your property and not face criminal charges. Republican Sen. Kathy Harrington, who represents Gaston County, is a primary sponsor of Senate Bill 34, which says a person is justified in using defensive force in circumstances when someone takes unlawful and forcible entry into the person’s dwelling. The bill says residents could presume fear, death or great bodily harm by an intruder and have immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force…

Georgia - [2/14/11] RKBA Bills Pending

Gun owners would be allowed to carry their firearms in churches and in college classrooms under legislation that, if approved, would extend gun rights further in Georgia. It remains to be seen whether House Bills 54 and 55 have a prayer of being heard this legislative session, but some North Georgia pastors said they wouldn't be opposed to church members with permits carrying guns into worship… Legislation approved by the Georgia General Assembly last year clarified where it is legal for licensed gun owners to carry firearms. The law removed the prohibition on guns at public gatherings, but it stipulated that guns were banned in certain places including churches, schools and bars without the owner's permission. Allowing guns in churches was taken out of the bill to ensure it passed, said Rep. Jay Neal, R-LaFayette…

Iowa - 2/14/11] RKBA Bills Pending

Pro-firearm lobbyists and legislators who scored big on the “shall issue” legislation last year are pushing their agenda with renewed vigor this session. More than a dozen bills related to firearms have been filed, covering issues as varied as the types of firearms security guards and private investigators can carry to allowing agencies that seize weapons the ability to sell them and excess ammunition to the public. Some measures – such as the one that lets police agencies sell seized ammunition – aren’t expected to even make it to a full committee hearing this session. But others have some juice behind them and are likely to make it to the floor. Critics say firearm advocates are asking for too much too fast, but those advocates say they’re only asking to bring Iowa to the same level as most other states in the nation… Known as the “castle doctrine” or “stand-your-ground bill,” the legislation would allow people to use reasonable force, including deadly force, to protect themselves or another person if they or the third party is in danger. It also makes people immune to civil lawsuits if they use that force and are not found criminally guilty of being excessive. It’s a change from current Iowa law that said a person can use deadly force to protect themselves or another person in their home, place of business or place of employment. Current law is silent on civil immunity.

Ohio - [2/14/11] (From the NRA) Update on Pro-Gun Legislation in the Buckeye State!

Tomorrow, February 15, the House State Government and Elections Committee will be taking proponent testimony for House Bill 45 at 1:30 pm in room 116 at the state capitol. Introduced by state Representatives Danny Bubp (R-88) and Terry Johnson (R-89), HB 45 would eliminate the current confusing standards of carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle. In addition, the proposal would also allow permit holders to carry a firearm for self-defense in a restaurant that serves alcohol, provided they are not consuming alcohol, thus eliminating another “victim zone” in Ohio. Information Here

Oklahoma - [2/14/11] RKBA Bills Pending.

Oklahoma legislators are advocating more guns in more places with several bills pending this session. At least 10 bills would create more areas where someone can carry a gun. Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore, authored House Bill 1400, a measure that would allow any adult to openly carry a firearm. He said some exceptions or an increase on the age limit could be added to the bill, but that he thinks it will help to deter criminals and protect rights. He cited a 2006 study by the FBI that showed most criminals conceal their firearms instead of carrying them openly as an example of a statistic that supports his position. Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, authored House Bill 1553, which would allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring guns into public buildings, professional sporting events and casinos and bypass security checkpoints by showing IDs and their permits. She said the government should not be able to restrict the places people entrusted with concealed-carry permits can take their guns. She cited work by conservative gun rights advocate John R. Lott Jr. to support her position. Lott’s research showed the majority of guns used in self-defense only had to be drawn and shown, not fired, to be effective…

Virginia - [2/11/11] RKBA Bills Advance in Virginia

In the past two years, Virginia's lawmakers have been busy passing multiple pro-gun bills, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed by local residents… The most well-known bill passed last year was the concealed carry law that allows citizens to carry concealed handguns into bars, as long as they do not drink. Virginia is slowly positioning itself close Texas on the list of most gun-friendly states. This year, Roanoke Delegate Bill Cleaveland is sponsoring a '"Castle Doctrine" bill that could allow Virginians to use deadly force against unwanted intruders in their own home… Citizens of Lynchburg say that expanded gun rights are good for Virginia, and they hope the trend of pro-gun bills continues in Richmond… The five bills that passed the House this week must still gain approval in the Senate.

Wyoming - [2/11/11] Castle Dcotrine Bill Moving Foraward

HB 167 – Castle doctrine modifications – passed with amendments on Feb. 2, Harvey said. The original bill allowed citizens to use force in self defense when they were the legal resident of an occupied structure. The amended bill allows citizens to use force against a person, but only when the person is entering their home or semi-permanent dwelling. “It changed it so we’re not talking about a warehouse or something like that,” Harvey said. She voted aye, citing second amendment rights. “I think people should have the right to defend themselves.” …

Illinois -[2/11/11] More on Illinois Carry Bill

State Rep. Dan Beiser said he is working to bring Illinois in line with 48 other states in co-sponsoring legislation allowing responsible gun owners to carry concealed weapons in public. "As a legislator, I am always advocating for the protection of the Second Amendment and preserving the right of lawful citizens to own firearms," said Beiser, D-Alton. "For too long, we have been preventing law-abiding citizens from being better able to protect themselves and their families by denying them the opportunity to have permits to carry concealed weapons." House Bill 148 creates the Family and Personal Protection Act, which would give county sheriffs the authority to issue concealed firearm permits to qualified applicants 21 years and older who are Illinois residents and U.S citizens. Qualified applicants will have to complete classroom and shooting range instruction and must not have been convicted of a felony, be free on bond or have any arrest warrants pending. Qualified holders of the permit would not be able to carry firearms in certain areas, including police stations, courthouses, airports and churches…

Maryland - [2/11/11] Maryland Shall Issue Bill?

Delegate Michael Smigiel, a Republican from Cecil and a concealed-carry permit holder, is working with Delegate Tiffany Alston, a Democrat from Prince George's, to clarify language in the state's handgun carry law that Second Amendment advocates have long complained infringes on their rights. At issue is a requirement to show a "good and substantial reason" to carry a gun, a cornerstone of Maryland's law that forces applicants to establish a compelling need for the license. When the General Assembly passed the state's handgun carry law in 1972, giving state police discretion to award permits, it did not define what constitutes a good and substantial reason to carry a gun. As a result, state police have interpreted court decisions over the years to decide whether each applicant fits the criteria for a permit. "The state police are enforcing a law they can't define clearly," said Alston, a lawyer. "The fact they're using case law puts the ball back in our court. We need to go ahead and tackle the issue and get a definition." Almost annually, lawmakers file legislation aimed at repealing the good and substantial clause. Each has died in committee, including proposals filed in recent sessions by a former Harford County Democrat…

Ohio - [2/11/11] Hearings Next Week for Ohio RKBA Bills

Both chambers of the Ohio General Assembly have scheduled hearings next week on pro-gun legislation supported by Buckeye Firearms Association… Both HB45 and SB17 contain the language from SB239 in the 128th General Assembly. The bills seek to allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants, and to reduce burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car. Both HB54 and SB61 contain the language from SB247 in the 128th General Assembly. The bills seek to align Ohio law with federal statutes regarding the restoration of rights to Ohio firearms purchasers. Ken Hanson, Legislative Chair of Buckeye Firearms Association, said, "These bills addresses three important issues facing Ohio gun owners and concealed carry license holders and seek to align Ohio law with federal law and the laws of our surrounding states."

From AzCDL [2/11/11]

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting on Monday, February 14, 2011.  On their agenda are the following bills that AzCDL is supporting.

SB 1467 – An AzCDL-requested bill that prohibits college and university governing boards from creating or enforcing a policy or rule that prevents CCW permit holders from possessing a “concealed” weapon on campus.

SB 1469 – (Postponed from the 2/7/11 agenda).  This bill would strengthen the statutes regarding the justification of the use of force.  It would assume that a person who is unlawfully entering is presumed to pose an imminent threat, and that a person who is justified in the use of force is not subject to criminal prosecution.
AzCDL representatives will be monitoring the committee hearing and testifying if necessary.

At this stage, we do not foresee any problems and it there is no urgent need to contact these committee members.  However if any of these committee members represent you, or if you would like to contact your Senator about these, or any other bills, our Legislative Action Center is available for your use.  Go to and click on the bill you want to comment on.  Follow the instructions in the “Take Action Now” box.  That should take you to the “Compose Your Own Letter” page.

Senate Judiciary Committee members can be found here: .

A list of the firearms and self-defense related bills, along with links, that AzCDL is monitoring can be found at our website: .

Georgia - [1/26/11] Federal Judge Upholds Georgia Church-Carry Ban

A federal judge has upheld the Georgia law banning weapons in churches, mosques and synagogues, saying gun rights advocates had not shown that carrying a firearm is necessary to practicing any religion. U.S. District Judge Ashley Royal late Monday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the gun rights organization and the minister at the Baptist Tabernacle of Thomaston. Royal wrote that Georgia law did not violate the First Amendment right to freedom of religion or the Second Amendment guarantee of a right to bear arms. Also on Monday, a north Georgia legislator filed a bill to remove the restriction on guns in places of worship. House Bill 54, filed by Rep. Bobby Franklin, R-Marietta, eliminates places of worship from the list of prohibited places. John Monroe, the attorney who filed the suit, said no decision has been made about appealing Royal’s decision or dropping the issue…

Illinois - [1/26/11] One More Push for Discreet Carry in Illinois

State Rep. Dan Reitz (D-Steeleville) is co-sponsoring legislation in the Illinois House that would allow responsible gun owners to carry a concealed weapon in public… House Bill 148 creates the Family and Personal Protection Act, which would provide uniform training and standards for issuing concealed carry permits in Illinois.  County sheriffs would be authorized to issue the permits to citizens with a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card who are at least 21 years of age. In addition, they must complete specified training requirements developed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board, consisting of classroom instruction and live firing exercises.  Finally, each applicant would undergo a criminal background check and must have no record of mental illness… (Not only is Illinois one of two states with no statutory provision for lawful discreet carry by private citizens, unlike Wisconsin, it also bans open carry.)

Maryland - [1/26/11] More Details from Maryland

Maryland could recognize other states' rights to carry concealed weapons if legislation under consideration in the General Assembly is successful. It is also a move that would allow Maryland residents to procure a right-to-carry permit out of state. The right-to-carry issue has recently drawn attention in Frederick County as the county's delegation of state lawmakers considered a proposal from Sheriff Chuck Jenkins to take over permitting responsibility from the Maryland State Police. The delegation ultimately declined to sponsor the legislation, but members argued in favor of statewide reforms to the system… The bill would dramatically change gun rights for Maryland residents as well as those from out-of-state passing through. That is because some states, like Virginia, authorize concealed weapons permits for nonresidents. For example, a Maryland resident unable to get a permit in Maryland could seek a nonresident permit in Virginia instead. The permit would also be valid in Maryland under the legislation…

Michigan - [1/26/11] Michigan May Restore More Rights

Legislation to do away with the list of places where concealed weapons are banned in Michigan – including churches, arenas and bars – was introduced today in the state Senate. Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, the bill’s sponsor, said the restrictions, enacted as part of a controversial change in concealed weapons law a decade ago which made licenses easier to obtain, are cumbersome and unnecessary… A companion bill would end the role of county gun boards in granting concealed pistol licenses, and turn those duties over to the Secretary of State. Green said some county gun boards continue to seek to thwart the intent of the CCW law to give ordinary citizens a presumptive right to be licensed to carry a concealed gun. (A poll is posted on the linked page and, at the time I type this, is just barely running in favor of discreet carry in “churches, arenas and bars.”)

New Mexico - [1/5/11] Bill Would Expand RKBA

Adults with a permit can carry a concealed handgun in the state Capitol, but not on a bus or in a school. State Rep. Zachary Cook says the restrictions are arbitrary and contrary to the U.S. Constitution. So Cook, R-Ruidoso, said he will introduce a bill next week to broaden the number of places where permit-holders can carry concealed handguns. They would include K-through-12 schools, colleges and universities, buses, licensed liquor establishments, and state parks and recreation areas. Cook said he had hoped to introduce the measure Thursday, but spent part of the day researching whether the provision for allowing guns in elementary and high schools conflicted with federal law. He said it does not because any applicants for a concealed-carry permit must be at least 21… (Actually, the reason that there would be no conflict with the federal Gun Free School Zones Act is because it contains an exemption for possession of a loaded firearm within 1,000 feet of a school zone if the carrier has a carry permit issued by the state in which the school zone is located and issuance of that permit required a background check. The law [18 USC § 922(q)(2)(B)(ii)] does not specify that the permit holder must be at least 21 years old. Unfortunately, subsection 3, which prohibits the discharge of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school zone, lacks an exemption for self-defense or defense of others.)

Virginia/ Mississippi - [1/25/11] Reciprocity Error Fixed!

Mississippi has updated their official website on whose permit/licenses they honor. Mississippi told that they did not have an agreement with Virginia. contacted the VCDL (Philip Van Cleave) who has better contacts in VA than we do. It didn't take long for Mississippi to update their site and acknowledge they did have an agreement with Virginia. The NRA seemed to be taking credit for getting this ironed out. (See Here) Just want people to know that Philip Van Cleave of the VCDL is the person who contacted the proper authorities and got this error corrected. Thank you VCDL and Mr. Van Cleave. It is very much appreciated.

West Virginia - [1/25/11] WVCDL Challenges Local Gun Bans

A West Virginia gun rights advocacy group has gone to federal court to fight handgun laws in Charleston, South Charleston and Dunbar. Members of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League filed a civil complaint in U.S. District Court on Monday challenging handgun laws in the three Kanawha County cities. Attorney Jim Mullins, who filed the complaint, alleges the cities' laws violate the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment right for citizens to keep and bear arms. All three cities ban the carrying of handguns on city property. Charleston also has a city ordinance requiring a three-day waiting period before someone can buy a gun within city limits, and limits gun purchases to one per month. "No criminal or deranged lunatic is going to be deterred from committing a crime on public property by the prospect of a whopping 30 extra days in jail for violating a municipal ordinance prohibiting guns on city property," Mullins, a Beckley attorney, said in a prepared statement. "Neither will a criminal wait while his intended victim goes through the three-day waiting period Charleston imposes on buying a handgun," he said. "And if you happened to have bought a handgun recently and it was stolen? Well, that same criminal also won't wait for you to become eligible to purchase another handgun under Charleston's one handgun per month rationing ordinance." …

Virginia - ALERT [1/24/11] Virginia/Mississippi Reciproicty Update!

There is an update on the Virginia/Mississippi Reciprocity issue. I received the following from the VCDL and also a reply to my email to the VA State Police. Here is the email alert from the VCDL:

Breaking News: The Virginia State Police has CONFIRMED with the Mississippi Highway Patrol that Mississippi DOES HONOR Virginia CHPs. Virginia continues to honor Mississippi CHPs. Many thanks to Tom Lambert with the Virginia State Police for staying on top of this important issue and getting us a definitive answer. Virginia is following up with Mississippi to get the Mississippi website updated to show Virginia as a reciprocal state. In the meantime if you have any problems carrying in Mississippi, tell them to talk to Major Jason Jennings with the MS Highway Patrol.

Maryland - Pennsylvania - Virginia - West Virginia - [1/24/11] MD Bill Would make MD Honor Surrounding States Permit/Licenses. (Maryland Shall Issue)

Here is a link to a stite that will let you send emails to those in the MD Senate. Fill in your name, email address, home address, phone number,

Suggested "Email Subject": Please SUPPORT HB-9! Suggested "Email Message" (feel free to customize): Please SUPPORT HB-9, Delegate Smigiel's bill that allow concealed handgun permit holders from surrounding states to carry concealed handguns in Maryland. Virginia is considering similar legislation and I would hope that gun owners from both sides of the Maryland/Virginia border would be able to protect themselves as they visit each other's state.

Nebraska - [1/24/11] Senator Pushes to Allow Teachers to Carry Guns

Would arming teachers help prevent school shootings? A Nebraska senator thinks so. Sen. Mark Christensen has submitted legislation that would allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in Nebraska schools. Story Here

Virginia - ALERT Do be aware that the state of Mississippi is stating they will not honor a Virginia Permit/License to Carry. The VA State Police report on their official web site that they do have a Reciprocity Agreement. I have talked to the Director of the Mississippi Firearms Unit and was told that Virginia is not on the list of states they Reciprocate with. I would not carry in Mississippi on a VA Permit/License until further notice. The VA Authorities have been notified that MS is not honoring their permit/license. Mississippi Official List of States They Honor. VA Official List of States They Honor

Nebraska - ALERT The NE State Police report on their official web site that Mississippi will honor a Nebraska Permit/License to Carry. The Mississippi Director of their Firearms Unit has informed me they will not honor a Nebraska Permit/License to Carry. I would not carry in Mississippi with a Nebraska Permit/License to Carry. NE State Police Listing of States they Honor and/or Honor Theirs. Mississippi Official List of States They Honor.

Mississippi - [1/21/11] (From the NRA) Senate Committee to Consider NRA-Backed Right-to-Carry Reform

Next week, the Senate Judiciary A Committee will consider Senate Bill 2469, a comprehensive bill by state Senator Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall), that would reverse or roll back many of the restrictions on where concealed pistol permit holders can lawfully carry. More Information Here

South Carolina - [1/21/11] (From the NRA) Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced in Columbia!

The 119th South Carolina General Assembly began its session this week, and on Wednesday, Jan. 12, State Representative Mike Pitts (R-14) introduced H. 3292, a comprehensive Right-to-Carry reform bill. Joining Rep. Pitts as cosponsors are Representatives Dan Cooper (R-10) and Greg Delleney, Jr. (R-43). H. 3292 seeks to reform current law to remove certain restrictions on where one may lawfully carry a concealed firearm, establish that property owners may not set policies or rules that would prohibit the transportation or storage of legally-possessed firearms or ammunition if it is locked, out of sight, within a privately-owned motor vehicle, and create a straight recognition standard for valid permits issued by other states. More Information Here

Texas - [1/21/11] (From the NRA) House Versions of NRA-Backed Employee/Parking Lot & Campus Carry Legislation Filed This Week!

Last week, we reported to you that two NRA-backed bills had already been filed in the Texas Senate: Senate Bill 321 by state Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy), legislation prohibiting employers from enforcing policies against the storage of lawfully-owned firearms in employees' private motor vehicles parked at work, and Senate Bill 354 by state Senator Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio), a bill to allow Concealed Handgun Licenses to protect themselves on college and university campuses. This week, state Representative Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington) introduced House Bill 681, the House version of the parking lot bill, and state Representative Joe Driver (R-Garland) filed House Bill 750, the House version of the campus carry measure. More Information Here

Wyoming - [1/21/11] (From the NRA) Legislation Proceeds After Senate Committee Approval

Senate File 47 was voted out of committee in the Wyoming Senate and put on general file for its next assignment. Sponsored by state Senator Kit Jennings (R-28) of Casper, SF 47 is an important update to lawful carry in Wyoming. It will allow for lawful carry of a concealed firearm without the burdensome requirement getting a Wyoming carry permit. The approval of this pivotal legislation bodes well for law-abiding citizens of Wyoming who wish to protect not only themselves but family and friends alike. More Information Here

Florida - [1/17/11] Relaxed Gun Laws Are Sought in Florida

"In the aftermath of Tucson's shooting rampage, lawmakers in Florida are ready to make their stand on guns clearer: They want more people to have the right to carry them in the open and fewer government restrictions." "Legislators have filed three separate bills, one that would restrict local governments from regulating firearms, another to stop doctors from even asking patients about them and a third to grant licensed gun owners the right to wear firearms outside their clothing -- including on college campuses." Story Here

Iowa - [1/17/11] Cities, Counties Scramble to Ban Weapons From Public Buildings as Gun Law Changes

"'The issue is access. They're pretty wide open,' said Independence City Manager Steve Diers. 'It's not difficult to gain access.'" "But the proposals haven't sat well with some residents and 2nd Amendment groups. The Iowa Firearms Coalition, a gun rights group, has pushed back against the ordinances." "Jeff Burkett, a coalition spokesman, called it a 'slippery slope.'" "'Once you decide you are going to carve off one or two places people can't carry guns, where does it stop?' Burkett said." "He said banning firearms creates a false sense of security because it won't stop a determined person from going to a city hall and opening fire. Story Here

South Dakota - [1/17/11] State Concealed Weapons Law Gets National Scrutiny

"As a lawsuit challenging South Dakota's concealed-weapons law gets the attention of national groups, the top Republican in the South Dakota Senate says he doesn't see a need for the law to be changed." "A British citizen who lives in Sioux Falls sued the state earlier this month after he was not allowed to renew his concealed-weapons permit. The Legislature changed the concealed weapons law in 2002 to only allow United States citizens to obtain permits." Story Here

West Virginia - [1/17/11] WVCDL Unveils Centerpiece of 2011 Legislative Agenda

"WVCDL is pleased to unveil our 2011 legislative agenda--WVCDL's most ambitious ever." "After months, er, years, of drafting, we are pleased to unveil the West Virginia Gun Owner Protection Act of 2011, a comprehensive proposed revision of West Virginia's gun laws that expands the rights of law-abiding gun owners and increases the penalties for the criminal misuse of firearms and other weapons."

Story Here

Mississippi - [1/16/11] (From the NRA) NRA-Backed Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Filed in Senate!

This week, State Senator Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall) introduced SB 2469, a comprehensive bill reversing or rolling back many of the restrictions on where concealed pistol permit holders can lawfully carry.  The measure has been referred to the Senate Judiciary A Committee, and we will keep you posted on when the committee schedules it for action. In the meantime, please call and email your State Senators and urge them to support SB 2469.  Contact information for the Mississippi Senate can be found at

South Carolina - [1/16/11] (From the NRA) Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced in Columbia!

The 119th South Carolina General Assembly began its session this week, and on Wednesday, Jan. 12, State Representative Mike Pitts (R-14) introduced H. 3292, a comprehensive Right-to-Carry reform bill. 

Joining Rep. Pitts as cosponsors are Representatives Dan Cooper (R-10) and Greg Delleney, Jr. (R-43).  H. 3292 seeks to reform current law to remove certain restrictions on where one may lawfully carry a concealed firearm, establish that property owners may not set policies or rules that would prohibit the transportation or storage of legally-possessed firearms or ammunition if it is locked, out of sight, within a privately-owned motor vehicle, and create a straight recognition standard for valid permits issued by other states. We will be giving a more detailed analysis of this legislation, as well as report on other firearm-related bills, in the near future.  In the meantime, please take a moment to call your State Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor H. 3292. Their contact information can be found here.

Texas - [1/16/11] (From the NRA) Two NRA-Backed Measures Introduced in the Texas Senate!

The Texas Legislature convened this past Tuesday for the 2011 legislative session.  Two NRA-backed measures have already been filed in the Texas Senate: SB 321 by State Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy), legislation prohibiting employers from enforcing policies against the storage of lawfully-owned firearms in employees' private motor vehicles parked at work, and SB 354 by State Senator Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio), a bill to allow Concealed Handgun Licenses to protect themselves on college and university campuses. Click on the link to each bill to find out if your State Senators have signed on as authors or co-authors.  If so, please thank them for their support!  If not, politely urge them to sign on as a co-author to each measure.  You can find contact information for your State Senators at

Virginia - 1/16/11] (From the NRA) Beginning of 2011 Legislative Session Begins with a Wide Range of Firearm Legislation in Richmond

The Virginia General Assembly convened its 2011 session on Wednesday, January 12. As this session progresses, the National Rifle Association will update you with alerts and action items on the status of both pro-gun and anti-gun legislation so you are better able to contact your elected state officials. Complete Story and Bill List Here

Iowa - [1/14/11] Spencer Supervisors Ban Guns, Weapons in County Buildings

"In a unanimous move by the Clay County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, the county's governing board approved a resolution, submitted by Clay County Attorney Mike Houchins, banning firearms and dangerous weapons from county property." "'I don't think we would have probably enacted anything had it not been brought to our attention by our sheriff,' said Joe Skow, Clay County Board of Supervisors chairman." Story Here

Iowa - [1/14/11] Concealed Guns Still Allowed in Woodbury County Buildings

"Gun control is a controversial issue no matter how you look at it." "Tuesday, a plan to ban weapons from all Woodbury County buildings like the courthouse grabbed lots of attention." "A standing room only crowd showed up to protest the Woodbury County's Attorney plan to keep guns off County Property." Story Here

Nebraska - [1/14/11] New Version of 'Castle Doctrine' Bill Introduced

"State senators may see another "castle doctrine" attempt with Wednesday's introduction of a bill by Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial." "Christensen's bill (LB298) amends Nebraska's self-protection law to remove a person's duty to retreat before using deadly force to protect herself or himself against death, serious injury, kidnapping or rape." Story Here

Virginia - [1/14/11] Justices Uphold Gun Ban at GMU

"George Mason University’s prohibition against guns in campus buildings and at sports and entertainment events does not violate the state or U.S. constitutions, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled Thursday." Story Here

California - [1/11/11] Good News in California?

New sheriffs in Sacramento and El Dorado counties say they are preparing to fulfill their campaign pledges to make it easier for residents to obtain concealed weapons permits. El Dorado County Sheriff John D'Agostini and Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said the attack on U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, which left six dead and 14 others wounded in Arizona, hasn't dissuaded them from fulfilling their campaign promises. Arizona does not require concealed weapons permits. Both Jones and D'Agostini won runoff elections in which concealed gun permits were a major issue. As the suspect in Saturday's mass shooting, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, made his first court appearance Monday, Jones said the shooting in Tucson had reinforced his faith in California's concealed weapons law… (So Loughner would not have gone through with his long-planned murder spree if he had been required to have a permit to carry his lawfully purchased firearm? In fact, while Arizona has eliminated the need for a permit for discreet carry in most locations, it is still a violation of law to do so “In the furtherance of a serious offense as defined in section 13-706, a violent crime as defined in section 13-901.03 or any other felony offense…”)

USA - [1/10/11] From the Virginia Citizens Defense League

The Brady Campaign couldn't wait to get in front of the press to call for more gun control (and more money) in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and 18 other people over the weekend. And the usual anti-gunners in Congress are now rushing to put in bills to restrict your right to keep and bear arms.

Here is some important information about the shooting:

A LEGALLY ARMED CITIZEN HELPED HOLD DOWN THE SHOOTER As it turns out there was a legally armed citizen who helped subdue Jared Lee Loughner. Upon hearing the shots, Joe Zamudio, who was legally carrying concealed, RAN TOWARDS the shots (as I expect a lot of you would have done, too), not away from the shots, hoping to stop the shooter and save lives. As an armed citizen he was in a position to do just that. However, upon arriving, he saw that Loughner had just been disarmed and two men were struggling to subdue him. Zamudio, realizing there was no need for him to draw his gun at that point, wisely left it concealed and proceeded to assist in subduing and holding the shooter.

As I have said before, it is frequently the citizen who is the "first responder" to crimes and emergencies out of necessity. They may have to stop the actions of a violent criminal, render aid to a hurt person, etc. while waiting for the police, ambulances, and firetrucks to arrive.

The Fox News timeline shows police/paramedics arriving eight minutes after the first 9-1-1 call was placed. During that time the citizen first responders were saving lives.

Here is the CNN interview where Zamudio talks about being armed, running towards the shots, and helping hold Loughner:

From CNN:

The Fox timeline for the shooting: From Fox News:

10:11 a.m. -- First 911 call is received 10:19 a.m. -- 6-member rescue crew arrives. Hats off to all four of the citizens, armed and unarmed, who subdued the killer at great risk to their own lives.


At least one legislator is rushing to put forward an anti-gun bill because of this tragedy. Other legislators are talking about putting in similar bills. Shamelessly as usual, the Brady Campaign has already called for donations to their group based on the shooting. As soon as today anti-gun New York Congresswoman Caroline McCarthy wants to put in a bill limiting the magazine capacity of firearms:

From Politico:

A HEARTBROKEN FATHER SPEAKS AGAINST MORE RESTRICTIONS On the other side, the grieving father of the murdered 9-year-old girl tells Fox News that his daughter would not want more restrictions placed on Americans based on her death (this is a tough, tough interview to listen to):

WHAT TO DO NOW While I don't see anti-gun bills getting any traction in the newly elected Congress, we need to keep an eye on them just in case. VCDL will put out a call for action should it be necessary. In the meantime our thoughts and prayers go to those touched by the shooting, as we focus on the Virginia General Assembly, which starts this week. ***************************************************************************

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL).

Arkansas - [1/4/11] Group Asks That Permit Holders be Allowed to Carry Guns on Campus

A gun rights group behind legislation to allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry a gun openly likely will ask lawmakers to specifically authorize permit holders to carry a gun on a college campus, its chairman said today. Steve D. Jones, chairman of Arkansas Carry, made the comment to the Arkansas News Bureau after being told by the director of the state Department of Higher Education that a 2003 attorney general’s opinion said colleges and universities could legally ban all concealed weapons from their campuses as long as signs are posted. Story Here

New Hampshire - [1/4/11] Legislators Prepared to Repeal Gun Ban

Legislators meet today to repeal a weapons ban that has been in effect at the State House and connected buildings for the past year. The joint Legislative Facilities Committee is expected vote on a measure that would remove language banning anyone but active law enforcement from carrying a deadly weapon. A separate House rule up for a vote on Wednesday will bar display of deadly weapons by anyone other than a police officer but would allow the use of a deadly weapon in the "exercise of self-defense or defense of others." Story Here

South Dakota - [1/4/11] ACLU Challenges Citizenship Requirement for Concealed Weapons

South Dakota’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit against the state Monday hoping to open up the state’s concealed weapon law to all legal U.S. residents. ACLU officials are seeking an injunction for a Sioux Falls man who was recently denied his concealed carry permit since he is not a U.S. citizen. Story Here

Arizona - [1/3/11] From the Arizona Citizens Defense League

Representative Harper has “pre-filed” a Campus Carry bill, HB 2014:

HB 2014 prohibits colleges and universities from enacting or enforcing any rule that prohibits discreetly carried firearms by anyone who possesses a valid CCW permit.

We expect to see more Campus Carry bills filed once the session officially starts later this month.

Wisconsin - [1/3/11] Discreet Carry for Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is one of only two states that completely prohibits anyone but police officers and sheriffs' deputies from carrying weapons for self defense. Illinois is the other – as well as the District of Columbia. That could change in Wisconsin with Republicans controlling the Senate, Assembly and governor's office. Governor-elect Scott Walker has said he would sign a bill allowing gun owners to carry firearms. Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, previously vetoed such bills. Southwest Wisconsin lawmakers, State Sen. Dale Schultz, Rep. Lee Nerison and 49th Assembly Dist. Rep.-elect Travis Tranel, all Republicans, agree carry permit legislation will be enacted this year. Schultz, who represents the 17th Senate District that includes all of Grant County, notes he's long been a supporter of carry permits. However, he emphasizes the GOP seized control of the statehouse on economic issues… (It is always worth recalling that the are still states, such as Hawaii, that have enabling legislation to issue permits that is overridden because the statutes allow for arbitrary denial.)

Iowa - [1/1/11] Shall-Issue Reaches Iowa

A change in Iowa's weapon carrying law goes into effect January 1. All counties will be unified in the way they issue permits to carry weapons in public. Although this affects the entire state, some counties will see more changes than others, depending on how much discretion each county's sheriff has used prior to 2011 when deciding whether to issue someone a permit. The big change is that, effective January 1, no Iowan can be denied a permit to publicly carry a weapon if that person meets the criteria and passes a background check. The Dubuque County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday had already approved nearly 300 early applications. NRA certified instructor Tim Flynn said the high number makes sense. "In Dubuque County here, there's a lot of excitement because the previous sheriff would not issue permits," Flynn said. "They were very difficult to get, so we're seeing people who have been wanting to get them for years, now coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, taking classes and eager to apply."

Ohio - [1/1/11] Supreme Court Upholds State Preemption

The Ohio Supreme Court today dealt a fatal blow to local efforts to regulate firearms, concluding that a more permissive state law should trump restrictions on guns in cities. In a 5-2 ruling, the state's top court struck down Cleveland's assault-weapons ban and registration requirement for handguns. Cleveland was the last city to press for tougher local firearms regulations after the Supreme Court voided a smaller town's law against guns in public parks in 2008. In that ruling, as in today's, justices said lawmakers were within their rights when they enacted a uniform set of gun regulations for the entire state in 2007. Cleveland had argued that the state law infringed on its home-rule authority. Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, the author of today's majority opinion, noted that the Constitution allows for general laws to regulate public safety. "The city acknowledges that its firearm ordinances are an exercise of municipal police power," Stratton wrote…

Florida - [12/14/10] A Bright Future for Florida Gunners?

Florida Senator Greg Evers is sponsoring legislation to reform many of Florida’s highly restrictive handgun carry and purchasing laws.  If passed in its current form, SB-234 will legalize many activities already lawful in other states. Since 1987 the State of Florida has issued nearly 2 million Concealed Weapon or Firearms Licenses (CWFL) that allows people to carry a concealed firearm if they pay a fee, have had appropriate training, a criminal background check with FBI fingerprint search, and are over the age of 21.  In the licensing program’s 23 year history only 168 licenses have been revoked for improper use or display of a firearm.  This shows Florida CWFL licensees to be demographically one of the most law abiding groups for which data is available…

Another huge change, SB 234 would permit lawful concealed carry on college campuses, in career centers, and private schools. Although the anti-gun rallying cry, "guns and schools don't mix" is heard whenever the subject of campus carry is mentioned, apparently the criminals don't hear it. Criminals know full well that colleges are defense free zones, and have taken advantage of that deficiency in recent armed robberies at Full Sail University in Orlando, University of Florida in Gainesville, and Florida State University in Tallahassee as well as many others. And, not only does the current restriction affect carry on campus, but it also denies students the ability to protect themselves to and from campus, as firearms are not permitted to be locked in cars parked in campus parking lots. Upon being made a law, SB 234 would permit student, teacher, and administrator licensees to carry their firearms on campus…

Wisconsin - [12/14/10] Gunners Need Support

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. along with The United States Concealed Carry Association is please to announce the release of Wisconsin’s first Constitutional Carry promotion commercial. In a joint effort between the United States Conceal Carry Association. and Wisconsin Carry, Inc. this commercial has been developed to bring “constitutional carry” to Wisconsin in the next legislative session. Wisconsin WILL pass concealed carry legislation soon. Its up to you to decide if legislators should tack on government registration and expensive permit taxes to that law or not. This commercial will be running on the RADIO in the Milwaukee market TODAY during Mark Behling and Vicki McKenna’s shows. Please share this video with all of your freedom minded friends in Wisconsin and across the USA…

California - 12/11/10] Unfavorable Ruling in California

In an unfortunate ruling for gun rights, U.S. District Court Judge Irma Gonzalez ruled today in favor of San Diego County Sheriff William Gore. Essentially the plaintiff, Edward Peruta sued because he was denied a concealed carry permit… Unfortunately, the notion that a law-abiding citizen can be denied a concealed carry permit while the government claims the plaintiff's right to bear arms is not violated is non-sensical and contrary to logical thought. And, you know as well as anyone, disarming law-abiding citizens while criminals are allowed to run free, compliments of the very same people who now deny us the right to carry concealed firearms, is completely irrational. Judge Gonzalez referred to California law, which allows open-carry of an unloaded firearm and apparently concluded that is sufficient. If carrying an unloaded firearm in plain view is so effective, why don't law enforcement officers or armed security guards carry unloaded firearms? Hell, why not make our military personnel carry unloaded firearms in combat?

Florida - [12/8/10] Bill Would Strengthen Preemption

In 1987, the Florida legislature took action to eliminate the patchwork of conflicting firearms local ordinances that plagued firearms owners at that time. At last, they would enjoy a single blanket set of rules that would apply statewide. Although it was a noble concept, it failed miserably in practice. Twenty-three years later, a full two-thirds of Florida counties and countless municipalities, cities, and towns still have ordinances relating to the regulation of firearms. How could this have happened? The links provide insight into the problem… However, HB 45 marks the beginning of the end to local abuse of state preemption. Long overdue, the bill that has been introduced by Representative Matt Gaetz that provides severe penalties for intentional abuse of the state preemption statute. A summary of the bill, taken from the Florida House of Representatives website states…

North Dakota - [12/8/10] Campus-Carry Debate

On Nov. 30 an open forum was held at NDSU to discuss the issue of allowing people who have concealed carry permits to carry their firearms on campus. It is my personal belief that the people brought in were biased against the idea before they even entered the room. Any comment covered or presented has been decidedly negative. I attribute this to nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to isolated incidents that got media coverage… How would Virginia Tech have turned out if there had been an instant responder on the scene? An instant responder is defined as an armed citizen on the scene. One of the things mentioned during the hearing on Tuesday by Director of University Police Ray Boyer is that there are 17 armed officers on campus. I am going to say from personal experience I rarely see the university police. I haven't seen one of those vehicles in more than a week. If I was in trouble and needed assistance, I would have to call the dispatch, they would have to find me, and then they have to be able to diffuse a situation. It is safer for the university, as a whole, to have armed citizen...

USA - [12/7/10] Amtrak Prepares For Guns In Checked Bags

Railroad passengers on Amtrak should soon be able to once again transport firearms in checked baggage. The change is slated to begin on Dec. 15, the effective date of the amendment by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., that forced Amtrak to accommodate gun owners. The new service will only be available between stations where checked baggage service is currently available. Story Here

Wyoming - [12/7/10] Gunners Object to Ban

Most of the community seems to agree with some loosening of the no-weapons policy at the rec center. That longtime policy was challenged recently by local people as violating state law. The Wyoming attorney general stated in a letter to city officials that while only the state may regulate "concealed carry" firearms, municipalities can regulate "open carry" under an exemption. The council heard more discussion from the public Thursday after discussing the matter at a previous council work session. More than 50 people were in attendance. "This has been the most highly inputted topic since I've been mayor," [Cody] Mayor Nancy Tia Brown said. The council had the policy rewritten with ideas from the first meeting to include allowing all firearms into the rec center as long as they stay on the person. Council members will vote on the final policy at Tuesday night's council meeting…

New Hampshire - [12/6/10] Concealed Carry Finding Favor

Right now, the person sitting next to you in the book store or walking past you in the bank lobby or eating lunch at the next table could be carrying a concealed pistol. And doing so legally. And you'd never know it or be affected by it. Story Here

Ohio - [12/6/10] Governor Proposed Licensing Firearms Possession

There are no comments on this story Post Comments | Read Comments "The governor said Tuesday that the sale of a murder gun to a Cincinnati youth prompted him to advocate this course of action. He said he is looking into the possibility of asking the next legislature to make it a felony to obtain lethal weapons for minors and to require the licensing of firearms for private possession." Story Here

USA - New Jersey - [12/3/10] Gun Case Exposes 'Patchwork' of State Laws, Experts Say

"The case of a New Jersey man who is serving seven years in prison for possessing two locked and unloaded handguns he purchased legally in Colorado is a perfect example of how a law-abiding citizen can unwittingly become a criminal due to vastly differing gun laws among the states, gun rights experts say." Story Here

Wisconsin - [12/3/10] Shall Issue in Wisconsin??

In April 2009, state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen gave weight to the open-carry cause when he issued a memo affirming that people in Wisconsin have the right to carry a gun without fear of police harassment… For gun advocates, the ability to carry concealed guns as opposed to openly displayed ones is often a matter of practicality. In the winter, they must make sure their coat doesn't cover the firearm so it remains visible… Gov.-elect Scott Walker has expressed support for concealed-carry legislation, and with both chambers controlled by Republicans, it seems almost certain to pass. But what will it allow people to do?

Oregon - [12 /1/10]Portland Passes Five New Infringements

Portland's [OR] City Council this morning unanimously approved five new local gun control measures crafted by the mayor in an effort to reduce gun violence in the city. "Will this end up in court? Most certainly so. Will we fight it? Absolutely. What's at stake? The safety of our youth," Mayor Sam Adams said. The council joins major cities around the country, led by mayors who have pushed to pass gun control measures that their state lawmakers would not or could not. Supporters of Portland's proposed gun control laws have called them a needed tool for law enforcement to crack down on gang-related shootings, while critics have voiced concerns about their constitutionality, and potential for unfairly targeting young blacks. Three ordinances would hold adults responsible if their gun gets into a child’s hands, penalize gun owners who don’t report the theft or loss of a firearm, and designate shooting hot spots and allow the city to exclude certain gun offenders from them…

Texas - [12/1/10] Students Back Campus Carry

Texas State University student leaders have endorsed carrying concealed handguns on campus. The move makes them the first student body government to back the controversial amendment to Texas law, though university officials said Texas State administration has not taken an official stance on the issue. After students and faculty shared their views on the issue during a forum the week before, the Associated Student Government at the university voted Monday to endorse legalizing carrying licensed concealed handguns on Texas college campuses